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Flynner runner up in Dublin half Marathon (updated with full Clonliffe results)

Running his 3rd race in 10 days, including a brilliant pb only 6 days ago, this morning was David Flynn who placed 2nd in the Dublin Half Marathon in the Phoenix Park. Flynner’s 65.58 was a fine run on the hills of the Park in pretty breezy conditions as he looks in fine fettle for the big one on October 27th. A fine run also in 4th place by Mark Kenneally (66.14), demonstrating once again that class is indeed permanent!

The results show some 48 Clonliffe finishers:

Race Number First Name Surname Gender Gender Position Category Category Position Club 10M Gun Time Overall Position Chip Time Chip Position
9 David Flynn Male 2 MS 1 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:51:04 01:05:58 2 01:05:57 2
5 Mark Kenneally Male 4 M35 2 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:51:04 01:06:14 4 01:06:14 4
855 Wayne Walker Male 102 MS 29 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:04:57 01:23:32 103 01:23:23 103
1343 Matt Mc Guinness Male 111 M35 32 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:04:54 01:23:46 112 01:23:37 113
3016 Paul Keenan Male 113 MS 34 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:04:55 01:23:47 114 01:23:36 109
7554 Damien Kelly Male 118 M35 35 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:04:45 01:24:00 121 01:23:43 116
9016 Dermot Faughan Male 143 M40 38 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:05:19 01:25:12 147 01:25:04 145
2997 Shane Caffrey Male 165 MS 49 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:06:45 01:26:19 172 01:26:10 169
7704 Shane Casey Male 228 M40 61 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:07:53 01:28:17 238 01:27:54 233
8940 Mick Bermingham Male 240 M45 22 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:08:13 01:28:27 250 01:28:17 251
1436 Mick Gleeson Male 241 M45 23 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:08:06 01:28:27 251 01:28:17 252
2983 Noel O Dwyer Male 291 M45 34 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:09:17 01:29:32 303 01:29:15 302
7275 Stephen Tracey Male 336 M40 93 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:09:22 01:30:57 350 01:30:48 354
2100 Alan Curley Male 350 M40 101 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:09:51 01:31:20 366 01:31:04 360
972 Neil Farrell Male 365 M35 99 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:10:51 01:31:45 381 01:31:28 386
1684 Seamus Devitt Male 366 M55 4 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:10:35 01:31:47 382 01:31:31 389
8433 Paul Walsh Male 385 MS 106 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:11:33 01:32:17 406 01:31:38 393
1022 Maurice Mc Hale Male 407 M50 21 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:11:59 01:32:44 431 01:32:28 436
9012 James Fleming Male 553 MS 159 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:13:24 01:35:55 598 01:35:38 622
258 Shane Rooney Male 708 M45 92 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:16:27 01:38:41 773 01:38:04 823
7336 Marie Howard Female 77 FS 30 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:16:40 01:39:08 826 01:38:31 876
9019 Declan Grant Male 794 M50 39 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:16:41 01:39:41 879 01:39:05 931
9011 Mary Ketterer Female 87 F40 20 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:15:58 01:39:50 900 01:39:14 950
1634 Andrew Eustace Male 823 M50 40 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:17:04 01:39:52 910 01:39:15 953
1560 Aideen O Connor Female 89 F35 24 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:16:45 01:40:00 925 01:39:23 974
339 Laura Kernan Female 91 F40 21 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:17:04 01:40:03 934 01:39:25 980
9015 Ollie Power Male 998 M45 137 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:18:20 01:42:46 1113 01:42:07 1195
1858 Clodagh Moriarty Female 122 F40 33 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:19:23 01:43:24 1157 01:42:48 1258
2580 Adrien Gerard Male 1078 MS 290 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:19:58 01:44:20 1222 01:43:10 1286
9013 Steve Barnes Male 1363 M40 335 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:21:30 01:48:49 1596 01:48:11 1893
7352 David Comiskey Male 1364 MS 366 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:19:28 01:48:49 1597 01:48:10 1891
2229 Sinead Duffy Female 238 F50 10 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:22:58 01:49:18 1631 01:49:00 2015
1897 Julie Larkin Female 247 FS 85 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:22:46 01:49:38 1662 01:47:37 1817
1710 Orla Deighan Female 312 F45 36 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:25:58 01:52:15 1894 01:50:17 2213
9020 Dave Reilly Male 1585 MS 424 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:20:36 01:52:17 1898 01:44:02 1394
9017 Anne Lyons Female 320 F50 13 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:26:20 01:52:44 1935 01:50:43 2269
9018 Niall Markey Male 1616 M50 103 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:26:19 01:52:45 1937 01:50:44 2272
9014 Evelyn Brennan Female 360 F50 16 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:24:56 01:54:18 2068 01:52:39 2500
6528 Patrick Devitt Male 1887 M65 10 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:29:09 01:56:36 2314 01:54:44 2759
6843 Imelda Kavanagh Female 439 F45 54 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:28:05 01:56:52 2354 01:54:40 2753
3459 Yvonne Mc Donough Female 465 F45 59 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:30:11 01:57:59 2444 01:56:01 2952
2459 Alan Townsend Male 2027 M45 301 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:28:15 01:58:48 2509 01:51:18 2342
1646 Brid Beausang Female 576 F40 135 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:27:27 02:01:46 2775 01:54:20 2703
1289 Jason Blake Male 2643 M45 403 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:30:27 02:08:35 3536 02:00:10 3578
7388 Darren Horgan Male 2760 M35 612 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:34:59 02:10:37 3738 02:00:44 3639
276 Anthony O Brien Male 2761 M55 75 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:34:59 02:10:38 3740 02:00:45 3640
8554 Janette Reid Female 1031 F45 153 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:34:59 02:11:46 3858 02:01:54 3779
1719 Dave Lyons Male 3582 M50 277 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:42:53 02:29:55 5482 02:15:36 5246

