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Rossiter takes bronze at BUCs plus more

Jayme Rossiter replicated his bronze medal performance of 2015 in today’s British Universities 3000 steeplechase as he took bronze in a tactical final. The first 2,00 was  covered in 6.32 with the final 1000 in 2.45.

On the subject of 3000 sc Brian Flanagan finished 6th in the Southland conference in 9.19.57 yesterday.

A quiet enough May bank holiday Monday the only other Harrier we are aware of racing was Maurice McCrohan in the ARC 10km in the Phoenix Park 41.02, 1st M50.

Weekend round up: Juvenile league and Night Run

The club`s juvenile athletes were in action in round 2 of the league on a cold morning in Morton stadium on Saturday. Numbers were smaller than usual coming towards the end of the easter holidays. Gladys reports on some excellent runs with the highlights being a win in the U/16 100mts by Sally Sumola, 2nd by her brother Ethan U/11 500. 2nd  for Orla O’ Sullivan U/15 800.

Last night in Dublin city the Night Run 10k took place with lots of club members stewarding and cheering on club mates: Mick Gleeson 42.11, Laura Kernan 42.38, David Comiskey 43.20, Maurice McHale 45.39, Declan Grant 51.37, Joanne McCabe 52.45.

The Rooney Review: Clonliffe hit Hamburg

Slightly later than usual The Rooney Review:  38 depart/35 return .You’ll have to read the report to find out what happened to the Notorious Hamburg Three, but think Thelma & Louise with a trusty sidekick.

Day One – Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to Hamburg we go.

With Coach Pam’s instructions acting as an alarm call, somehow 36 club members (as always Fergal was one step ahead and Aoife insisted, we sort everything out before her arrival) managed to make it through security without incident.  Arriving in Hamburg it was decided a recce of Hamburg was required, led by Emma’s Hamburg Train Stations Tour, during which we almost lost Dave L to a group of locals, Mick G brought to a historic train station beerhall and Mileage Mary insisted we carb load with donuts. Thankfully the second group managed to bring the classy levels up a peg or two by hitting the Tower cocktail bar, followed by an attempted sing-song hosted by Mandy (who needs a microphone to start singing!!), and ending up with some stretches on the dancefloor.

Day Two – I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Like the Von Trapp Family from the Sound of Music, thanks to Jenette, the group hit the streets on the annual bike tour. The squad were split into two groups. Group One kept to the historic sights of Hamburg, (FYI, it’s a port city!!!) while Group Two stopped for ice-cream, beer, toilet breaks, and more beer.  Like the serious athletes we are and under coach’s strict instructions of “No booze, No drugs and No sex” MOST of the group managed to get back to the hotel to collect race numbers and had an early night. A big thank you to Emer and Emma for sorting out the race number, but where did three of those race numbers go??? However, some misunderstand the ‘early night’ instruction and thought it meant staying up to duet with the barman until the ‘early’ hours of the morning.

Day Three – We Are the Champions

With a few sore heads and some ‘athletes’ in a state of denial, we managed to make our way to the start line, let by Aideen’s hopping, skipping, lunging and meditating pre-race warm-up.

First off was the half-marathon, where Mick G was made feel like celebrity as he was cheered around the first corner. However, the fans were left speechless when, to everyone’s surprise, Dave R zoomed past looking too sprightly for a man who had been signing until 3am.

The remaining athletes joined the huddle masses for the start of the 10k.  While some had hoped they’d be able to hide amongst the other participants, this was not to be when we were met with encouraging cheers from are support group, consisting of Comedian Ben, Fergal, Birthday Boy Joe, Louise, Pam and Stephen. The group were led home by the dynamic duo of Alan and Emer, who perfectly paced each other, getting stronger with each km.  Big shout out to Darren H who was making a return to races after a lengthy recovery period, proving how determination and patience will get you back to the start line.

With pride and true comradery, the Black & Amber crowd when wild when the race commentator announced international athlete Emer Griffin was the 3rd lady home.

Night Three – There May Be Trouble Ahead

After an impromptu post race tour of the suburbs of Hamburg, the group eventually got back to the hotel to ready ourselves for the night ahead. It all started innocently enough; however, we should have known it was going to be an eventful night when Ben took to the stage and treated us to a comedy routine.  The routine was followed by Evelyn’s ‘Men Vs Women Games Night’ during which we found out that Adrian will never make it in the world of paper plane design, Kevin S has no problem sabotaging a rivals aircraft, and Laura K will do anything to distract the men during the hula-hoop contest.   However, the battle of the sexes was put aside as we got together to end a wonderful weekend with a group sing-song and plans for an early night, with most heading to bed at a respectful hour.

So, with everyone tucked up in bed, what could go wrong?

