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Full results of 120th Clonliffe 2

Jun 16, 2011 [Jean Carr] 1 9.04 Dave Fitzmaurice M Clonliffe Harriers MS

2 9.14 Vinny Mulvey M Raheny Shamrock MS

3 9.19 Gary O’Hanlon M Clonliffe Harriers MS

4 9.30 Paul Fleming M Rathfarnham WSAF M

5 9.36 Ian Guiden M Clonliffe Harriers MJ

6 9.43 Eoin Durkan M Donore Harriers MS

7 9.44 Neville Reilly M Dunboyne Ac MS

8 9.44 Paul Duffy M Sportsworld AC MS

9 9.48 Kevin English M Donore Harriers MS

10 9.49 Phil Kilgannon M Sportsworld AC MS

11 9.57 Damien Martin MRaheny Shamrock M/45

12 9.58 Gavin Keogh M Donore Harriers MS

13 9.59 John Downes M Donore Harriers M/40

14 10.00 Fergal Swaine Donore Harriers M/35

16 10.01 Tom O’Connor MLiffey Valley M/50

17 10.10 Michael Boyle M M/40

18 10.10 Andy Nason M Liffey Valley MS

19 10.13 Joseph Cooper M Clonliffe Harriers MS

20 10.15 Ciaran Reilly M Liffey Valley M/35

20 10.17 Diarmaid O’Sullivan M LV

21 10.18 Ronan Merrick M Clonliffe Harriers MS

22 10.19 Mark Berminghan M Clonliffe M35

23 10.20 John Lally M Raheny Shamrock MS

24 10.23 Conor Delaney M Clonliffe Harriers

25 10.24 Gerard Daly M Liffey Valley M/45

26 10.27 Niall Coppinger M Tallaght M/45

27 10.28 Jonathan Daly M Donore Harriers MS

28 10.29 Ernie Ramsey M Clonliffe Harriers MS

29 10.30 Shane Boyle M Dunshaughlin M35

30 10.31 Owen mc Loughlin Rathfarnham M45

31 10.33 John Canning M Newbridge Ac MS

32 10.37 Brian O’Connor M MJ

33 10.38 Ian O’Leary M Donore M45

34 10.39 Larry Brady M Clonliffe Harriers MS

35 10.40 Rory Mooney M Raheny Shamrock MS

36 10.41 Domnic Moran M Dunshaughlin M50

37 10.43 Liam Ashton M Clonliffe Harriers MJ

38 10.45 Kevin Curran M Sportsworld AC MS

39 10.47 John Mc Cabe M Rathfarnham M/50

40 10.51 Ray Boyle M Liffey Valley MS

41 10.56 Ailish Malone F Clonliffe Harriers FS

42 111.02 Paul Balfe M Liffey Valley M40

43 11.06 Jonathan Bradley M Clonliffe Harriers MJ

44 11.07 Thomas mc Sweeney MDonore HarriersM45

45 11.09 Jeremy Chapman M Clonliffe M45

46 11.12 Fiona Reid F Dunboyne Ac FS

47 11.15 Kieran Murphy M Clonliffe M45

48 11.20 Louise Reilly F Clonliffe Harriers FS

49 11.24 Gerry Carr M Clonliffe M50

50 11.25 Adrian McNally M M/35

51 11.27 Lucy Darcy F Sportsworld ACF/40

52 11.30 Tony Dunne M Liffey ValleyM/45

53 11.31 Tara White F Clonliffe Harriers FS

54 11.32 Sean Doran M Clonliffe Harriers MS

55 11.37 Gerard Martin M MS

56 11.39 Stephen Scanlon M MS

57 11.41 Joyce O’Hare F Clonliffe Harriers FS

58 11.45 Fionnuala Doherty F Clonliffe HarriersF/35

59 11.47 Sandra Armstrong F Sportsworld ACF/40

60 11.48 John Leonard M Garda AC M/40

61 11.50 Martin Kelly M Raheny ShamrockM/45

62 11.51 Chris Curtis M M/40

63 11.52 eamonn Tierney M Rathfarnham WSAFM/50

64 12.00 Mairead Murphy F Liffey ValleyF/40

65 12.01 Greg Fitzsimons MRaheny ShamrockM/35

66 12.03 Ciara Foster F Sportsworld ACF/35

67 12.04 Maura Matthews F Clonliffe HarriersF/35

68 12.05 Lena Sinclair F Liffey ValleyF/35

69 12.07 Alan Worrell M Clonliffe HarriersM/40

70 12.09 Jonathan Mullervy M Liffey Valley MS

71 12.09 Lorna Begley F Clonliffe Harriers FJ

72 12.12 Lorraine Byrne F Raheny ShamrockF/40

73 12.14 Shauna Moran F Dunshaughlin Ac FJ