John Shields Group returning on Tuesday 24th

A quick notice from John Shields: John’s sprints/jumps group will return to the stadium after the break on Tuesday September 24th for resumption of training. The group will continue to train Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00pm and Sundays at 9.30am. New athletes to this group please ensure to attend on Tuesday the 24th.

Invitations out for Brother School’s Cross Country

Invitations have now gone out to schools for this year’s recently launched 2019 Brother Schools cross-country which this year takes place on Wednesday, October 9th.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Brother Clonliffe schools cross-country. Clonliffe are delighted that Brother are once again are our sponsor of this fantastic addition to the schools cross-country season. In 10 short years the event has grown and has seen the numbers participating double to some 2000 in 2018 with the likelihood of this number being exceeded on October 9. Clonliffe are much obliged to Brother and of course Fingal county Council for use of Santry Demesne Park.

Mr Tony Jackson, CEO of Brother Ireland at the recent launch of this year’s event said: ‘Brother are delighted to support this fantastic event it is particularly important to see our young people involved in such a healthy activity as cross-country running. The fact that they are representing their schools makes it even better. Brother are delighted to see how the event has grown these past 10 years and are proud to support the growth of athletics in Irish schools.’

This year’s event will once again see races for both primary and secondary schools. The event is being expanded this year to provide a 1000M race for fourth class primary schools, this means that there will be a total of six primary school races and eight secondary school races on the programme. Once again the event will start at 12 noon and will conclude with the senior boys race later in the afternoon.

If you are connected with a schools and would like an invitation for your school simply email (we need the name of the schools and an e mail contact, invitations and all correspondence is by e mail only)

Once again all runners will receive their Brother Schools Cross Country t shirt once they cross the finish line.

From an organisational point of view the club are requesting that any club member, or parent of club member, who is available on October 9 please text Noel Guiden on 0879599888 with your name. We need course markers to be available from 8 AM and then a huge number of stewards, it is a massive undertaking with over 2000 kids taking part, to help steward and officiate with the event itself. Those people will be required from 11 AM until approximately 3:30 PM. We are requesting that people please given early commitment to help your club, your clubmates or indeed your children.


Flynner wins Charleville Half in new PB plus more

David Flynn put in one of the best runs of his career today in the Charleville Half Marathon. After his record breaking track 4 mile in Santry on Thursday he followed that up today beating a top class field in a new pb of 63.48. 2nd was Mick Clohisey (Raheny) with Hugh Armstrong (Ballina) 3rd. For good measure it was also a new course record!

Meanwhile, to complete a weekend of half marathons several of the club’s other marathon men were in action. Stephen Scullion ran 66.36 finishing 18th in the Rock and roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday the 15th in hot and humid conditions. Also on Sunday in Copenhagen Sergiu Ciobanu ran 66.17.

Impressive start to the Juvenile Cross Country Season

Eugenia Bateson Reports from Newbridge House, Donabate: Round 1 of the Cross Country League took place in the picturesque grounds of Newbridge House Demense this morning.  Over 70 young Clonliffe athletes from U9 to U15 turned out in force. The weather was perfect for running with the rain holding off untill we returned to the clubhouse.
Our impressive U9’s got the races off to a  great  start setting the tone for the day, pushing strong and showing what Clonliffe is made off. Strong performances followed from the U10 to U12 boys and girls with guts and determination making all the coaches proud. Some strong sprint finishes with everyone pushing it over the finish line.
Next up were the U13 girls. Rebecca  Walsh and Ali Connolly were very competitive bringing the rest of the girls, Ashling, Ellen, Martha and Sarah through to the finish. Noah Rossi and Jack McDonnell lead home the U13 boys with excellent performances from Cathal, Yang, Jayden and Sean. Sorcha O’Connor and Hazel Kenny were a force to  be reckoned with, followed well by Kate who looked strong for the season ahead and Laura.
Sean Cronin had a very impressive win in the U14 boys, breaking clear with 200m to go, not giving his challengers any hope of catching him. Lorcan followed close behind with Christian,  Cian, Devan, Mark and Oran thundering in,  giving a very strong team performance and building the confidence of the U14 boys ahead of the Dublin Championships. Definitely a team to watch.
Ciara Scott was our only U15 of the day and in her very first race had a strong start. She ran very well and summed up the Clonliffe outing perfectly by finishing with a smile on her face.
A quick cool down and a trip to the playground finished out the  day before the short bus ride back to the club. Roll on Round 2 of the League on the 6th of October in the Phoenix Park.

