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Stafford does the double as Shay Byrne reclaims the yellow jersey

William Stafford completed a memorable double to claim the Club 10,000M Championship in horrendous conditions at the Morton Stadium last night.

William had already taken the Club 5000M Championship on the 14th of July. The organisers ploy of switching the date of the 10,000 from mid-September to late July to avail of better weather backfired badly as the smallish field lined up on torrential rain and to compound matters a cold wind down the back straight.

Nineteen athletes set off on the 25 lap race. An immediate lead group of Ronan Hartnett, William Stafford, Dave Brennan and Tom Monks took to the fore, these four athletes were still together as they hit the halfway mark at about 17:40, the lead trio began to pull away as Tom Monks tailed off. As they hit the final four laps Ronan Harnett hit the front, however clearly he was feeling the pressure and with three to go Dave Brennan took over withWilliam Stafford sticking to him like plaster as they quickly opened a gap on Ronan leaving him in the bronze medal position.

On the second last lap Stafford made his move to pull away and record victory in 35:32 by a ten second margin from Dave Brennan with Ronan Hartnett third on 35:54.

Aisling Coppinger was the lady’s 10,000M champion, finishing in 43:11.

The full result of the championship was:

1. W. Stafford 35:32; 2. D. Brennan 35:42; 3. R. Hartnett 35:54; 4. T. Monks 36:07; 5. M. McCronin 37:55; 6. P. O’Doherty 38:32; 7. J. Walsh 38:45; 8. B. Buck 39:35; 9. C. Doran 39:57; 10. P. Devitt 40:53; 11. Shay Byrne 40:57; 12. M. Scully 41:56; 13. P. Bonass 42:52; 14. A. Coppinger 43:11; 15. D. Brady 44:42; 16. P. Healy 46:30; 17. T. Kiernan 46:34.

In the Grand Prix race held in conjunction with the Club Championship, as a result of the horrendous conditions only two athletes managed to run faster than their allocated handicap. Shay Byrne after a tremendous run claimed the 20 points for 1st having beaten the handicapper by -53 seconds from Tom Monks on –24 seconds and Aisling Coppinger 3rd on +30 seconds.

The 20 points propelled Shay Byrne back into the yellow jersey where he leads on 93 points from Stephen Byrne, away on holiday duties, on 82.5.

The unofficial result of the Grand Prix race was:

1. Shay Byrne –53; 2. Tom Monks –24; 3. Aisling Coppinger +30; 4. Pat Devitt +50 / Dave Brady +50 (tie); 6. Ronan Harnett +1:09; 7. Tony Kiernan +1:14; 8. Pat Bonass +1:21; 9. Dave Brennan +1:47; 10. Michael Scully +1:50; 11. Maurice McCronin +1:52; 12. William Stafford +2:22; 13.Brendan Buck +2:33; 14. Colm Doran +3:06; 15. Jeremy Walsh +3:11; 16. Philip O’Doherty +3:12; 17. Pat Healy +4:15.

The next Grand Prix Race is Round 10 in the Stadium, 800M on Thursday the 25th of August.

Triple silver for Clonliffe at Nationals

Although this time out we did not claim any National Titles there were some superb performances including three silver medals, at theNational Track and Field Championships held in the Stadium on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of July.

On Saturday Killian Lonergan confirmed his return to form with a superb performance in the National 10,000M only being overhauled by winner, Joe McAllister (St. Malachy’s), in the final straight to finish second in a time of 30:20.84, only two seconds adrift of the gold medal position.

There was also a superb performance by young Conor Healy in the heats of the 800M to record a PB of 1:53.32 in finishing second in his heat.

Sunday brought double silver for the Club with Mark Kenneally coming homing second in the 5000M in a time of 14:14.2.

In the pole vault young Anthony McCreery continues to improve, on the back of last weeks National Junior record he has, if you will excuse the pun, raised the bar even higher in claiming silver with a vault of 4.60 – of course a new National Junior record.

Other Clonliffe performances over the weekend were in the 100M heat 1, A. Faye recorded 11:07, while in heat 4 11:09 was recorded by Danny Kavanagh.

