Aidan Creaner 1st in Grand Prix

Round 6 of the 2005 Grand Prix Series, which was incorporated in the Club 1500M Championship, took place on a warm and muggy track on the 23rd of June with some 28 Grand Prix athletes in the field.

The Club Championship was split into three races but for the purpose of the Grand Prix it was the time recorded which was the important issue, rather than track position.

Fastest Grand Prix man of the night was William Stafford with 4:27.5 from Philip O’Doherty in 4:33 and Adam Ahern in 4:33.9.

The Grand Prix is of course based on how an athlete does vis-à-vis the athlete’s handicap and the results revealed a popular winner in, with his first Grand Prix victory, Aidan Creaner, who beat his handicap by a massive 32 seconds to claim the 20 points on offer and the first prize in the Grand Prix most generously sponsored by Richard ConnollyEvergreen Jimmy Bennett was second in –25 seconds with Philip O’Doherty, after a fantastic race, third with –22 seconds.

The battle for the yellow jersey is now headed by Richard Connolly with 67.5 points, fully 10 points ahead of Shay Byrne on 57.5 with Jim Bennett now well in the frame on 56 points, from Colm Hickey fourth on 54 pointsPat Devitt on 51 points and Alan Smeaton on 50 points.

Round 7 is the Santry Demesne Mile, sponsored by Noel Guiden, which will take place on Thursday the 7th of July, on the road in the park at the rear of the Stadium at 8.00 p.m.