2015 Grand Prix series – results of Frank White 5 mile

The opening race of the 2015 Grand Prix series took place last night (in a constant drizzle) on the track.  At least 50 Athletes toed the line at the start with 48 finishers, competing for the Frank White cup over 5 miles on the track. The race was generously sponsored by Colm Doran.

Declan Power pulled away early on to win comfortably in 26.24.

The winner in the Grand Prix was Sinead Smith, with Liam Hennessy second and Clodagh Moriarty in third place.

Thanks to Maurice Ahern for measuring the 5 miles, he tells us every year, it is the only 5 mile track race in Ireland and therefore by definition the only accurate 5 mile race.

Thanks also to all the officials who gave up their time on a wet night to ensure the race went ahead.

Thanks as always to Caroline for the tea, coffee, cake and biscuits. Thanks again to Colm Doran for sponsoring the race.

Next race is 2 weeks time, a 4 mile race on the track again at 8.00.

Results as follows

Declan Power guest 00:26:24
Dave Brady Guest 00:28:16
Sean Doran 00:28:30
Ernie Ramsey 00:28:43
Mark Bermingham 00:29:24
Niall Coppinger guest 00:29:33
Jeremy Chapman 00:30:22
Dave O’Regan 00:30:36
Declan Robinson 00:30:37
Richard Case 00:30:52
Kevin Dowling 00:30:58
Michael McSwigan 00:30:59
Eoin Murray 00:31:05
Desie Shorten 00:31:06
Dave   Dunwoody 00:31:23
Denis Farrell 00:31:26
Rachel Wisdom 00:31:53
John Fennell 00:31:54
Mo McCrohan 00:31:55
Aiden Burke 00:32:33
John O’Leary 00:32:40
Colm McDonnell 00:32:58
Liam Hennessy 00:33:12
Shane Casey 00:33:23
Alan Worrall 00:33:49
Frank McCarthy 00:34:42
Clodagh Moriarty 00:35:24
Brian McCann 00:35:25
Emma Dunne 00:35:58
Trevor Wisdom 00:36:16
Declan Murray 00:36:20
Sinead Duffy 00:36:29
Shay Byrne 00:36:33
Deirdre Fitzsimons 00:36:51
Declan Kelly 00:37:05
Simon Smith 00:37:23
Conor Jennings 00:37:32
Terry   Mee 00:37:34
Gaetan Meister 00:37:37
Niall Markey guest 00:37:54
Sinead Smith 00:39:06
Paula Kirrane 00:39:14
Lorraine Sherwood 00:39:55
Jennifer Lyons 00:39:57
Martin Cavanagh 00:40:21
Dave Brady Raheny 00:40:36
Jim bennett 00:41:12
Crevan O’Malley 00:41:44