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Aidan Bailey completes double at the Club Championships

Aidan Bailey added the Club 800M Championship last night to the 1500M Championship he had claimed the previous Thursday.

There was once again a wonderful turnout for the Club Championship held on the 28th of June resulting in three separate races being held.

The A Race featured both Mark Kenneally and Aidan Bailey, both of course members of the victorious Men’s Senior National Cross Country Championship winning team, as well as guest Darragh Greene and of course a batch of Clonliffe’s very promising Juniors. As the race developed the field split into two separate groups and were led out by guest runner Greene through the bell in some 55 seconds. Over the final lap a gap developed between the front three and fourth place man Conor Healy and coming down the straight Darragh Greenecame home first in 1:51.3 and in the Clonliffe Club Championship there was a great battle for the line with Aidan Bailey just getting his head in front of Mark Kenneally over the final couple of strides to take the 800M Club Championship in 1:53.9 from Mark Kenneally in 1:54.1.

Mark McDonald came very close to the 2 minute barrier recording 2:00.7.

In the B Race, again there was a four man breakaway at the end of the first lap, lead out by Philip O’Doherty from Aidan Creaner and Adam Ahern withStephen Harkness, the favourite to take this race with not only his youth, but his finishing speed and that proved to be crucial as he ran a superb final 150 to win in 2:09 from Philip O’Doherty in 2:11.3 and Aidan Creaner third in 2:12.1.

The C Race featured a field of thirteen athletes and once again there was a great battle for victory in which Jeremy Walsh prevailed in 2:16 from Gavin Redmond in 2:16.9 and Paul Breslin in 2:18.

The Lady’s Club Championship featured five athletes, the field was strung out somewhat more in this particular race and was led from start to finish bySarah Finnegan, recording a time of 2:25.5 from Catriona Cassidy in 2:30.7 with Ashley Lynch on 2:35.

The full result of the Club 800M Championships were as follows:

Men’s A Race:

1. Darragh Green (Guest) 1:51.3
2. Aidan Bailey 1:53.9
3. Mark Kenneally 1:54.1
4. Conor Healy 1:59.8
5. Mark McDonald 2:00.7
6. Owen McDonnell 2:08.3
7. Daragh Boylan 2:09.5
8. Paul Boylan 2:22.8

Men’s B Race:

1.Stephen Harkness 2:09
2. Philip O’Doherty 2:11.3
3. Aidan Creaner 2:12.1
4. Adam Ahern 2:13.3
5. Louise Reilly (Guest) 2:17.5
6. Declan Moran 2:22.8
7. David Brennan 2:23.1
8. Brian Gallagher 2:25.5

Men’s C Race:

1.Jeremy Walsh 2:16
2. Gavin Redmond 2:16.9
3. Paul Breslin 2:18
4. Martin Tully 2:19.9
5. Owen Cleary 2:26
6. Colm Doran 2:27.5
7. Maurice McCronin 2:28.6
8. Richard Connolly 2:36.6
9. Ciaran Murphy 2:13.9
10. Terry Mee (Guest) 2:37.1
11. Jim Bennett 2:38.1
12. Pat Devitt 2:41.9
13. Pat Healy 2:41.1

Lady’s Championship:

1.Sarah Finnegan 2:28.5
2. Catriona Cassidy 2:30.7
3. Ashley Lynch 2:35
4. Denise Walsh 2:40.4
5. Denise Kelly 2:48.5.

The next Club Championship Race is the 5000M, to be held in conjunction with Round 8 of the Grand Prix Series, on Thursday the 14th of July at 8.00 p.m.

Danny Kavanagh and Leah Moore crowned Club Sprint Champions

Clonliffe’s Club 100M Championship was held on the 28th of June in the Morton Stadium and although there was not as big a field as last year, due to a considerable number of the younger sprinters having given their all for the Club in the Junior Relay Championships held the previous Sunday, the quality was certainly to the fore.

The Men’s 100M race featured two members of Clonliffe’s National Senior 4 x 100M Relay title holders and in a close finish Danny Kavanaghwas the winner in 11.2 with Brendan Doyle second in 11.5 and Conor Coleman in 11.7.

In the Ladies race there was again an equally tight finish with Leah Moore being crowned Club Champion for 2005 having won in a time of13.0 with Jenny Corcoran in 13.1 and Rachel Jones in 13.6.

The full result of the Club 100M Championship was:

Men’s Race:
1. Danny Kavanagh 11.2;
2. Brendan Doyle 11.5;
3. Conor Coleman 11.7;
4. Neil Whelan 11.9;
5. David Lorrigan 12.3.

Ladies Race:
1. Leah Moore 13.0;
2. Jenny Corcoran 13.1;
3. Rachel Jones 13.6;
4. Anne Marie Byrne 14.1.

