Another great club championship Sunday

May 23, 2011 [Noel Guiden ] Another fantastic club day for Clonliffe Harriers at the club’s Track and Field Championships in the Morton Stadium yesterday in this the club’s 125th anniversary celebration year. As always these championships provide an opportunity for club members of all ages to get together and celebrate our wonderful sport. For the club captain Joe Cooper once again a massive pat on the back for the efforts he put into organising the day and in particular the efforts he put into organising the weather. Sunday morning provided massive downpours all around Dublin, however, as 2 o’clock rolled around and the athletes began to gather Joe did his Moses impression (of sorts) raised his staff, the clouds parted and the sun shone. Another Cooper miracle. Extraordinarily enough the rain held off all day.

In accordance with tradition the tiny tots race kicked off proceedings at 3 p.m. sharp and we then moved into the juvenile championships which provided sprints, distance races and field events for all the club juvenile athletes in categories U/10, U/12, U/14 and U/16. The competition was keen between all the young athletes and all must be commended for the spirit in which they entered into proceedings. This was not a day for just sticking with your favoured event and it was great to see athletes try new disciplines, some with surprising success and others maybe not so but always done with a great sense of fun and smiles all round.

A couple of special mentions to some of the juveniles: Keelan Twomey who almost swept the boards in the U/12 boys events, likewise Paddy O’Hanlon in the U/14s almost had a clean sweep, Ruth Bergin in the girls U/12 and Hannah McLoughlin who excelled in the field events in the U/16 girls.

Many thanks to the juvenile captain Gladys Cooper, the juvenile coaches and the parents who helped out by officiating on the day your help was invaluable.