74 12.14 Fionnan Gannon M MS

75 12.14 Joseph Burke M M/50

76 12.14 Seamus O’Sullivan M MS

77 12.17 Paul Byrne M MS

78 12.18 Stephen Byrne M Clonliffe HarriersM/40

79 12.22 Colm Breen M Clonliffe HarriersM/40

80 12.24 Graham Hopkins M M/35

81 12.26 Tom Connolly M Rathfarnham WSAFM/45

82 12.30 Roisin Leahy F Clonliffe Harriers FJ

83 12.31 Catriona Higgins F Sportsworld AC FS

84 12.34 Sinead Hartnett F Clonliffe Harriers FS

85 12.38 Karl Hearty M M/40

86 12.39 William Cooper M Liffey ValleyM/55

87 12.44 Noel Guiden M Clonliffe HarriersM/45

88 12.47 Aonghus O’Criodhgin MLiffey Valley MS

89 12.48 Mark mcDaid M Sportsworld ACM/35

90 12.49 Colm Doran M Clonliffe HarriersM/50

91 12.52 P Devitt M M/55

92 12.54 Erin O’Connell F Sportsworld AC FS

93 12.54 Robert Giles M M/45

94 12.55 Ciaran McGovern M Tullamore HarriersM/60

95 12.55 Laura Brennan F Clonliffe Harriers FJ

96 12.56 Emma Cooper F Clonliffe Harriers FS

97 12.56 James Monaghan M Liffey ValleyM/45

98 12.59 Christine Roche F Liffey ValleyF/35

99 13.02 Gerard Martin M Lucan HarriersM50

100 13.07 Francisco Novkc M Liffey ValleyM/55

101 13.08 Nora Moore F Raheny ShamrockF/45

102 13.14 Marjorie O’Cocnnor F Liffey Valley FS

103 13.14 Frank Duff M M/55

104 13.17 Alison O’Sullivan F Clonliffe

105 13.19 Matt Cooloy M M/60

106 13.21 Karl Barry M Donore Harriers MJ

106 13.25 Patrick Reilly M Liffey ValleyM/60

108 13.27 Una O’Reilly F Liffey ValleyF/55

109 13.28 Linda Spratt F Liffey ValleyF/40

110 13.29 Geradline Feely F Liffey Valley FS

111 13.34 Emma Harding F Clonliffe HarriersF/35

112 13.50 Matt Hanaphy M

113 13.51 C.O’Riordan F Liffey ValleyFS

114 13.53 Tony Martin M M/55

115 13.54 Judy Mahon F Piratha Tri FS

116 13.56 Anna Delaney F Sportsworld ACF/35

117 14.07 Nicky Andrews M MS

118 14.24 Thomas Moore M Erin Isle MS

119 14.27 Peter Slevin M M/35

120 14.28 Richard Morrissey M M/60

121 14.29 Martin Moore M M/50

122 14.30 Linda Daly F F/45

123 14.46 Cristina Goneale F F/35

124 15.01 Aine O’Gorman F Clonliffe HarriersF/35

125 15.04 Meera UiChonghaile F Raheny Sham

126 15.08 Sinead Lyons F Raheny ShamrockF/35

127 15.11 Annette Johansson F Clonliffe HarriersF/35

128 15.14 Nicholas Curry M M/65

129 15.24 Brian Mc Donald M M/50

130 15.26 Marinela Marin F FS

131 15.34 Fiona Gallagher F Raheny Shamrock FS

132 15.55 Christy Andrews M Raheny ShamrockM/55

133 16.55 Kathryn Walley F Clonliffe HarriersF/50

134 16.06 Zara Rogers F Raheny ShamrockF/40

135 16.18 Maria Fernander F FS

136 16.20 Rita Flaherty F F/50

137 16.22 Hilary McDonnell F Liffey ValleyF/45

138 16.30 Josie Power F Fingallians AcF/60

139 17.17 Richard Pender M M/55

140 18.22 louisse O’Donnell F F/45

141 18.45 Gary McGuire M M/40

142 18.38 Eileen Martin F F/40

143 18.02 Fergus Keenan M Clonliffe HarriersM/35

144 18.02 Paddy Keenan M Clonliffe HarriersM/35

145 18.25 Billy Bates M M/55

146 18.55 David O’Brien M Raheny ShamrockM/50

147 19.06 Pat May M M/45

148 19.39 Tina O’Brien Wynne Drogheda F/45

149 19.50 David Wogan M M/45

150 19.51 Deborah Willes F F/45

151 20.04 Niall Kavanagh M M/35

152 20.05 Annette Kavanagh F F/45

153 21.34 Eugene Kavanagh M M/70

154 22.19 Finn Madden M MJ

