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Morton Games delivers again!

A truly fantastic night`s athletics at last night`s Morton Games in Santry.  A night of highlights and magnificent performances: three stadium records, two national records, 58 pbs and nine sub four minute miles.

The crowd at Morton Stadium witnesses a wonderful pole vault competition in which the big three well and truly delivered at the business end. Jeff Coover (USA) was first to fall after clearing 5.36 the bar went up to 5.56 stadium record height, Coover just failed and with Luke Cutts (GBR) and Igor Bychkov (ESP) clearing and setting new records the bar went up to world qualifying height of 5.71 with both athletes failing to clear and jump off ensued however after a long tiring competition eventually a tie was declared thus ending the best ever pole vault seen in the stadium.

The action on the track came tick and fast. In the sprints US visitor Rae Edwards was the victor over 100m in 10.51, after a 10.42 qualifier with Steven Colvert (IRL/ Crusaders) 2nd 10.52 and David Hynes (IRL/Menapians) 3rd 10.62. Jason Symth (IRL/City of Derry) after qualifying comfortable felf a twing and decided to take the wise precaution of not starting the final. The women`s 100 was won in great style by Kelly Proper (IRL/Ferrybank) 11.75 from Carina Horn (RSA) 11.86 and Ailis McSweeney (IRL/Leevale) 11.92.

One of the expected highlights of the night was the men`s 400 and what a race with the first 2 running sub 46 and within half a second of the stadium record. 2009 World bronze medallist Renny Quow (TRI) was 1st 45.77 with US Olympian Manteo Mitchell 2nd 45.82 and London Olympic finalist Steven Solomon (AUS) 3rd in 46.18. The women`s 400 was another great race where Jen Carey (IRL/DSD) ran a fast 52.98 ahead of Gemma Nicol (GBR) 53.29 and Romanian`s Alina Andrees Paniante 54.18. In the 400H another great run from Tom Barr, a very popular winner in 50.04, Jason Harvey (IRL/Crusaders) was 2nd 52.00 and Matt Sumner (GBR) 52.32.

The middle distance program was simply stunning. Where to start? Men`s 800. An unbelievable race, after excellent pace making the field was unleashed with pre race favourites American duo of Casmir Loxsom and Mark Wieczorek chasing the stadium record, down the final straight however it was Mark English (IRL/UCD) who was strongest winning in an excellent 1.45.32, a new Morton Stadium record, Loxsom was next in (1.45.75) and Wieczorek 3rd (1.45.86). An excellent run also from Paul Robinson 4th in 1.45.86.

The women`s 800 was another fantastic race where at the finish the first seven where separated by one second. Katie Mackey (USA), watched by her father and sister was 1st 2.02.21, Laura Crowe (IRL/Riocht) 2nd in 2.02.63 and Diane Cummins (CAN) 3rd in 2.02.80.

Great things where expected from the 3000m men and what a race we were treated to. A fast pace from the off was driven on by Andy Vernon (GBR) who had Hassan Mead (USA) and two time Olympic 5000 finalist Jaun Luis Barrios for company and coming off the final bend Barrios hit the front to win the Albie Thomas 3000 in 7.45.12, a shade off last year`s stadium record, 2nd Vernon 7.45.75 and 3rd Mead 7.46.18. The presentation party included Robyn Whitaker Albie`s daughter

The SSC Women`s International Mile delivered for the second successive year a stadium record for Brie Felnagle (USA) 4.30.44, Canada`s Hilary Stellingwerff was 2nd 4.30.95 and Ioana Doaga (ROM) 3rd in 4.32.89.

