1500m PB for Aidan Bailey

Aug 13, 2007 [Noel Guiden] Aidan Bailey (left) had a major break through in running sub 3:50 for the 1500m in Trafford, England at the Stretford Grand Prix on Saturday night(Aug. 11th) in the BMC -v- IMC meet. Aidan was third in race “B” in a time of 3:49.69. The British Milers won the event with a combined time for their three runners of 10:49.17 as against the Irish time (Fintan McGee, Lucan, Emmett Dunleavy of Sligo and Aidan) of 10:54.21. Also in overseas action this weekend was sprinter Danny Kavanagh running 11.05 (+2.5) for the 100m in Loughborough.