155 22.24 Erin Madden F FJ

156 22.25 Margaret Bonass Madden F Slane F35

157 15.06 Eileen O’Connor F F/50

158 27.21 Avril O’Brien F F/50

Fitzy wins 120th Clonliffe 2

Jun 16, 2011 [Noel Guiden] On a perfect night for a road race Clonliffe Harriers hosted the 120th Clonliffe 2 on the traditional Finglas to Glasnevin route finishing outside the Grave Diggers. The Clonliffe 2 is of course Ireland’s oldest road race, having been first run by the Club in the early 1890’s and has continued every year since. This year’s Clonliffe 2 was an integral part of the Club’s 125th celebrations and fittingly the race had its biggest turnout of athletes in many a year. What was particularly notable about last night’s race was the number of Clonliffe singlets on the road as the event received tremendous support from the Club members. There was a great turnout of senior athletes, men and women, junior athletes, masters and indeed coaches – Messrs. Carr & McDonald take a bow!

Mick Kearney had done a fantastic job in organising the event, with the 160 or so starters being sent on their way at 8.00 p.m. precisely from Finglas Village, down the dual carriageway, past the cemetery – which looked tempting and then swinging left into Prospect Square to finish outside Kavanagh’s – which looked even more tempting! The leaders needless to say took off like the proverbial bat out of hell down the hill reaching the first mile in 4.25 or thereabouts. The leaders included the great Vinny Mulvey of Raheny Shamrocks making a very welcome return to this race, and Clonliffe men Dave Fitzmaurice, Gary O’Hanlon and Ian Guiden. On the long uphill section Guiden was dropped as Dave Fitzmaurice applied the pressure, with Mulvey and O’Hanlon hanging on to him. It was then whittled down to Fitzmaurice and Muley with young Fitzy prevailing to take a popular win for the host club. Vinny Mulvey was 2nd, as he works his way back towards full fitness, Gary O’Hanlon for Clonliffe came in 3rd with Rathfarnham’s Paul Flemming overtaking Ian Guiden on the run-in 4th and Ian 5th.

In the Ladies race, Clonliffe had a clean sweep with Ailish Malone 1st, Louise Reilly 2nd and Tara Whyte 3rd. 1st Junior Man was Ian Guiden and 1st Junior Woman, also of Clonliffe, was Lorna Begley. Clonliffe also took the mens and womens team races.

It is also worth noting that the competitors in the race included 3 generations of the Kavanagh family (Eugene is the race sponsor). Post race there was a great buzz in the air in the Grave Diggers premises, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.

Clonliffe Harriers would like to pay tribute and thank Eugene Kavanagh for his continued sponsorship of this race, Eugene began sponsoring this event for Clonliffe’s centenary year in 1986, a quater of a century ago now and has been a loyal supporter ever since. Clonliffe would also like to thank the members of An Garda Siochana for their presence and assistance in the hosting of the race, Mick Kearney, the Race Director, and his team for an excellent event and in particular would like to thank you the athletes for your support and for turning out in such tremendous numbers. Full results will be post on this site.