Final event of the night was the Morton Mile where the pace making was virtually spot on however only Cory Leslie (USA) followed and with 600 to go he had a considerable lead, at the bell he held the advantage with the chasing pack closing, roared down the home straight he held off the pace to win the 2013 Morton Mile, in 3.55.85, one of the fastest times in recent years. Duncan Phillips (USA) took a massive two seconds off his pb placing 2nd in 3.56.27, 3rd, quite unbelievably was that man Barrios, 45 minutes after winning the 3000, recording a time of 3.57.34 , a new Mexican national record. 4th in his 4th Morton Mile was Craig Miller (USA) 3.57.35, 5th and also setting a national record was Romanian`s Loan Zaizan 3.57.73, 6th Liam Boylan-Pett (USA) in a new pb of 3.57.75. David McCarthuy (West Waterford) was first Irishman 3.57.75 and there where two first time sub 4 minute milers Alberto Sanchez (ESP/Sligo AC) 3.57.97 and Eoin Everard (IRL/KCH) 3.58.93.

Other events on the night included a Discus win for Clonliffe`s Tomas Rauktys 53.31. A fine win in the Junior Mile by Danny Lawlor (SLOT) 4.16.23 with last year`s winner Aaron Hanlon (Clonliffe) 2nd 4.16.69 and Cillian Kirwin (Raheny)  3rd 4.19.31. In the IMC 800 races  Joe Warne (Doheny) was 1st in the A race in 1.51.42, Darragh Lynch (Ennis TC) was 1st in race B 1.53.27,  Kevin Chesser (Ennis TC ) won the C in 1.55.85 and Tim Grummel (Sli Cualann) the D in 2.01.13.

A great night`s athletics with an impressive set of PBs and SBs:

100 m Wind: -1.0
1 Rae Edwards USA 7 May 81 10.51
2 Steven Colvert IRL 24 Aug 90 10.52
3 David Hynes IRL 20 Jun 85 10.62
4 Andre Wright GBR 16 Aug 91 10.75
5 Lee McLaughlin GBR 29 Sep 90 10.93
6 Adam McMullen IRL 5 Jul 90 11.05
7 Eamonn Fahey IRL 1 Dec 91 11.08
8 Michael Hynes IRL 22 Dec 89 11.26
Race B
1 Paul Whelan IRL 12 May 92 11.36
2 Israel Abeanu IRL 11.41 PB
3 Eamonn Fahey IRL 1 Dec 91 11.53
Heat ?
Rae Edwards USA 7 May 81 10.42
Jason Smyth IRL 4 Jul 87 10.61
David Hynes IRL 20 Jun 85 10.67
Steven Colvert IRL 24 Aug 90 10.71
Andre Wright GBR 16 Aug 91 10.87
Adam McMullen IRL 5 Jul 90 10.89
Lee McLaughlin GBR 29 Sep 90 10.92
Eamonn Fahey IRL 1 Dec 91 11.06
Michael Hynes IRL 22 Dec 89 11.34
Stephen Gaffney IRL 11.34 PB
Paul Whelan IRL 12 May 92 11.37
Andrew Barnes RSA 11.40 SB
Israel Abeanu IRL 11.45
400 m
1 Rennie Quow TRI 25 Aug 87 45.77
2 Manteo Mitchell USA 6 Jul 87 45.82
3 Steven Solomon AUS 16 May 93 46.18
4 Mark Ujakpor ESP 18 Jan 87 46.98
5 Brian Murphy IRL 16 Sep 82 47.13
6 Rory Evans GBR 19 Nov 89 47.56
7 Eoin Mulhall IRL 12 Mar 90 48.24
8 Rick Beardsell GBR 19 Jan 79 48.68 SB
Race B
1 Andrew Barnes RSA 48.25 PB
2 Dara Kervick IRL 5 Jun 91 48.54
3 Curtis Woods IRL 1 Sep 92 48.54 SB
4 Ben Maze IRL 22 Dec 91 48.96
5 Kieran Kelly IRL 15 Dec 88 49.61
6 Eanna Madden IRL 94 50.22
7 Sean Bolger IRL 51.53
800 m
1 Mark English IRL 18 Mar 93 1:45.32 PB
2 Casimir Loxsom USA 17 Mar 91 1:45.75 SB
3 Mark Wieczorek USA 25 Dec 84 1:45.86
4 Paul Robinson IRL 24 May 91 1:45.86 PB
5 Anthony Romaniw CAN 15 Sep 91 1:46.08 PB
6 Alejandro Rodríguez ESP 1 May 89 1:46.63
7 James Eichberger MEX 4 Aug 90 1:46.93 PB
8 Declan Murray USA 4 Jun 91 1:47.27
9 Niall Tuohy IRL 8 Nov 89 1:49.01 PB
10 Kristaps Valters LAT 17 May 89 1:49.64 PB
11 Darragh Greene IRL 21 Feb 85 1:56.09
Race B
1 Joe Warne IRL 11 Mar 87 1:51.42 SB
2 Eddie Vining AUS 8 May 90 1:51.50
3 Nathan Down AUS 91 1:51.92
4 Mark Hoy IRL 21 Jul 91 1:51.99 PB
5 Conall Kirk USA 96 1:52.36
6 Mark McDonald IRL 15 Dec 90 1:52.97 PB
7 Robert Tully IRL 95 1:53.73
8 Gideon Kirui KEN 92 1:53.88
9 Pajo Hamilton IRL 1:54.00
10 Daire Bermingham IRL 25 Jun 87 1:54.09
11 William Maunsell IRL 85 1:54.88
Race C
1 Darragh Lynch IRL 8 Jul 93 1:53.27 PB
2 Michael McKillop IRL 27 Jan 90 1:54.63 SB
3 Gareth Hill GBR 24 May 79 1:54.88 SB
4 Michael Quinn IRL 12 Jul 82 1:55.23
5 Ryan McDermott USA 24 Mar 89 1:56.41 PB
6 Conor Dooney IRL 17 Nov 89 1:56.65 SB
7 Denis Coughlan IRL 1:56.77
8 Liam Hennessy IRL 96 1:57.30
Race D
1 Kevin Chesser IRL 1:55.85 PB
2 William Hughes IRL 4 Oct 86 1:56.07 PB
3 Kevin Maunsell IRL 81 1:56.84 PB
4 Garry Campbell IRL 1:57.69 PB
5 Neil McCartan IRL 92 1:55.85 PB
6 Andrew Agnew IRL 5 Dec 86 1:58.19 PB
7 Raymond Hynes IRL 6 Apr 82 1:58.02 PB
8 Tony Kelleher IRL 1:59.78 SB
One Mile
1 Cory Leslie USA 24 Oct 89 3:55.85 PB
2 Duncan Phillips USA 7 Jun 89 3:56.27 PB
3 Juan Luis Barrios MEX 24 Jun 83 3:57.34 PB
4 Craig Miller USA 3 Aug 87 3:57.35 SB
5 Ioan Zaizan ROU 21 Jul 83 3:57.73 PB
6 Liam Boylan-Pett USA 11 Sep 85 3:57.75 PB
7 David McCarthy IRL 3 Aug 88 3:57.93
8 Alberto Sánchez ESP 19 Oct 88 3:57.97 PB
9 Eoin Everard IRL 23 Apr 86 3:58.93 PB
10 Riley Masters USA 5 Apr 90 4:00.05 PB