Results of Clonliffe Juvenile Track and Field Championships 2011

Girls U/10 60m

1. Ella Browne

2. Aoife Hession

3. Ella Cooley

U/10 Girls 300m

1. Ella Browne

2. Ella Bergin

3. Ella Cooley

Girls U/10 Ball Throw

1. Juliette Lawless

2. Ella Cooley

3. Ella Browne

Girls U/10 Long Jump

1. Ella Browne

2. Ella Bergin

3. Ella Cooley

Girls U/12 80m

1. Ruth Bergin

2. Lauren Carr

3. Joint third – Sol O’Lideadha/Lola O’Lideadha

Girls U/12 500m

1. Ruth Bergin

2. Lola O’Lideadha

3. Lauren Carr

Girls U/12 Ball Throw

1. Lola O’Lideadha

2. Sol O’Lideadha

3. (Joint) Jenny Clarke/Lauren Carr/Cliona Cooley

Girls U/12 Long Jump

1. Ruth Bergin

2. Lola O’Lideadha

3. Sol O’Lideadha

Girls U/12 High Jump

1. Sol O’Lideadha

2. Ruth Bergin

3. Cliona Cooley

Girls U/14 100m

1. Sarah Lynott

2. Alannah Cooley

3. Megan Hurley

Girls U/14 800m

1. Alannah Cooley

2. Amy McGrath

3. Sarah Lynnott

Girls U/14 Shot Putt

1. Shauna Byrne

2. Amy McGrath

3. Mary Taylor

Girls U/14 Javelin

1. Shauna Byrne

2. Alannah Cooley

3. Mary Taylor

Girls U/14 High Jump

1. Sarah Lynnott

2. Amy McGrath

3. (Joint) Alannah Cooley/Kayleigh McMeniman

Girls U/16 100m

1. Kate Hession

2. Sally Aherne

Girls U/16 1000m

1. Rachel Murray

2. Laura Tuite

3. Sally Aherne

Girls U/16 Javelin

1. Hannah McLoughlin

2. Sarah Murray

3. Simone Byrne

Girls U/16 High Jump

1. Sarah Quinn

2. …

3. Kate Hession

Girls U/16 Shot Putt

1. Hannah McLoughlin

2. Simone Byrne

3. Sarah Murray

Boys U/10 60m

1. Gavin O’Brien

2. Padraic McMahon

3. Vincent Flynn

Boys U/10 300m

1. Padraic McMahon

2. Gavin O’Brien

3. Vincent Flynn

Boys U/10 Long Jump

1. Vincent Flynn

2. Padraic McMahon

3. Gavin O’Brien

Boys U/10 Ball Throw

1. Gavin O’Brien

2. (Joint) Cormac Breen/Vincent Flynn

3. Padraic McMahon

Boys U/12 80m

1. Jordan Broy

2. Elliott Lawless

3. Dylan Johnson

Boys U/12 500m

1. Keelan Twomey

2. Jordan Broy

3. David Tuite

Boys U/12 Ball Throw

1. Elliott Lawles

2. Keelan Twomey

3. David Tuite

Boys U/12 High Jump

1. Keelan Twomey

2. Jordan Broy

3. (Joint) David Tuite/Elliott Lawless

Boys U/12 Long Jump

1. Keelan Twomey

2. Elliott Lawless

3. David Tuite

Boys U/14 100m

1. Paddy O’Hanlon

2. Peter Taylor

3. Timothe Lawless

Boys U/14 800m

1. Paddy O’Hanlon

2. Adam O’Brien

3. Keith Hodson

Boys U/14 Shot Putt

1. Paddy O’Hanlon

2. Timothe Lawless

3. Peter Taylor

Boys U/14 Long Jump

1. Paddy O’Hanlon

2. Timothe Lawless

3. Sean Carrigg

Boys U/14 Javelin

1. Timothe Lawless

2. Paddy O’Hanlon

3. Peter Taylor

Boys U/16 100m

1. Samuel Oyeordan

2. Dylan Gibbons

3. Craig McCourt

Boys U/16 1000m

1. Craig McCourt

2. Dylan Gibbons

The club Senior championships served up some fine athletics on the track with a very good men’s 800, 3000 and 1500 metres. In recent years the men’s 800 has proved to be the Championship highlight and although the quality this year was not quite as good as in previous years there was nonetheless an excellent race with Clonliffe Harrier of the year Stephen Harkness prevalent throughout. Harko really had the bit between his teeth and took up the running from the gun quickly opening a lead of maybe 5 metres which he held despite running head on into the wind on the home straight to become a very popular winner in a fast 1.56.9 from Aidan Bailey 1.58.2 and Mark McDonald 3rd 2.00.1. An excellent run in this race also by Mark McKenzie who took chunks off his PB to run a time of 2.03.1, despite his exertions in the Leinster Schools 1500m only 24 hours previously.

The men’s 1500 metres also served up a very interesting race as Jamie Rossiter and Ian Guiden quickly broke away from the field with Ian tucked in behind Jamie and it was only over the final 150 that Jamie managed to pull away to take the win in a time of 4.09.3 with Ian taking 10 plus seconds off his PB running a time of 4.11.2, to record his second PB in 24 hours.

The 3000 metres race was a combined men’s senior, senior women and master men’s race, this race took off at a pretty hot pace as Aidan Bailey made pace over the early laps to leave guest Martin Conroy and Gary O’Hanlon in front with Brian McMahon maybe 15 metres behind. Conroy won the race in 8.40.3 with Gary 2nd in 8.47.2 with Brian McMahon 3rd 8.57.1. First Master was Declan Power 9.28.4 with Ailish McDermott first woman in 10.18.6.

The only senior sprint race which took place was the senior men’s 100 which was won by Danny Kavanagh in 11.3. Leah Moore was the only senior woman sprinter on show running in that race and recording a time of 12.2.

In the senior women’s championship the 200 metres race was made up of juvenile and junior athletes with Leah Bergin winning in a time of 27.4 from Shauna Reilly 27.7 and Megan Coomber, 28.0.

There was a very good women’s 800 metre race which featured a great battle up front between Eleanor Alexandra and Becky Woods with Eleanor’s front running tactics paying off as she took an excellent win in a time of 2.18.1 with Becky Woods 0.5 of a second behind. Third in this race was Lorna Begley 2.25.9 (a PB).

The Championships finished up with a mixed 4 x 400 metre relay which was great fun – the winning team was lead home by Conor Healy – the records are slightly mixed up so the other three members of that team cannot be given the recognition which undoubtedly they deserve!

The only disappointing feature of the day was the lack of support, for whatever reason, for some of the championship events which regrettably resulted in the captain having to cancel some events and some events where athletes did show up not having the requisite three Clonliffe athletes to constitute a championship. Disappointing but such is life.

Full results of Clonliffe Senior Championships

Senior Women 200m

1. Leah Bergin 27.4

2. Shauna Reilly 27.7

3. Megan Coomber 28.0

Senior Women 400m

1. Snezana Bechtina 58.8

2. Ciara McCallion 58.9

Senior Women 800m

1. Eleanor Alexander 2.18.1

2. Becky Woods 2.18.6

3. Lorna Begley 2.25.9

4. Amy Carron (guest) 2.32.7

5. Roisin Leahy 2.34

6. Sinead Hartnett 2.36

7. Rachel Murray 2.39.7

8. Laura Brennan 2.46.7

Senior Men 100m

1. Danny Kavanagh 11.3

2. Isreal Ibeanu 11.8

3. Kingsley Isong 11.8

4. Leah Moore (Senior Woman) 12.2

5. Samuel Oyeordan

Senior Men 800m

1. Stephen Harkness 1.56.9

2. Aidan Bailey 1.58.2

3. Mark McDonald 2.00.1

4. Mark McKenzie 2.03.1

5. Joseph Cooper 2.11

6. Mark Ring 2.21.3

7. Innocent Manphaga

Senior Men 1500m

1. Jamie Rossiter 4.09.3

2. Ian Guiden 4.11.2

3. Dermot Brennan (guest) 4.32

4. Eoin McCullough 4.38.2

5. John Buckley 4.46.6

Senior Men/Women/Master Men 3000m

1. Martin Conroy (guest) 8.40.3

2. Gary O’Hanlon 8.47.2

3. Brian McMahony 8.59.1

4. Declan Power (1st Master) 9.28.4

5. Lucas Lombrsier (guest) 9.59.8

6. Phillip O’Doherty (second master) 10.08.07

7. Johnny Bradley-Ward 12.12.6

8. Ailish McDermott (1st woman) 10.18.6

9. Ronan .. 10.19

10. Ryan Cleary 10.37.4

11. Jeremy Chapman (3rd Master) 10.52.7

12. Colm Breen 11.47

13. Emma Cooper (second woman) 11.46

14. Gearoid Pierse 12.00

15. Paddy Tuite 12.06.7

16. Sinead Hartnett (third woman) 12.26.4