Battling the elements Dublin juvenile c`ship weekend

Jun 13, 2011 [Noel Guiden ] The Dublin Juvenile Athletic Championships took place on all three days over the course of the weekend. Friday night saw some testing weather towards the end of the night’s athletics as the weather turned fairly nasty, Saturday was fine and produced some very good athletics, whilst Sunday was simply horrendous at windswept and rain sodden Morton Stadium. Those who officiated and those athletes who took part, particularly on Sunday, deserve great credit for their dedication and commitment.

Friday night’s programme got underway at 7.00 p.m. sharp, the early races were mainly qualifiers for the following days finals. From a Clonliffe perspective there were some very good performances in the heats with Ruth Bergin and Lauren Carr qualifying for the Girl’s U/12 600M, likewise Keelan Twomey qualified in the Boy’s equivalent. In the Boy’s U/13 600M both Joseph Hession and Timothe Lawless qualified and in the U/14 800M all three Clonliffe lads qualified with David O’Hanlon looking very impressive in heat 2 recording a comfortable win, safe passage also in heat 1 by Paddy O’Hanlon 3rd (no relation) and Adam O’Brien 4th, unfortunately however both Adam and David were not available due to prior sporting commitments, for Saturday’s final.

In the older age groups the 800M races were straight finals which produced 4 Clonliff Bronze Medals. First off in the Boy’s U/15 800M where Dylan Gibbons was 3rd, Liam Ashton was also 3rd in the U/17 800 after a very fast opening lap Liam battled gamely to hold onto the bronze medal down the straight in a time of 2.08. There was also a great battling performance in the U/18 800 by Mark Ring who really gritted his teeth over the final 40M, battling from 4th to an excellent 3rd place in a time of 2.09. 3rd place also for Roisin Leahy in the U/18 Girl’s 800. In the U/16 800 Rachel Murray was 6th and likewise 6th place for Craig McCourt in the Boy’s U/16. All of these 800M races were held in lashing rain and the athletes all deserve great credit for their performances in very difficult conditions.

Saturday dawned bright and rain free, there were a number of threats of rain, but thankfully the conditions remained dry for the duration of the competition.

Our first Dublin champion of the Championships came early on Saturday courtesy of Elaine Begley in the Girl’s U/18 100M Hurdles. In the sprint events Timothe Lawless was 3rd in the Boy’s U/13 80M, Timothe also took 3rd in the Boy’s Long Jump competition, a competition which Luke Guy also performed very well as Luke made the final.

A medal also in the Boy’s U/12 Long Jump, this time Gold, courtesy of Keelan Twomey, Keelan also ran well in the Boy’s 80M race where he placed 4th.

In the Girl’s U/12 Long Jump, Ruth Bergin won Silver with a jump of 3.90M, only 8cm off Gold. Later in the afternoon Ruth ran an excellent 600M race as she powered into the lead at 200M and opened a gap of maybe 10m to take the Dublin title. A good run also in this race from Lauren Carr in 10th place.

Joseph Hession ran very well in the Boy’s U/13 600M to win Dublin Bronze. A good run also in this race from Timothae Lawless placing 10th.

Paddy O’Hanlon also ran very well in the Boy’s U/14 800M where he took Bronze in 3rd position. Paddy then took Gold in the Long Jump.

Sarah Lynott was in that unlucky 4th position in two events, the Girl’s U/14 80M and the Long Jump.

In the 100M sprint races there were excellent performances from the Club’s athletes as Jasmin Hales finished 3rd in the Girl’s U/15, whilst Megan Coomber was 2nd in the Girl’s U/14. In the Boy’s U/18 100M Keith Pike was a comfortable winner, easing up, as he saved himself for the National League round 1 to take place on Sunday. Patrick O’Connor was making his first appearance in a race since suffering an injury in the North Leinster Schools and looked impressive in winning the U/19 100M with Stuart Roche in 3rd place.