11 Jeff See USA 6 Jun 86 4:00.37 SB
12 Alastair Hay GBR 7 Sep 85 4:01.67 PB
13 Conor Bradley IRL 6 Oct 87 4:01.83 PB
14 James Kaan AUS 17 Sep 90 4:03.87 SB
15 John Coghlan IRL 6 Sep 88 4:07.30 SB
3000 m
1 Juan Luis Barrios MEX 24 Jun 83 7:45.12 SB
2 Andy Vernon GBR 7 Jan 86 7:45.75 PB
3 Hassan Mead USA 28 Aug 89 7:46.18 PB
4 Nick McCormick GBR 11 Sep 81 7:54.61 SB
5 Bobby Curtis USA 28 Nov 84 7:56.98 SB
6 John Travers IRL 16 Mar 91 7:58.51 PB
7 Jake Riley USA 11 Feb 88 8:01.23 PB
8 Mark Christie IRL 12 Jan 85 8:02.86 SB
9 Michael Mulhare IRL 19 Feb 89 8:03.54 SB
10 Mark Kenneally IRL 18 Apr 81 8:10.01 SB
11 Carl Smith GBR 3 Jan 90 8:18.03 PB
12 Joe Townsend GBR 25 Nov 89 8:20.63 SB
13 Peter Lanziner ITA 18 Nov 82 8:25.18 SB
14 Eoin Pierce IRL 20 May 89 8:26.47 PB
15 Brian Maher IRL 21 Sep 77 8:27.46
16 Dave Fitzmaurice IRL 7 Mar 90 8:31.99
17 Nick Hooker GBR 19 Aug 88 8:32.49 PB
400 m hurdles
1 Thomas Barr IRL 24 Jul 92 50.04
2 Jason Harvey IRL 9 Aug 91 52.00
3 Matthew Sumner GBR 17 Mar 92 52.32
4 Paul Byrne IRL 18 Apr 90 52.85 SB
5 Martin Lipton GBR 14 Jan 89 52.94
6 Barry Upton IRL 30 Jun 86 53.35 SB
Pole vault
1 Igor Bychkov ESP 7 Mar 87 5.56
1 Luke Cutts GBR 13 Feb 88 5.56
3 Jeff Coover USA 1 Dec 87 5.36
4 Rhys Searles GBR 28 Mar 91 4.76
5 Peter O’Brien IRL 95 4.36
5 Stuart Greene IRL 23 Nov 85 4.36
5 Ian Rogers IRL 17 Apr 89 4.36
1 Tomas Rauktys LTU 13 Apr 85 53.39
2 Chris Reynolds GBR 24 Sep 84 47.53 PB
3 Jamie Williamson GBR 16 Jul 87 44.88
4 Marco Pons IRL 31 Jul 93 44.72
5 Barry Healy IRL 43.46 PB
6 Paul Collins IRL 94 41.76 PB
100 m Wind: -0.2
1 Kelly Proper IRL 1 May 88 11.75 SB
2 Carina Horn RSA 9 Mar 89 11.86
3 Ailis McSweeney IRL 4 Oct 83 11.92
4 Catherine McManus IRL 9 May 92 12.01
5 Leah Moore IRL 27 Jan 90 12.11
6 Niamh Whelan IRL 26 Jul 90 12.14
7 Louise Kiernan IRL 13 Jun 87 12.21
8 Marylyn Nwawulor GBR 20 Sep 92 12.28
9 Sarah Murray IRL 1 Jan 93 12.35
400 m
1 Jennifer Carey IRL 29 Jun 90 52.98
2 Gemma Nicol GBR 27 Jul 86 53.29
3 Alina Andreea Panainte ROU 7 Nov 88 54.18
4 Sinead Denny IRL 5 Mar 91 54.50
5 Abigayle Fitzpatrick GBR 10 Jun 93 54.80 PB
6 Ciara McCallion IRL 2 Feb 89 55.75 SB
7 Sophie Ellis IRL 19 Aug 93 58.84
800 m
1 Katie Mackey USA 12 Nov 87 2:02.21 PB
2 Laura Crowe IRL 5 Sep 87 2:02.63 PB
3 Diane Cummins CAN 19 Jan 74 2:02.80
4 Elián Périz ESP 1 Apr 84 2:02.87 SB
5 Ciara Everard IRL 10 Jul 90 2:02.96 PB
6 Carolyn Plateau GBR 22 Aug 88 2:03.04 PB
7 Emily Dudgeon GBR 3 Mar 93 2:03.09 SB
8 Khadija Rahmouni ESP 30 Nov 86 2:03.47
9 Chanelle Price USA 22 Aug 90 2:03.63
10 Selma Kajan AUS 30 Jul 91 2:05.73
11 Stephanie Herrick USA 13 Aug 87 2:06.07 SB
One Mile
1 Brie Felnagle USA 9 Dec 86 4:30.44 PB
2 Hilary Stellingwerff CAN 7 Aug 81 4:30.95 SB
3 Ioana Doagă ROU 5 Apr 92 4:32.89 PB
4 Ashley Higginson USA 17 Mar 89 4:34.47 PB
5 Aisha Praught USA 14 Dec 89 4:35.70 PB
6 Deborah Maier USA 17 Aug 90 4:35.87 PB
7 Pilar McShine TRI 6 Jan 87 4:36.79 PB
8 Lennie Waite GBR 4 May 86 4:37.53 SB
9 Rachael Bamford GBR 4 Aug 89 4:38.50 PB
10 Ciara Durkan IRL 17 Sep 86 4:44.05 PB
One Mile
1 Danny Lawlor IRL 95 4:16.23 PB
2 Aaron Hanlon IRL 95 4:16.69 SB
3 Cillian Kirwin IRL 4:19.31 PB
4 Kevin Kelly IRL 4:19.46 PB
5 David Mulhare IRL 4:19.91 PB