The track action now moves on to the Dublin International Games featuring the Morton Mile on Saturday next, the 30th of July.

Anthony McCreery vaults to new junior record

Congratulations to Clonliffe’s Anthony McCreery who set a new National Junior Record for the pole vault at 4m 50cm in Tullamore at the National League Round 1 on Sunday the 17th of July.

By all reports it was a good start to the league by the Club with point winning performances recorded by, amongst others, Aidan Bailey in the 1500M, Killian Lonergan in the 5000M and Kevin English in the Steeple Chase. Unfortunately details are pretty sketchy at present and results are not yet available. As soon as they come to hand they will be posted on this site.

Grand Prix Series: Stephen Byrne takes yellow jersey

Stephen Byrne has successfully taken the yellow jersey off the back of Richard Connolly and now leads the 2005 Grand Prix Series after eight races.

Richard has held the yellow jersey now for some three races however, courtesy of Stephen’s recent good form (a PB in the Irish Runner 5 Mile of 30:30, followed five days later by a 5000M PB of 18:29) has seen Stephen take the lead at the half way stage by a margin of 7.5 points.

The top ten on the leaderboard after eight rounds are:

1. Stephen Byrne 82.5; 2. Richard Connolly 75; 3. Shay Byrne 73; 4. Jim Bennett 71.55; 5. Dave Brennan 70.56; 6. David Brady 68.5; 7. Jeremy Walsh 67.8; 8. Pat Devitt 63.5; 9. Colm Hickey 60.5; 10. Colm Doran 60.

Matters will now get very interesting indeed as we head to Round 9 incorporating the Club 10,000M Championship for the Bonass Trophy on the 28th of July. The Series Rules provide that it is an athletes best 10 results of the 16 races which count towards the overall title and thereafter at this stage no-one in the Series can be ruled out – particularly as the rain and mud of the cross country season is on the horizon.

Clonliffe Men of Iron: Paddy Tuite and Declan Murray

Hearty congratulations to Paddy Tuite and Declan Murray on their successful completion of the gruelling full Ironman Triathlon held in Karnten, Austria on the 3rd of July.

This was a full Ironman Triathlon featuring an open water swim of 3.1 kilometres, then a 180 kilometre cycle and then the triathletes run a full distance marathon.

Our two Club mates put a huge amount of time and effort into their preparations, just to listen to the lads outline the weeks training was exhausting for us marathon wimps requiring us to take an immediate rest day!

Their dedication clearly paid off handsomely as in extremely hot temperatures the lads performed superbly right from the off with the mass start swim at Strandbad Kagenfurt from the bank of Lake Worther, interestingly enough the swim was broken up at some 2,200 meters in that the triathletes had to exit the water and after a short run back into the water for the last 900M through the Lend Canal.

From there the triathletes mounted their bikes for the 180 kilometre cycle which consisted of three laps of 60 kilometres each, being Austria both Declan and Paddy will confirm that hills featured!. Indeed both made the comment that on the steep hill they felt like they were in the Tour de France as a pathway opened before them as the thousands of spectators on the mountain created a passage to allow them through.

The marathon run section took the triathletes along the north bank of the Lake into Kalgenfurt City Centre and back to the start area “Ironmancity”.

Paddy had a particularly fine run, covering the marathon course in just over 3½ hours – bear in mind that at this stage he had a 3.1 kilometre swim and a 180 kilometre cycle in his legs. Making up some 700 places as he cut his way through the filed not losing a single place on the run to finish in a superb 11 hrs 17 mins, pretty good going for a guy who went to Austria hoping to break the 12 hour mark.

Declan finished up slightly adrift of Paddy in a time of 12 hrs 22 mins, not a fair reflection on the work and training which Declan had put into the Ironman.

Being true Ironmen they now want to lower their times and are looking to do it all over again next year. They have our admiration and sympathy!

Round 8 of Grand Prix Series won by Michael McFadden

We have now reached the half way point in the 2005 Grand Prix Series with Round 8 incorporated in the Club 5000M Championship held last night.