The Club’s athletes also shone in the High Jump. In the Boy’s U/16 Liam Conway firstly jumped a new PB of 1.63M and then to win the competition went even higher at 1.66M to take Dublin Gold. A remarkable performance from a young athlete who has only taken up the high jump over the last month or so.

Andrew Heeney really looks an excellent prospect as Andrew also set a new PB in winning the Boy’s U/17 High Jump with a jump of 2.00M. Sarah Quinn won Silver in the Girl’s U/16 High Jump.

Safari Akea took double Gold winning the Boy’s U/18 Shot and Discus.

The final events of the day were the 3000M in the Girl’s U/18 Laura Brennan ran an excellent PB chopping no less than 13 seconds off her previous best to run a time of 11.39 to take 2nd place. A good run also in the Boy’s U/17 3000M from John Buckley 3rd in 10.13. Ryan Cleary continues to make great progress as a race walker winning the Boy’s U/17 2000M walk – Ryan of course was to make his debut on the Senior Team the following day in Round 1 of the League where the news to hand is that he won the 3000M walk in the League.

On then to Sunday and the horrendous conditions endured by all and again despite this our athletes continued to show a great dedication to their sport and the Club. Elaine Beggley made it a hurdles double as she won the Girl’s U/18 300 Hurdles. Gold also for Leah Bergin in the U/18 300M flat.

The Lawless brothers also did the business in the Shot-put with Elliot winning the Boy’s U/12 and Timothe 2nd in the Boy’s U/13.

The U/14 Boy’s 1500M produced a great race between three Clonliffe club mates, where Adam O’Brien had an excellent run to win Dublin Bronze in a time of 4.58, only a matter of 2+ seconds behind was David O’Hanlon with Paddy O’Hanlon (clearly tired and suffering the after effects of a virus) placing 6th.

Alannah Cooney found the going very tough in the U/14 Girl’s 1500M but she battled on gamely in very testing conditions.

Stephanie McCaul took things by the scruff of the neck in the Girl’s U/15 1500M as she took up the running after 200M and at one stage had a lead of maybe 6 or 7M, however the conditions took their toll and she was relegated to 3rd position at the bell, however Stephanie managed to keep her composure and keep things together and was rewarded for her bravery with Dublin Bronze for an excellent 3rd place in a time of 5.26. A very brave run also in this race from Laura Tuite, who was another athlete suffering with a bad cold as Laura also battled away and ran very well in 5th position.

Rachel Murray ran another good race to take Bronze in the Girl’s U/16 1500M. Craig McCourt in the Boy’s U/16 finished in that so unlucky 4th position.

The U/17 Boy’s race over 1500M was an excellent race. Liam Ashton, with a Bronze medal in his pocket from the 800 on Friday night, was always there or thereabouts, he kicked hard for home at 400M and was only overtaken at about 150 to go and at one stage looked as if he could get back on level par but was only marginally caught for leg speed, however an excellent Silver medal was just reward for his work.

In the U/18 Girl’s race Roisin Leahy again took Bronze in 3rd position with Laura Brennan just behind her in 4th.

The Boy’s U/18 and U/19’s ran together producing an excellent race. After a slow opening lap Ian Guiden took over the lead and tried to wind the pace up, at the bell the race win looked to be his as he had a lead of about 5M, however on the back straight was caught by the Raheny U/19 pair of Jake McDonnell and Timmy Moriarty who overhauled him at the top bend, although 3rd in the race Ian was first U/18 with Mark Ring 5th U/18 and Fintan Doherty 3rd U/19.

In the field events Mary Taylor finished 4th in the Girl’s U/14 Javelin.

A win for Ryan Whelan in the U/17 Javelin.

Seana Reilly was 2nd in the Girl’s U/16 200M. An excellent run also in this race by Kate Hession as she made it through to the final. Sarah Lynott also made it through to the final in the Girl’s U/14 200M where she had placed 4th yet again.

Due to the weather conditions the High and Long Jump competitions were moved indoors. Jasmine Hales was 3rd in the Girl’s U/15 Long Jump. Megan Coomber won the Girl’s U/16.