Club 400m Champions – Ciara McCallion and Conor Healy

The first of the 2005 Club Championships took place on the 23rd of June with the Senior Men and Women’s 400M.

In the Ladies Championship Ciara McCallion was the winner in 61:7 with Aisling Lynch second in 69:5.

The Mens 400M featured a very strong run from Conor Healy, usually a longer distance specialist, coming through very strongly on the final 200 after a steady first 200 to record a time of 51:00 from Mark McDonald in 52:9 and John Shanley in 54:8.

The full result of the Mens 400M was:

1. Daragh Green (Guest) 50:03, 2. Conor Healy 51:00, 3. S. Gore (Guest) 52:6, 4. Mark McDonald 52:9, 5. M. Morgan (Guest) 53:4, 6. John Shanley 54:8

The presentation of prizes to the champions took place in the Club bar afterwards together with presentation for the 1500M Championship and in addition there was a special presentation made to the Clonliffe 4 x 100M. relay team of Brian McKeown, John Laverty, Daniel Kavanagh. andBrendan Doyle. who were crowned National 4 x 100M Relay Champions for 2005. for the third successive year. Congratulations to them and their Coach John Shiels.

Aidan Bailey Club 1500m Champion 2005

There was a fabulous turn out of athletes for the Club 1500M incorporating Round 6 of the Grand Prix Series, on the 23rd of June with a total of 43 athletes entered.

In view of the numbers taking part the field was split into three races.

The class of the field in the A race was Aidan Bailey, who led from the start to record a comfortable win and claimed the 2005 Club 1500M Championship in a time of 4:04.7 from Michael McDiarmida in 4:18.9 and William Stafford in 4:27.5.

Further back in the field there were a number of intriguing battles including a good battle between Philip O’Doherty and Adam Ahern which was closely taken by Philip to take sixth place with Adam .9 of a second in arrears in seventh and at the tail end of the field there was a good three way battle between guest runner,Annette Kealy of Raheny ShamrocksJeremy Walsh and Maurice McCronin, with Jeremy showing his finishing kick by coming from the back of the field to pass both Annette and Maurice on the final straight.

The result of the A race was:

1. A. Bailey 4:04.7, 2. M. McDiarmida 4:18.9, 3. W. Stafford 4:27.5, 4. K. Jenkinson 4:28.6, 5. D. Boylan 4:29.2, 6. P. O’Doherty 4:33, 7. A. Ahern 4:33.9, 8. L. Reilly 4:35.9, 9. P. Boylan 4:37, 10. D. Brennan 4:37.3, 11. T. Monks 4:42.8, 12. J. Walsh 4:44.9, 13. A. Kealy (Guest) 4:45.2, 14. M. McCronin 4:50.4

The B race featured a very good three way battle up front and heading into the last lap they were led out by that old dog for the long road Martin Tracey withMurray Ahern on his shoulder and closing fast on the these was Aidan Creaner who gathered himself for the final sprint taking both of them to hit the front some 80 metres from home and hold on to record victory in 4:40.4 from Martin in 4:41.1 with Murray in third on 4:44.4.

The full result of the B race was:

1. A. Creaner 4:40.4, 2. M. Tracey 4:41.1, 3. Murray Ahern 4:44.4, 4. A. Kelly 4:47, 5. M. Tully 4:48.8, 6. C. Doran 4:52.3, 7. C. Hickey 4:57.2, 8. A. Smeaton (Guest) 5:02.8, 9. R. Connolly 5:04.6, 10. Stephen Byrne 5:06.3, 11. M. Scully 5:09.7, 12. K. Murphy 5:14.8, 13. T. Mee (Guest) 5:16.1, 14. P. Devitt 5:17.1

Finally, the athletes took to the track for the C race. There was an international feel to this race as it featured two guests from Sweden. The field was much more spread out in this race as young Moran ran the field ragged to stretch them out to record a win in 4:52.8 from N. McGlynn in 5:17.1 with super vet Jimmy Bennett in third place in 5:20.8.

This particular race featured a three way battle for the Lady’s Championship with all three coming home in succession led by Catriona Cassidy 5:34.2Denise Walsh 5:46 and Aimee Ahern 5:47.

Result of Race C:

1. D. Moran 4:53.8, 2. N. McGlynn 5:17.1, 3. J. Bennett 5:20.8, 4. P. Healy 5:31.4, 5. Shay Byrne (Guest) 5:33.1, 6. Catriona Cassidy 5:34.2, 7. D. Walsh 5:46.0,8. Aimee Ahern 5:47, 9. McMcFadden 5:52.2, 10. B. Carnavall (Guest) 5:57, 11. S. Pender 6:00.9, 12. D. Brady (Guest) 6:06.5, 13. J. Athursson (Guest) 6:13.3,14. T. Westby (Guest) 6:24.3, 15. T. Flood 7:55.2

A great nights athletics and a wonderful start to our 2005 Club Championships.