Clonliffe teams Storm into National league final

Round 2 of the Woodies DIY National Track and Field League took place in Suuny but Windy Sligo on Sunday 14th July.  The Clonliffe ladies were out to make their mark and that they did…….

The day began with a 1st place finishes for Caoimhe Morris in the hammer.  Sophia Ellis in the 100m & 200m, Ciara McCallion in the 400m and Denise Byrne in the Javelin.

Second place points where gained by Caoimhe Morris in the Discus, Senzana Bectina in the Pole Vault and Megan Comber in the Long Jump.  Third place points where gained by Sarah Doyle in the 110m Hurdles.

Fourth place finishes went to Sarah Doyle in the 400m Hurdles, Senzana Bectina in the 1500m Walk & Greatta in the 3000m   Firth places points where secured by one of our up and coming juvenile athletes Laura Tuite in the 800m and Sezana Bectiona in the Triple Jump.  And finally 6th place finishes and points where gained by Nadine Lattimore in the Shot Putt and Emma Kelly in the 1500m.

The ladies relay teams also took 1st place in both 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m with outstanding performance by two juvenile athletes Megan Comber and Seana Reilly.

4 x 100m = Megan Comber Sophia Ellis. Seana Reilly & Ciara McCallion

4 x 400m = Ciara McCallion, Seana Reilly, Sezana Bectina & Sophia Ellis

A massive congratulation to all the team but particular thanks to many of our new club member and juvenile athletes up really steeped up the challenge for the sake of their club

Final 18th august. – Pamela Cooper, Ladies Captain.

There were strong performances also from the men`s team in Sligo as well with wins from the 4 x 100 relay squad, Ian Rogers in the pole vault, Ryan Cleary in the walk and Andrew Heney in the high jump. 2nd places from Edgar in the 5000, Keith Pike in the 100 and Tomas Dorina in the triple jump secured qualification for the Tullamore final in August.

Round 2 of League and Club Championships

The clonliffe man and women are in action in round 2 of the National League on Sunday in Sligo. The bus will leave the stadium at 8.00am sharp, meet at 7.45am.

On Thursday the club 400m championship (men & women) will take place at 7.45pm with the 1500m championships (men & women) at 8.00pm, followed by the Grand Prix 1500.

Morton Games Latest: World class 400 and more

Morton Games update: 2009 World Championship bronze medallist Renny Quow, competing for Trinidad & Tobago has been confirmed for the Morton Games 400 metres. Quow is the fastest man in the field with a PB of 44.51, he was the world junior champion in 2006 and placed 7th in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games final. The 400m field for the Morton Games has been further enhanced by the addition of Steven Solomon (AUS). Solomon with a PB of 44.97 was a finalist in the London 2012 Olympic Games. The previous year he was a bronze medallist at the World Junior Championships in Barcelona running a time of 45.52. He is currently a student at Stanford University and is two time Australian 400m champion. Brian Gregan will once again mount the home challenge.