It was then back to the great outdoors for the final track competition of the day, the 2000M Steeple Chase where as expected Eoin McCullough was dominant to win the Boy’s U/18 title. There was a great run in the U/17 race by John Buckley making his debut over the jumps where he won Dublin Silver.

These are not comprehensive Conliffe results due to technical difficulties – wet paper and running ink!

As soon as all results have been made available by the Dublin County Board a full list of the Club’s medallists will be published on this site.

Again very well done to all athletes who took part over the course of the weekend. Congratulations to those who won medals and congratulations in particular to those who bravely battled the conditions late on Friday night and all day Sunday.

Dave Hooper interviews Jordan McNamara for Near FM

Jul 11, 2011 [] Following Friday’s Morton Mile Dave Hooper interviewed race winner Jordan McNamara in the mixed zone. The interview was broadcast on Near FM on Saturday. Here’s a transcript….

DH: So Jordan McNamara winner of the Morton Mile, Jordan how do you feel being the winner with a sub 3.56 mile?

JMcN: Oh its so surreal I mean coming in to this is my first time coming out of the United States and to be over here and experience Irish culture first off its been such a blessing such a treat and then to wind up in such a prestigious mile, I mean you look at the champions who have come through here and run such incredible performances it really was a privilege just to be allowed a spot on the starting line and to be coming the final straight away with no-one in front of you and the crowd going nuts knowing that you have a new personal best in your hands is something, erm you know I’m in shock right now but I know once erm.. its something I’ll never forget this will be definitely a defining moment for me as an athlete.

DH: Of course and its your first trip to Europe which is a fantastic victory for you and I just have to ask you there you came in really at about say about 300 a go where you seemed to really kind of make a move and it was just you came onto the home straight we saw you charging up so when did you.. were you sitting tight and just thinking you’d sprint it out or how did you find the race go for you?

JMcN: You know I got off the starting line really poorly but usually my first couple of steps are pretty good but erm.. I got out poorly and once I realised the race wasn’t going to run away from me I just was content to just watch everyone and keep my legs in check and to really get ready for the last 400 because eh mile races are never won in the beginning but they are certainly lost if you make mistakes so I really just wanted to keep everything in check not panic remain calm because it seems the closer you get to the finish line the further away a stretch is there’s always time if you can just keep yourself composed and keep a tactical head on

DH: And who did you, was there anyone you were kind of keeping your eyes on or were you just running your own race the whole way through for the 3.56 as it was.

JMcN: You know I’ve been telling everyone beforehand that I really don’t care who’s in the race you know we’re all friends before and after you know we’ll try and beat each other but if I run a new PB and I walk away eighth I can live with that so long as I run my absolute best, so for me I knew exactly if I could come through this in about three minutes I knew I could if I’m feeling good I could run 56 on the tail end of things so I knew if I ran 3.56 I would have a good shot to be right in the thick of it so not very many guys are going to be running quite that fast in races like this so

DH: What actually sold you the event was it the history of the Morton Mile and the previous winners of it that made you make the trip across or was there just a kind of drive to experience European athletics that you decided this would be.. this would be an ample starter for you?

JMcN: You know the Mile is such a fantastic event for track and field it really has prestige in history dating back to the likes of Herb Elliott of Roger Bannister of Eamonn Coghlan who’s here tonight, erm it really, I would love to see the mile come back you know its been replaced by the 1500 metres, the metric mile nowadays but the symmetry of four laps running four laps trying to go under four minutes will always be special I mean there are a few things to the average person you know you tell them as soon as they ask you your mile time and you say something starting with 3 their ears instantly perk up you don’t have to be a runner to know that’s bloody fast so eh you know for me to find a mile with so many good guys that are coming out and a crowd that appreciates it you know it a no brainer

DH: No brainer. And whats your plans now are you going to stay in Europe or will you head back stateside

JMcN: Absolutely, I’m just starting to get my sea legs under me after a long travel over here so know I’m gonna look for more races, more opportunities to prove myself and improve.

DH: Improve and hopefully we’ll see you back soon and in London next summer.

JMcN: Absolutely. Thank you so much.