There were some 30 Grand Prixers in the field of 36 starters. Fastest of the Grand Prix men was obviously William Stafford taking the 5000M Championship in 16:41 with David Brennan on 16:58 and third of the Grand Prixers Martin Tracey on 17:19.

Further down the field good runs were recorded by Jeremy Walsh and a superb 18:29 by Stephen Byrne – a PB by some margin.

Yellow jersey man Richard “Lance Armstrong” Connolly again had a super run in 19:28 with good runs also recorded by Pat Bonass 20:02 and once again from smooth running Jimmy Bennett.

Star of the day however was Michael McFadden who shattered his predicted time by no less than 02:11. Michael’s sterling efforts were rewarded with victory and the bagging of 20 points. Jeremy Walsh was a truly deserved second place taking 19 points having beaten the handicapper by 01:35 from Pat Bonass in third having beaten his handicap by 01:12.

Full results and updated leaderboard to follow.

Next up is Round 9 which is incorporating the Club 10,000M Championship for the Bonass Trophy on Thursday the 28th of July.

Finally, many thanks to our race sponsor of last nights Grand Prix race, David Brennan, and also of course we would like to record our appreciation to Sean Pender for his donation of a magnificent cup for the Club 5000M Championship.

Stafford class of field takes Club 5000M Championship

There was a huge turn out for the Club 5000M Championship on the 14th of July, so much so that it was almost like the start of the Olympic marathon on the track at the Morton Stadium as the massive field of 36 athletes toed the line.

Within two laps the field was spread around the whole of the track, the few race officials did their best to count the remaining laps for the athletes and coped admirably in the circumstances.

On track there was a lead pack of four pulling away lead by William Stafford with young Keith Jenkinson and the slightly older David Brennan, fresh from his five mile PB in the Irish Runner 5 Mile on Sunday (27:30) and Club Secretary Barry Ryan, once again showing a return to form. These four reeled off the laps lead at all times by William Stafford and eventually William broke away taking young Jenkinson with him. Barry Ryan line was holding third however was gradually overhauled by Dave Brennan.

These four left Martin Tracey slightly adrift with young Darragh Boylan having another good run steadily in sixth place. Further down the field Gerry McCabe continued his come back and speaking of come backs it was nice to see Joe Cooper Jnr. once again on track at the Morton Stadium.

It was also good to have Flying Dutchman Erwin DeWilde out on time off for good behaviour from his life of slavery, however clearly he is not in the same shape as he had been earlier on in the summer and he struggled somewhat.

Another good run was being recorded by yellow jersey holder and series leader, Richard Connolly, and also by another man fighting back from injury, Jim Cleary.

Over the last couple of laps William Stafford’s class began to show as he pulled away from Keith Jenkinson to take victory and not only the 5000M Club Championship, but to be the inaugural winner of the “Middlesex Cup” very kindly donated to the Club by Sean Pender.

Keith Jenkinson was a comfortable second in 16:53, whilst David Brennan came home third in 16:58.

An interesting aside was the run of Martin Tracey taking fifth place in 17:19, which was quicker than Martin’s first run in the Club 5000M Championship back in 1978. Ageing like fine wine!.

The full result of the 2005 Club 5000M Championship was:

1. W. Stafford 16:41
2. K. Jenkinson 16:53
3. D. Brennan 16:58
4. B. Ryan 17:00
5. M. Tracey 17:19
6. D. Boylan 17:43
7. G. Walsh 18:20
8. A. Creaner 18:25
9. S. Byrne 18:29
10. G. McCabe 18:38
11. J. Cooper (Jnr.) 18:56
12. C. Doran 19:14
13. B. Gallagher 19:16
14. E. DeWilde 19:19
15. R. Connolly 19:28
16. C. Hickey 19:34
17. P. Davitt 19:37
18. D. Hooper (guest) 19:38
19. M. Scully 19:39
20. A. Smeaton 19:41
21. J. Cleary 19:48
22. E. Harrison (guest) 19:54
23. P. Bonass 20:02
24. Shay Byrne (guest) 20:10
25. B. Davitt 20:14
26. T. Mee (guest) 20:47
27. R. McConville (guest) 20:54
28. P. Healy 21:10
29. S. Pender 21:26
30. D. Brady (guest) 21:30
31. J. Bennett 21:45
32. M. McFadden 21:49
33. T. Kiernan 23:10
34. T. Westby (guest) 23:18
35. M. Kearney 23:25.