Aidan Creaner 1st in Grand Prix

Round 6 of the 2005 Grand Prix Series, which was incorporated in the Club 1500M Championship, took place on a warm and muggy track on the 23rd of June with some 28 Grand Prix athletes in the field.

The Club Championship was split into three races but for the purpose of the Grand Prix it was the time recorded which was the important issue, rather than track position.

Fastest Grand Prix man of the night was William Stafford with 4:27.5 from Philip O’Doherty in 4:33 and Adam Ahern in 4:33.9.

The Grand Prix is of course based on how an athlete does vis-à-vis the athlete’s handicap and the results revealed a popular winner in, with his first Grand Prix victory, Aidan Creaner, who beat his handicap by a massive 32 seconds to claim the 20 points on offer and the first prize in the Grand Prix most generously sponsored by Richard ConnollyEvergreen Jimmy Bennett was second in –25 seconds with Philip O’Doherty, after a fantastic race, third with –22 seconds.

The battle for the yellow jersey is now headed by Richard Connolly with 67.5 points, fully 10 points ahead of Shay Byrne on 57.5 with Jim Bennett now well in the frame on 56 points, from Colm Hickey fourth on 54 pointsPat Devitt on 51 points and Alan Smeaton on 50 points.

Round 7 is the Santry Demesne Mile, sponsored by Noel Guiden, which will take place on Thursday the 7th of July, on the road in the park at the rear of the Stadium at 8.00 p.m.

Killian Lonergan’s Malahide Scorcher

Clonliffe International Killian Lonerigan had an absolute stormer in the Michael Murphy memorial five-mile race held in the grounds of Malahide Castle, on Thursday the 16th of June to take victory from scratch in a fabulous time of 23:28.

The Michael Murphy Memorial Race has been running now for some twenty-five or so years. The race was first run in the grounds of Malahide Castle back in 1980, the fastest time recorded that day was by Michael Murphy in a time of just over twenty-four minutes, tragically later that year, Michael was killed in a road traffic accident in the United States and the following year the race was run in his memory. Michael’s family donated the cup and have almost every year been in attendance on the race night to present their prize to the fastest man. The race is one of the highlights of the club year and is one of the feature races in the Grand Prix series. This year the race was round five.

On a hot and humid night, a rarity for the Grand Prix athletes to see the sunshine, a good field of thirty-four athletes were entered. The race was run as an open handicap meaning that the fastest in the field go last.

First away were Maurice Ahern and Eugene McCarrick with Tony Westby being waved off twenty seconds later and so it continued until scratch man Killian Lonergan tore away from the start line 12 minutes and 10 seconds after the first runners. Killian was in blistering form as he cut through the runners like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

Further down the field, good runs were also being recorded by William Stafford and Ronan Hartnett. The lads who had been out on the Wicklow mountains the previous weekend in the Wicklow Way Relay were suffering big time particularly over the second lap, the phrase ‘running in quick sand’ featured regularly in their post race discussions.

At the sharp end of the field both Killian and William Stafford were catching all and sundry and Killian eventually hit the front with over half a mile to go to record not only the fastest time (by far) but also to win the handicap and take home the Michael Murphy Memorial cup.

The first three were Killian LonerganWilliam Stafford and Sean Pender.

After a hot shower (for some) prizes were presented in Malahide Cricket Clubs Clubhouse after the race, including of course the presentation of the cup and the prize for fastest man by the Murphy family.

In addition Killian was presented with the club prize for the winner of the race. Prizes were then presented by the club for second place to William Stafford, third place Sean Pender, fourth place to Ronan Hartnett, fifth to Pat Devitt and sixth to Michael Scully. The prize for fastest lady was presented to Aisling Coppinger (33:41).

The full result of the race is as follows:

1. Killian Lonergan
2. William Stafford
3. Sean Pender 4. Ronan Hartnett
5. Gary Hynes (guest)
6. Pat Devitt
7. Michael Scully
8. David Dunwoody
9. Tom Monks
10. Richard Connolly
11. David Brennan
12. Eddie Harrison
13. Dave Brady
14. Shay Byrne
15. Eddie Coughlan
16. Colm Doran
17. Kieran Murphy
18. Colin Hickey
19. Noel Guiden
20. Stephen Byrne
21. Alan Smeaton
22. Jimmy Bennett
23. Aisling Coppinger
24. Eugene Coppinger
25. Tony Westby
26. Dylan Ahern
27. Pat Healy
28. Erwin De Wilde
29. Paul Lannon
30. Maurice Ahern
31. Colm Gallagher (guest)
32. Pat Bonass
33. Ken O’Gorman
34. Phillip O’Doherty

The actual times recorded by each runner were as follows:

1. Killian Lonergan: 23:28
2. Gary Hynes (guest): 26:22
3. William Stafford: 26:59
4. Ronan Hartnett: 27:16
5. Eddie Coughlan: 27:50
6. David Dunwoody: 28:34
7. David Brennan: 28:47
8. Eugene Coppinger: 28:59
9. Tom Monks: 29:01
10. Colm Doran: 30:42
11. Colin Hickey: 31:06
12. Noel Guiden: 31:10
13. Richard Connolly: 31:25
14. Pat Devitt: 31:32
15. Phillip O’Doherty: 31:42
16. Stephen Byrne: 31:53
17. Kieran Murphy: 32:05
18. Erwin Deville: 32:09
19. Eddie Harrison: 32:12
20. Shay Byrne: 32:18
21. Michael Scully: 32:22
22. Alan Smeaton: 32:46
23. Jimmy Bennett: 33:39
24. Aisling Coppinger: 33:41
25. Dylan Ahern 34:12
26. Colm Gallagher (guest) 35:03
27. Pat Bonass: 35:10
28. Dave Brady: 35:22
29. Pat Healy: 35:26
30. Paul Lannon: 35:41
31. Sean Pender: 35:22
32. Ken O’Gorman: 37:42
33. Tony Westby: 39:30
34. Maurice Ahern: 40:42

In the Grand Prix the points went as follows:

1. William Stafford 20 points
2. Sean Pender 19 points
3. Ronan Hartnett 18 points
4. Pat Devitt 17 points
5. Michael Scully 16 points
6. Tom Monks 15 points
7. Richard Connolly 14 points
8. David Brennan 13 points
9. Eddie Harrison 12 points
10. Dave Brady 11 points
11. Shay Byrne 10 points
12. Colm Doran 9 points
13. Kieran Murphy 8 points
14. Colin Hickey 7 points
15. Noel Guiden 6 points
16. Stephen Byrne 5 points
17. Alan Smeaton 4 points
18. Jimmy Bennett 3 points
19. Aisling Coppinger 2 points
20. Tony Westby 1 point

For round six the Grand Prix series goes back on track at Santry Stadium for the 1,500 metres (sponsored by Richard Connolly) incorporating the Clonliffe Club Championships on Thursday the 23rd of June at approximately 8.15.

Athenry’s Paul McNamara wins 2 Mile thriller

Tuesday the 31st of May was the date for the 114th Clonliffe 2 Mile, once again run over the traditional Finglas to Glasnevin route, finishing outside The Gravediggers in Prospect Square.

Although the entry to the race was disappointingly lower than the last few years, clearly the quality was there, with a substantial number of athletes coming home in under 11 minutes.

Up front the race featured a three way battle between last years winner, Paul Flemming of Rathfarnham, Paul McNamara of Athenry and Civil Service master Jerry Healy. As the runners rounded the sharp left heading into the finishing straight at Prospect Square Flemming and McNamara were neck and neck and despite a scare when both runners nearly tripped over a speed bump, Paul McNamara prevailed in securing victory in 09:16, a winning margin of 1 second over Paul Flemming, with Jerry Healy coming home 3rd on the road and 1st in the master category, in 09:23. Third senior man was Derek Winters ofDrogheda & District in 09:44.

The first Clonliffe man home was Nigel Brunton, 5th senior, in 09:48.

In the senior women’s race, showing her continued return to form, was winner Annette Kealy of Raheny Shamrocks in 10:27 from Fiona McGann of Civil Service in 10:58, with Sheila Doyle of DSD in 11:05.

The junior categories seen Clonliffe very much to the fore with a clean sweep recorded in the junior men’s by Brian Gallagher, 10:53 from Dara Boylan andDeclan Moran and again a clear sweep provided by the junior women being led home by Becky Woods in 11:49 from Sarah Woods and Denise Walsh.

In the master’s categories men O/40 was won by Jerry Healy in 09:23, men O/45 Gerry Carr of Civil Service 09:56, men O/50 Michael Jordan of North East Runners 10:29, men O/55 Pat Timmons of Raheny 10:45 and men O/60 Terry Mee of Donore 12:26.

In the master women category O/35 winner was Lucy D’Arcy of Sportsworld 11:11, O/40 Orla Gormley of Raheny 11:55, O/45 Nuala Reilly of Drogheda & District 12:40, O/50 Jose Power of Fingallians 14:10 and O/55 Pamela Benson, also of Fingallians, 11:58.

Once again the Club acknowledges the generous sponsorship of Eugene Kavanagh of The Gravediggers for his continued sponsorship, this year marks the20th successive year of his sponsorship of the Clonliffe 2. The Club also would like to thank all our race officials, stewards, helpers and An Garda Siochana.

Full results will be posted on this web-site shortly.


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