Grand Prix: Michael Murphy 5 Mile

Jun 10, 2011 [Grand Prix Committee]

The 30th running of the Michael Murphy Memorial 5 Mile Race took place in the grounds of Malahide Castle last night. Many thanks to the Murphy family, Malahide Cricket Club and the race officals. The results are below


Grand Prix leaderboard to follow.

Name  Start Times Race Time Richard Connolly 5:10 34:35 Dave Brady 5:10 34:55 Eugene McCarrick 7:45 32:55 Liam Hennessy 7:50 32:53 Paddy Tuite 8:35 32:10 Jeremy Chapman 11:40 29:09 Colm Hickey 11:50 29:07 Declan Murray 09:15 31:43 Sean McGoldrick 8:10 32:55 Maurice McCrohan 11:20 29:49 Colm Breen 8:10 33:01 Kieran Murphy 11:50 29:22 Frank Devitt 8:25 32:50 Tom Griffin 11:20 30:00 Eoin Murray 12:50 28:32 Kevin Dowling 7:45 33:38 Tom Sherlock 12:50 28:35 Gerard Kirwan 12:30:00 29:03 Conor Delaney 13:25 28:12 Trevor Wisdom 7:45 33:56 Robert Beckett 11:20 30:23 Bernie Byrne 5:50 35:53 Pat Healy 7:30 34:31 Karen Kinsella 4:45 37:16 Richar Barr 06:05 36:04 Fergus Keenan 11:50 30:36 Declan Ryan 12:30 30:02 Ernie Ramsey 14:55 27:42 Pat O’Rourke 6:30 36:27 Peter Slevin 5:10 37:49 Paul Conroy 11:20 32:06 David Dunwoody 12:50 30:39 Pat Devitt 8:55 35:16 Joe Phipps 10:00 35:31 Alan Worrall 10:20 35:12 Michael Kearney 4:45 42:24

Leinster gold

Jun 6, 2011 [Noel Guiden] Tullamore again proved to be a happy hunting ground for Clonliffe athletes today at the Leinster senior and masters track and field. In the master`s championship Philip O`Doherty reigned supreme in the O/50 class taking triple gold: 400m in 62.76, 800m in 2.20 (aprox) and 1500m in 4.45.98. Gold also in the o/35 for John Hartnett in the 400m 55.76 and silver in the 200m 25.02. In the senior championships Stephen Harkness repeated his 2010 success with 800m gold 2.00.98. Gold also for Conor McCrossan in the 110H in 16.66 and finally bronze for young Keith Pike in the 100m (11.45) having run 11.20 in his heat.

Sergiu wins Cork in course record

Jun 6, 2011 [Noel Guiden] Another marathon win from Clonliffe`s Sergiu Ciobanu in Cork today. Sergiu is of course the Irish National Marathon Champion was was the reigning Cork Marathon Champion and today kept his Cork title with a new course record of 2:25.34 bettering the existing record (Sergiu`s 2010 one) by some 20 seconds. Club mate Lorcan Cronin also had a good run, particularily over the first 20 miles and indeed it was looking like a Clonliffe one two for some time. Both Clonliffe men ran shoulder to shoulder until half way then Sergiu broke away, Lorcan held onto second, but was clearly suffering, he later told our southern correspondent Jeremy Walsh that “it was a bad day at the office”, and lost three places over the last few agonising miles to finish 5th in 2:33.36. Sergiu`s win confirms him as the King of the Marathon on the Irish circuit with an impressive list of wins over the last few years: Cork, Longford, Connemara, Belfast, National, etc.

Overseas Alistair Cragg was clearly in trouble in the Prefontain Classic in Oregan as he dnfed in the 10,000.

An excellent new PB at the Milers Club 800m held at the Irish Schools was set by Andrew Jenkinson of 1.56.0 in finishing 3rd in the B race. This was Jenko`s 3rd 800 PB in as many races. Mark McDonald was 5th in 1.57.14. In the 1500m Conor Healy was 9th in 3.51.94 with Aidan Bailey 16th 3.58.95. Eleanor Alexander was in fine form in the womens 800 5th in 2.13.73.