The 400 A Race for next weeks Meet is now complete: Renny Quow (TT) – PB 44.53, Manteo Mitchel (USA) – PB 44.96, Steve Solomon (AUS) – PB 44.97, Brian Gregan (IRL) – PB 45.53,  Mark Ujakpor (ESP) – PB 46.25, Rory Evans (GBR) – PB 46.47, Brian Murphy (IRL) – PB 46.71, Tim Burn (GBR) – PB 46.76

With the disappointing news that Gen Lacaze (AUS) has had to pull out of the SSC Mile due to an injury sustained in Belgium at the weekend, Morton Games is pleased to confirm that Canadian Olympian Hilary Stellingwerff will compete in the Mile on July 17th.  Hilary competed for Canada in the 1500m at the London Olympics.  She is a seasoned international athlete having also competed for her country at the World Championships in both 2007 and 2008 and at the world cross country (short course) back in 2005.  With a 1500 PB of 4.05.57 she will go in to next Wednesdays race as one of the favourites. Another world class athlete has been confirmed for the SSC Women’s International Mile.  Ashley Higginson (USA) who is renowned as a 3000m steeplechaser will use the mile as part of her preparations for the world championships in Moscow where she goes in the 3000 SC.  At last years US Olympic Trials she placed in that unlucky 4th position in a time of 9.38.06 narrowly missing out on the Olympic team, a time which she lowered to 9.37.47 at the London Grand Prix.

Two time Olympic 5000m finalist of Mexico is a confirmed starter for the Albie Thomas Men’s 3000. Barrios was a finalist in both the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he finished 7th in a time of 13.19.79 and at last years London Games where he placed 8th. He has also competed for Mexico in the World Championships over both 5000 and 10,000 and won silver medals at the Pan Am Games in 2007 at 1500m and 5000m and in 2011 was a gold medallist at the Pan Am Games over 5000 metres. Barrios has an impressive CV of PBs: 1500 3.37.71, Mile 3.58.18, 3000 7.37.64, 5000 13.09.81 and 10,000 27.27.82. On the roads he is equally impressive and at this years New York City Half Marathon on the 17th of March ran a time of 61.21. With this impressive range of PBs Barrios will start the Albie Thomas 3000 as favourite but he will face stiff opposition from amongst others Jonny Taylor, 11th in the 2012 European Cross Country, Andy Vernon (GBR) with a 5000 PB of 13.23, Bobby Curtis (USA) 3rd in last years Morton 3000 in a PB, time which he subsequently lowered in September to 7.43.68 and with a 5000 PB of 13.13.97, Nick McCormick (GBR) who has a Mile PB of 3.52.02, Poland’s Bartocz Mazerski, winner of this years Cork City Marathon, Scottish International athlete Alistair Hay, who has a road mile PB of 3.56 with a 1500 PB on the track of 3.38. The Irish challenge will be headed by West Waterford’s David McCarthy, member of the Irish European U/23 gold medal winning team in 2010 and an athlete who has shown very good form of late and ran a 3.57.75 Mile at the Cork City Sports last week, Clonliffe’s London Marathon Olympian Mark Kenneally, John Travers (Donore) and Joe Sweeney (DSD)

The Albie Thomas 3000 will undoubtedly be one of the events of the night as it commemorates the 55th anniversary of Albie Thomas’ world 3 Mile record being set in Santry Stadium, the Morton Games will be attended by Robyn Whitaker (Thomas) the great Australian’s daughter as well as his two grandchildren.

Wednesday`s Morton Games will start with a pre program, and move into the International events from 7.10pm. Admission is €10 (U/16s free) please note that admission is payable by all addendees at the meet. The admission charge is used to help defray the cost of the event. With some 75 overseas athletes to be hosted it is a costly event Clonliffe appeals to all to come along to Santry and enjoy this superb event.

Clonliffe Results from Graded Meet Number 6

There were a number of Clonliffe athletes in action at last nights round 6 of the Dublin Graded Meets held at sun drenched Morton Stadium. Kris Valters was first in the A Race in 1.54.8, in the second A Race Mark McDonald placed 3rd in 1.56.12. In Grade C Tom Sherlock was 11th in 2.04.74, George Maybury placed 17th in Grade D 2.33.84.