The last of the Club track championships takes place on the 28th of July – the 10,000M Championship for the Bonass Trophy.

Stephen Byrne wins Santry Demesne Mile

Thursday the 7th of July was the date and Santry Demesne was the venue for Round 7 in the 2005 Grand Prix Series – “The Santry Demesne Mile”.

Once again the weather was kind and there was a good turnout of some twenty seven athletes, made up not only of Grand Prix members, but also other club members and in particular several of Ronan Mulvaney’s juveniles.

The field was split into two races.

The A race proved most interesting as the fourteen athletes were sent on their way over the one mile loop on tarmac in the demesne. After the opening quarter mile the runners disappeared out of view and as they came back into view at the 3/4 mile mark there was a group of four led by Martin Tracey, David Brennan, young Eoin McDonnell and, not so young, Philip O’DohertyDavid Brennan and Eoin McDonnell broke away heading into the final bend however, youth prevailed with Eoin coming home the winner in 4:57 from David in 4:59 and in third place Philip O’Doherty in 5:01 with Martin Tracey on 5:02.

Further back it was particularly pleasing to see Gerry McCabe back racing again, this was actually his first race since June of 2003.

The result of the A race was:

1. Eoin O’Donnell 4:57; 2. David Brennan 4:59; 3. Philip O’Doherty 5:01; 4. Martin Tracey 5:02; 5. Jerry Walsh 5:09; 6. Martin Tully 5:10; 7. Brian Gallagher 5:15; 8. David Lyons 5:13; 9. Colm Doran 5:19; 10. Stephen Byrne 5:20; 11. Declan Moran 5:23; 12. Gerry McCabe 5:24; 13. Colm Hickey 5:33; 14. Richard Connolly 5:34.

Matters were far clearer in the B race, thirteen athletes taking to the line and as the athletes reached the 3/4 mile mark they were spread out somewhat being led out by Raheny’s David Hooper who came home first in 5:37 from Eddie Harrison, also of Raheny, in 5:40 with father and son act Brian Devitt in 5:45 with his father Pat two seconds in arrears at 5:47.

Tony Westby was first home in the over 70 class, breaking seven minutes with a superb 6:58.

Full result of the B race was:

1. David Hooper 5:37; 2. Eddie Harrison 5:40; 3. Brian Devitt 5:45; 4. Pat Devitt 5:47; 5. Ciaran Murphy 5:48; 6. Jimmy Bennett 5:53; 7. Shay Byrne 6:03; 8. Ray McConville 6:11; 9. Sean Pender 6:20; 10. Tony Kiernan 6:23; 11. Dave Brady 6:25; 12. Michael McFadden 6:33; 13. Tony Westby 6:58.

The winner of the Grand Prix, on a handicap basis, and the only man actually to beat the handicapper was Stephen Byrne –02 seconds. Stephen was presented with the Santry Demesne Mile glass trophy by the race sponsor (the writer). Prizes were also presented to second place man, Martin Tully, on +01 and Colm Doran third on +04.

The top ten in the Grand Prix were:

1. Stephen Byrne –02; 2. Martin Tully +01; 3. Colm Doran +04; 4. David Brennan +06; 5. Philip O’Doherty +07; 6. Martin Tracey +08; 7. Jim Bennett +09; 8. David Brady +10; 9. Tony Kiernan +11; 10. Jerry Walsh +13.

Spot prizes were presented to the three athletes who came closest to predicting their actual time, Ray McConville, Pat Devitt and Brian Devitt.

The battle for yellow continues (full update on yellow jersey positions to follow) with Round 8 incorporating the club 5000M championship next Thursday the 14th of July. The Grand Prix event – The Wine 5K – is sponsored by Dave Brennan.


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