Clonliffe athletes win 4 medals at All Ireland schools

Jun 6, 2011 [Noel Guiden] The competition was like the weather in Tullamore on Saturday for the All Ireland Schools: Hot. After regional and then provencial qualifiers anyone appeararing in the All Irelands was well deserving of their place and can rest assured that only the very best in their event make it to Tullamore. The Clonliffe athletes taking part did themselves, their schools and their club proud and are all performed with distinction with our four medalists deserving of special meruit: Elaine Begley, Simon Galligan, Alex Anyaebunam and Ryan Whelan.

Elaine Begley who has taken up hurdling over the past 18 months or so after early promise as a cross country runner, has really developed both speed and technique over the season. She went into Saturday`s Inter 300h having placed 3rd in Leinster and upped her performance greatly with a superb 3rd place in the All Irelands taking a coveted All Ireland bronze medal with a time of 45.98.

The club`s field eventers have excelled over the last few years in senior competition and it`s wonderful to report that the up coming generation of field eventers look more than capable of taking up the mantel in the future. In the boys inter Javelin Ryan Whelan (48.52m) won silver, likewise in the inter hammer silver for Simon Galligan (44.43) and in the senior boys triple jump Alex Anyaebunam also took silver with a best jump of 13.34.

Excellent performances from all. Liam Ashton ran an excellent race in the U/16 Mile, always with the leaders and was only run out of a medal down the home straight as he placed 4th in 4.40.41, a PB. Ryan Cleary was also 4th in the inter 2k walk (10.39.17). Seanna Reilly was 6th in the inter girls 300m in 44.31, a great effort from Seanna who has another two years at inter. Well done also to Megan Coomber in the junior long jump where she was 6th, again an athlete who well benefit from the expierence and has a very bright future ahead.

So the school`s season has now drawn to a close. The club`s now kicks off with the Dublin`s next weekend….enjoy the rest!!

Outstanding runs in Irishtown at graded

Jun 1, 2011 [Noel Guiden] A number of outstanding performances from Clonliffe athletes at tonight`s Dublin Graded Meet at the Irishtown Stadium in particular from Ian Guiden, Andrew Jenkinson and Snezana Bechtina. First Clonliffe athlete in action was Stuart Roche finishing 5th in the A 100 in 11.78. Next up was Snezana Bechtina running into unchartered territory as she stepped up to the two lapper, the 800m double her recent distances, in fact only of late has Snezana left the 200 behind. With an opening lap of 63 seconds she falter a little at 500 to 700 but looked composed as she finished in 2.22.25, an excellent start to her middle distance career.

A good battle in the B 800 between Laurna Begley and Orna McGinley in the B race with the two Clonliffe girls running shoulder to shoulder around the final bend with Laurna kicking hardest to finish 2nd in 2.27.24 chased home by Orna 3rd in 2.29.33.

In the 800m races Andrew Jenkinson continues to improve and make excellent progress knocking a massive two seconds off his PB to run a most impressive 1.56.84, after a 57 second opening lap and finishing 5th. A tired and unwell Fintan Doherty looked jaded at the bell in 61 seconds and finished up running 2.02.92, well off where he ought to be but a day spent ill in bed is not the best preparation for an 800. Once again Philip O`Doherty ran well after some a lot of heavy training running 2.12.18, much better than his last outing.

Dave Donegan was our only field eventer tonight as he won the pole vault with a best of 4.50m.

The athlete formerly known as Ailish McDermott, Ailish Malone, impressed in the 3,000m finishing 2nd in a fast 10.33.59. Young Laura Brennan ran a PB in this race 11.51.09.

Finally in the men`s A 3,000 Ian Guiden ran the race of his 17 years as he mixed it with seasoned senior athletes reeling off 69/70 second laps to record a time of 8.43.33 in finishing an excellent 7th. This was a PB by an unbelieveable 35 seconds set six weeks ago and was only some 3.33 seconds off the European Youth Olympic QT. Johnny Bradley Ward found the pace too hot to handle in this race as he was cut adrift finishing at the back of the pack in 10.20.52.

Next Dublin Athletes meet is the Dublin Open track and field in the Morton Stadium on Saturday June 11th.


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