Dave Fitzmaurice was 4th in the 5000 14.48.90. In the field events Ian Rogers had a win in the pole vault with a best of 4.55 while Manuel Calvo-Curry was 4th in the Hammer with a best of 53.84.

In the Women’s events Ciara McCallion was 2nd in the 400 56.57 with Sophia Ellis 4th 59.02. In the Grade B race Sean O’Reilly was 1st 60.63, Kate Hession was 5th 67.37.

In the 800 metre races Sinead Hartnett was 3rd in Grade B in 2.25.55, Bernie Byrne was 4th in her Grade B Race 2.28.76 with Greta Streinikyte 5th 2.29.83. In the field events the evergreen Frances Mansfield was once again in action finishing 3rd in the Hammer 14.75.

Morton Games Wednesday July 17th: can you do your bit?

Calling all Clonliffe Harriers. On Wednesday next some of the best athletes in the World will be competing in the Morton Games in an event promoted by and hosted by Clonliffe Harriers in partnership with Athletics Ireland, Morton Stadium, IMC, Fingal County Council, and others. To assist with the running of the event the club needs a substancial number of club members to make themselves available for the afternoon, evening and night. To those who`ve already answered Clonliffe`s call : Thank you. If you have not committed but can do so now please e mail your name to asap. There will be a brief meeting tomorrow (Thursday the 11th) after training at 9.00pm in the club bar, please be there if you can help out on the day but will not be at meeting please again e mail

The event web site has all the latest news on the meet and is well worth a visit. Finally please note that there is an admission fee to the Morton Games of €10.00 per person, U/16s free. All members of the public, including members of Clonliffe Harriers (not acting as Officials or Stewards) must pay this admission charge. The admission charge goes exclusively towards defraying the costs associated with an International athletics meet.

Finally an appeal to all club members please spread the word about the Morton Games amongst your family, friends, neighbours and work mates. A top class meet has been put together, the International Meet commences at 7.10pm, and it will be non-stop action from then onwards: a World class pole vault competition (they start at 6.00pm), 400h men, 400m women, 100m men & women, the Albie Thomas men`s 3000, 800m men & women, SCC women`s International mile, 400m men and at 9.00pm the Morton Mile.

Brian Gregan finishes 5th at World Universities

Brian Gregan place 5th in the World University 400 Final in Russia in the last few minutes in a time of 45.83. The top five all finished within a whisker of one another .34 the gap from 1st to 5th.

Gregan cruises into World Student Final

Clonliffe`s Brian Gregan cruised into tomorrow evening`s World University Games 400 final. Gregan was the class of the field as he controlled and won his semi final in 45.91, the fastest qualifier for tomorrow`s 5.20pm (Irish ) final in Kazan, Russia.

From Tullamore to Santry to Sheffield to Borovets and Kazan!

At the AAI Juvenile Championships held yesterday in Tullamore, Clonliffe had a 1-2 finish in the Under 19 Boys Javelin. Ryan Whelan’s throw of 51.70m was just over 10m better than his teammate Stephen Bailey’s 41.60m. In the Under 16 equivalent Conor Byrne and Andrej Liadov finished 5th and 6th with distances of 41.03m and 37.96m respectively.

On the track there was great success, Adam O`Brien won his first National title a superb final lap in the U/16 3000 propelled him from 3rd to 1st in 9.29.66, Sean Carrig was 5th in 9.54.58. Joseph Hession won U/15 800 bronze with a new pb of 2.06.96, Darren Redmond was 6th (2.09.83). Seanna Reilly took U/18 silver in the 400 in an excellent 58.82, Ciara Lynott placed 8th (67.36). Other clonliffe: girls U/17 800 5th Sally Ahern 2.27.14, 7th Hope Saunders 2.29.35, girls U/18 3000 11th Lily Cusack 12.42.82, Cathal Doyle 6th U/17 3000 (9.41.12), girls U/13 600 11th Hope Sumola (1.57.89)

Amy Connolly was 14th in the Under 14 Girls Long Jump with a distance of 4.21m. Our top Long Jumper Megan Comber was 8th in the Girls Under 18 100m final in a time of 13.32.

