Cake Race 2021

With today being December 1st the club captains want to update all on the Cake Race. Both are anxious to ensure that this year the club holds a Christmas cake race for our members. Obviously there are concerns at present surrounding Covid 19 infection rates and therefore what the captains have in mind is that there will be a combined men and women’s 5K handicap race held on Tuesday, December 21. Any club member who wishes to take part will have to pre-enter using the same system that we have used all year i.e. a list of entries to be sent by each group coach or if not in a training group by the athlete direct with the athletes name, and also to identify whether the athlete is a junior, senior or master with a reasonably accurate predictive finishing time, entries to go by email to Entry will open on Thursday December 9th and close on Thursday, December 16. This will facilitate handicapping and will also enable a posting to appear on the website with the starting order for all on Monday the 20th. The night will have to be an entirely outdoor night so prize-giving will take place outside, unfortunately we are not in a position to use dressing rooms or shower facilities and indeed the normal social occasion that surrounds the cake race is too big of a risk to proceed with. The Captains are also asking that anyone running will bring with them as an “entry fee” a donation equivalent to the cost of a gift (child’s toy or box of biscuits/chocolates or similar), the club will donate the sum collected to Vincent de Paul from Clonliffe at Christmas.

Cake Race night is also of course Captains’ night and with the agreement of Joe Cooper’s family we also will mark the first anniversary of Joe’s passing. Joe always loved this particular night so we would like to remember him by all running in the Cake Race to wear a replica of Joe’s world famous orange hat. We have managed to source a consignment of hats to distribute on the night.

A further posting will be made on the day entries open.