Clonliffe run in memory of Noeleen McCrohan

There was a very special Park Run this morning in River Valley Swords as some 40 Clonliffe athletes ran in memory of Noeleen McCrohan, wife of our club mate Maurice, who died earlier in the Summer after a long and brave battle. The Clonliffe group included many who train with Maurice were led home by Declan Power at the head of the run.

Note from Maurice: I want to thank all my friends at Clonliffe Harriers and other clubs that came out to run and  support the Tribute to Noeleen at the River Valley Park Run on Saturday 14th Sept.
It was very uplifting for me and Sinead .
I am running Berlin Marathon on 29th Sept to raise funds for St Francis Hospice who gave Noeleen wonderful care .The idonate  link is .
kind Regards

The Harriers prepare

A great turn out of almost 50 athletes for cross country training in Santry Demesne this morning. In beautiful weather athletes from U/15 right up to senior were put through their paces by their coaches all with their eyes firmly fixed on November’s nationals. It might seem a long way off but the nights are closing in, and there’s an evening chill in the air so sooner than you think it’ll be time to “Get ready to rumble!”

(Pictured: Harriers, one and all!)

Fine half marathon PB for Sean Doran

Sean Doran ran a big pb in this morning’s Ratoath Half Marathon breaking new ground with an impressive 70.34 to take 3rd place. Other Clonliffe Paul Keenan 82.10, Robert Reid 82.42, Derek Faughnan 89.55, Maura Matthews (3rd W45) 1.33.05, Emma Harding 1.38.24, Alan Worrall 1.39.06, Evelyn Brennan 1.48.35.

Stateside News

Clonliffe’s two current two US collegiate athletes were in action recently as the US college cross country season is already underway. Brian Flanagan was 23rd for McNeese University at yesterday’s Rice Invitation Cross Country in Houston, Texas in 20.27, 4th scorer on the team that placed 3rd.

Last weekend Hope Saunders ran for Wichita State in their season opener the JK Gold Classic where she placed 18th in 15.19.6. This was a big move forward by Hope substantially improving her placing from 40th in last year’s race and running almost a minute faster.

Grand Prix News: Flynner sprints Walker Cup!

Liam Hennessy reports on the resumption  of the Grand Prix Series; The Grand Prix Series resumed last night night, September 12th, after a short summer break with the Walker Cup – 4 Mile Track Race held at Morton Stadium at 8pm. Thr race was kindly sponsored by Pamela Cooper. The weather was a perfect calm 17 degrees. We had 29 starters and had the pleasure of seeing our own David Flynn toe the line. The race saw many battles as runners fought to achieve personal bests. Up front David Flynn was running with nobody to challenge him only the clock. David gave us a glimpse of his fitness in his build up to the Dublin Marathon crossing the finish line in a Stadium record time of 18.57 (Subject to ratification). The first woman home was Ailish Malone in a fine time of 24.42. The result of the handicap was as follows;
Winner – Dave Brady
2nd – Tom Dunne
3rd – Mick Gleeson

(Pictured: Grand Prix Winner Dave Brady and race sponsor Pamela Cooper)
Full results:
David Flynn – 18.57
John Donlon – 22.12 – Massive PB
Dermot Faughnan – 23.43
Shane Casey – 23.49
Ailish Malone – 24.42
Mick Bermingham – 24.45
Mick Gleeson – 25.02 – Massive PB
Stephen Tracey – 25.55
Alex Eustace – 26.02
Rachel Eustace – 26.03
Philip Matthews – 26.27
Seamus Devitt – 26.28
Fergie Keenan – 26.30
Richard Barr – 26.33
Dave Reilly – 27.06
Deirdre Fitzsimons – 27.12
Tom Monks – 27.49
Aimee Ahern – 27.54
Gerard Fay – 28.35
Tom Dunne – 28.47
Carmel Ward – 28.50
Orla Deighan – 29.37
Greg O’Beirne – 29.57
Anne Lyons – 30.03
Siobhan Mulvey – 32.39
Dave Lyons – 32.46
Dave Brady – 35.35

Next Race: Thursday, September 26th – The Pat Bonass Trophy, 10,000 Metres Incorporating Club Championship, Morton Stadium, 8pm. Look forward to seeing you then !!!


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