Ben Guiden takes maiden win at Dublin Graded.

It was a senior maiden win tonight for Ben Guiden in the Dublin Graded at Tallaght. Ben took the 3000 recording another pb of 8.41.45 with a gun to tape win. Ian McAlweeney also ran a pb (9.18.03) in taking 5th place. In the women’s 3000 Laura Tuite was 4th in 10.38.98 with Alannah Cooley 8th (10.57.19). Jenny Johnston was 6th in the 800A in 2.22.95.

At the BMC Meet in Loughborough Jonny Whan ran 1.52.66 over 800.

Missed in the weekend round up was Tuder Mircea’s comeback race as he won The Thoroughbred Half Marathon in Kildare in 70.17.