Joseph Hesssion Nationals (2)

Adam and sean (2)

Adam O`Brien national 3000 (2)

At the Crusaders run GV Ryan meeting held yesterday evening in Morton Stadium Aaron Hanlon had a great run in the Men’s 3000m. Never short of bravery, Aaron hung on during a tough last 1000m to finish with a time of 8.29.69 and a new personal best time. Also in action was Becky Woods, who finished 2nd in the Women’s 1500m in a time of 4.31.49. Sinead Hartnett ran 5.05.09 in the same race. Mark McDonald was in the ‘B’ 800m and with a storming last 100m time of 1.53.70

Paul Whelan was in fine form running well in both the 100m in 11.03 and 200m in 22.06. Stuart Roche also lined up in the 100m and continued to show good consistency in this season’s form with a time of 11.53.

Brian MacMahon competed at yesterday’s European Mountain Running Championships in Borovets, Bulgaria. Finishing in 58th position Brian was understandably disappointed in the result. However, with the World Championships still to come later in the Summer, there’s no doubt Brian will be there to make amends.

In the British League held in London Kris Vaulters ran a season’s best time of 1.52.45 for second place. London based Eoin Pierce ran 14.59.30 to finish 4th in the British League in Sheffield, the venue of Niall Bruton’s World University Games gold medal of 1991.

Meanwhile at this year’s WUG Championship’s held in Kazan, Russia, Brian Gregan got his medal hunt off to a great start by winning his opening heat this morning in a time of 46.68, the 2nd fastest qualifier for the semi-finals run at 16.40 Irish time tomorrow. 

Finally, on a sadder note, Joe Dempsey, a member of many great Clonliffe Cross Country teams in the late 1940’s and 1950’s passed away on Thursday. May he rest in Peace.


Great night in Santry for ladies 50th & club c`ships

The track in the Morton Stadium was a joyful place indeed last night as the Clonliffe Harriers ladies section celebrated it`s 50th Anniversary. Back at the club`s AGM in October 1963 a Motion was passed establishing a ladies section. On the 17th of December the club held it`s very first ladies race, a 600 yard race won by Claire Dowling (Walsh). Fittingly that occasion was marked last night with a 600 yard race and to join in the celebrations were a number of those pioneering Clonliffe ladies including Claire Walsh who presented the prizes. There was a great turn out of Clonliffe athletes for the race, there were three races, all very well supported.

Clonliffe Founders

(Pioneering Clonliffe ladies)

clonliffe junior women

The Junior race. Winner Laura Tuite.

Clonliffe senior women

Senior race: Winner Becky Woods.

clonliffe master women

Master`s race: Winner Bernie Byrne

current womens section

All the Clonliffe ladies!  (pictures by Martin Treacy)

Results of ladies 50th 600yds July 4th:
Senior Women
Winner Becky Woods 1:31
2nd Sinead Harnet 1:33
3rd Roisin Leahy 1:34 
Junior Ladies
Winner Laura Tuite 1:31
2nd Alannah Cooley 1:34
Guest Eimer Treacy 1:35
3rd Lauren Carr 1:37
Master Women
Winner Bernie Byrne 1:47
2nd Alison O Sullivan 1:51
3rd Marie Byrne 1:51


The night also saw the first track and field club championships of the year. In the 100m the top three were: 1st Keith Pike, 2nd Paul Whelan, 3rd Isreal Ibeanu. In the 800m: 1st Tom Sherlock, 2nd David O`Hanlon, 3rd Greg Hosseny. High Jumo: 1st Andrew Heney, 2nd Paul Whelan, 3rd Isreal Ibeanu.

Finally on a busy night the Grand Prix Series continued with a series of very well supported 800m races. Full results of Grand Prix after the weekend.


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