A Clonliffe Lark in the Park

The Clonliffe girls took in the St. Anne`s Parkrun this morning. There was a wonderful turnout of athletes all suitably attired in their Clonliffe club colours. All were having their first runs of the season so it was a most worthwhile outing with all putting in fine efforts.

“Star Baker” today was Sarah Bateson going sub 20 for the first time, 19.59, with another star performancer being Ella Cooley who ran almost a minute faster today than her fastest over this route in March going from 23.50 to 22.59! Special mention also of former Harrier Kate Hession back in the fold(?), Ale Hernandez back in her real home after her Summer in Madrid, Katie Halpin running her first race after injury for 2018 and the Special One Abbie Sheehy. Well done also the Newbies Lara, Naoise, Hollie, Amy and Amy.

Results: Sarah Bateson 19.59, Ale Hernandez 20.06, Aoife Hession 20.30, Hannah Browne 22.01, Ella Brown 22.11, Naoise Cullen 22.35, Lara Gallagher 22.38,  Katie Halpin 22.41, Vicki McDonnell 22.47, Ella Cooley 22.59, Tess Loftus 23.48, Amy Sheehy 24.32, Cara Curren Beggs 25.12, Amy Daly 25.32, Kate Hession 25.40, Hollie Foy 26.28.