Aidan Bailey Club 1500m Champion 2005

There was a fabulous turn out of athletes for the Club 1500M incorporating Round 6 of the Grand Prix Series, on the 23rd of June with a total of 43 athletes entered.

In view of the numbers taking part the field was split into three races.

The class of the field in the A race was Aidan Bailey, who led from the start to record a comfortable win and claimed the 2005 Club 1500M Championship in a time of 4:04.7 from Michael McDiarmida in 4:18.9 and William Stafford in 4:27.5.

Further back in the field there were a number of intriguing battles including a good battle between Philip O’Doherty and Adam Ahern which was closely taken by Philip to take sixth place with Adam .9 of a second in arrears in seventh and at the tail end of the field there was a good three way battle between guest runner,Annette Kealy of Raheny ShamrocksJeremy Walsh and Maurice McCronin, with Jeremy showing his finishing kick by coming from the back of the field to pass both Annette and Maurice on the final straight.

The result of the A race was:

1. A. Bailey 4:04.7, 2. M. McDiarmida 4:18.9, 3. W. Stafford 4:27.5, 4. K. Jenkinson 4:28.6, 5. D. Boylan 4:29.2, 6. P. O’Doherty 4:33, 7. A. Ahern 4:33.9, 8. L. Reilly 4:35.9, 9. P. Boylan 4:37, 10. D. Brennan 4:37.3, 11. T. Monks 4:42.8, 12. J. Walsh 4:44.9, 13. A. Kealy (Guest) 4:45.2, 14. M. McCronin 4:50.4

The B race featured a very good three way battle up front and heading into the last lap they were led out by that old dog for the long road Martin Tracey withMurray Ahern on his shoulder and closing fast on the these was Aidan Creaner who gathered himself for the final sprint taking both of them to hit the front some 80 metres from home and hold on to record victory in 4:40.4 from Martin in 4:41.1 with Murray in third on 4:44.4.

The full result of the B race was:

1. A. Creaner 4:40.4, 2. M. Tracey 4:41.1, 3. Murray Ahern 4:44.4, 4. A. Kelly 4:47, 5. M. Tully 4:48.8, 6. C. Doran 4:52.3, 7. C. Hickey 4:57.2, 8. A. Smeaton (Guest) 5:02.8, 9. R. Connolly 5:04.6, 10. Stephen Byrne 5:06.3, 11. M. Scully 5:09.7, 12. K. Murphy 5:14.8, 13. T. Mee (Guest) 5:16.1, 14. P. Devitt 5:17.1

Finally, the athletes took to the track for the C race. There was an international feel to this race as it featured two guests from Sweden. The field was much more spread out in this race as young Moran ran the field ragged to stretch them out to record a win in 4:52.8 from N. McGlynn in 5:17.1 with super vet Jimmy Bennett in third place in 5:20.8.

This particular race featured a three way battle for the Lady’s Championship with all three coming home in succession led by Catriona Cassidy 5:34.2Denise Walsh 5:46 and Aimee Ahern 5:47.

Result of Race C:

1. D. Moran 4:53.8, 2. N. McGlynn 5:17.1, 3. J. Bennett 5:20.8, 4. P. Healy 5:31.4, 5. Shay Byrne (Guest) 5:33.1, 6. Catriona Cassidy 5:34.2, 7. D. Walsh 5:46.0,8. Aimee Ahern 5:47, 9. McMcFadden 5:52.2, 10. B. Carnavall (Guest) 5:57, 11. S. Pender 6:00.9, 12. D. Brady (Guest) 6:06.5, 13. J. Athursson (Guest) 6:13.3,14. T. Westby (Guest) 6:24.3, 15. T. Flood 7:55.2

A great nights athletics and a wonderful start to our 2005 Club Championships.