Early Monday morning as the group struggled onto the bus and it was noted that 3 members were MIA and despite efforts, nothing was budging the 3 sleeping beauties (Dave R, Evelyn and Rhona (Evona)).  As the bus pulled out the 3 renegades were going to follow behind in a speeding taxi cab, unfortunately the traffic gods were against them as they hit a long tailback causing them to miss check-in and resulting in the trio facing with an extended journey home via Cologne. However, that is not the end of the story due to an international incident. As the lovely Evelyn made her way through security she was taken aside and asked to explain why there was a gun in her bag!!  Thankfully Evelyn could use her charms and prove that she and her toy plastic gun were not a risk to airport security.

That’s it for another year and thank you to Pam & Co for organising another fun trip.

So what questions has the trip raised?

  • Will Emma be organising a tour of DART stations?
  • Did Evelyn pay for those banana sweets?
  • Is Ben going to take his comedy routine on tour?
  • Who’s up for a visit to Cologne in 2020?

*Some stories have withheld to protect the innocent and at the request of the guilty parties

Until next time, take care and dig in.

Round up: Fitzi races again, plus Great Ireland

The weekend round up starts in the USA where David Fitzmaurice ran his first track race for 6 years a 5000 in the Bison Invite at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania recording a time of 15.10.55. Dave who has been living Stateside for some years was on the Clonliffe junior team that won the National junior cross country in 2009.

On the subject of junior cross country, 2017 team member Steven Flanagan ran a big pb of 14.43.46 for 5000 in Providence placing 2nd.

Missed last week (April 7th) was Jeremy Phillips winning a 200 in North Andover 22.21.

Yesterday Saturday the 13th in Inis Oirr the Sherlock brother’s made the trip to the western Isles and once again took home the bacon as Thomas won the 10k and Niall was 2nd in the 5k.

Today (April 14th) at the Great Ireland 10k Run in the Phoenix Park Sean Doran was 24th 32.49. Also David Mullen 36.41, a PB , Michael Devine 42.35, Colm Leonard 43.55, Matt McGuinness 45.35.

David Flynn wins South Dublin 10k

The first round of the Dublin Marathon Race series took place today at Grange Castle, the South Dublin 10k. David Flynn took a fine win in 32.02. There was a very good Clonliffe contingent of over 20 in the race:

3 David Flynn Male 1 MS 1 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:32:03 1 00:32:02 1
3022 Niall Gorman Male 41 M40 9 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:36:31 45 00:36:29 47
937 Dermot Faughnan Male 65 M40 15 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:37:22 69 00:37:20 69
171 Matt Mc Guinness Male 97 M35 41 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:38:37 102 00:38:30 103
1536 Paul Keenan Male 98 MS 32 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:38:38 103 00:38:30 102
1249 Wayne Walker Male 120 MS 41 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:39:30 128 00:39:23 128
589 Stephen Tracey Male 129 M40 25 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:39:43 137 00:39:34 139
1510 Kevin Heffernan Male 131 M50 6 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:39:44 139 00:39:40 143
3379 Shane Caffrey Male 132 MS 42 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:39:45 140 00:39:38 141
738 Neil Farrell Male 134 MS 43 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:39:48 142 00:39:39 142
1603 Mark Dowling Male 140 MS 45 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:39:56 148 00:39:48 148
1941 Sinead Hartnett Female 20 F35 4 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:42:43 238 00:42:27 239
587 Conor Lucey Male 291 MS 81 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:44:05 315 00:43:42 313
3792 Emma Harding Female 25 F35 6 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:44:08 318 00:43:52 324
1238 Kevin Sheehy Male 341 M50 20 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:45:15 380 00:45:02 400
3494 Ciara Peelo Female 48 F35 10 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:46:05 430 00:45:52 458
1431 Alison O Sullivan Female 58 F40 14 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:46:37 476 00:46:23 508
421 Colm Leonard Male 480 M50 33 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:47:35 550 00:47:22 589
1908 Karl Nolan Male 481 MS 128 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:47:35 551 00:47:20 586
654 Emer Brennnan Female 74 FS 18 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:47:39 559 00:47:23 591
3795 Kerri Page Female 81 F35 21 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:48:05 591 00:47:50 626
956 Yvonne Mc Donough Female 84 F40 19 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:48:18 607 00:48:04 645
1369 Orla Deighan Female 87 F45 12 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:48:27 616 00:48:12 660
3130 Stephen Doyle Male 638 M35 193 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:50:06 756 00:49:56 819
34 Shane Rooney Male 728 M40 152 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:51:31 877 00:50:50 912
3259 Joanne Mc Cabe Female 177 F40 33 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:52:45 973 00:52:04 1023
920 Brid Beausang Female 276 F40 57 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:55:39 1219 00:54:58 1281
2346 Lorraine Sherwood Female 310 F50 21 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 00:56:31 1297 00:55:49 1348
1423 Mandeep Kaur Singh Female 866 F40 197 CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:22:07 2179 01:19:34

Here come the Girls!

Report by Shane Rooney: From meeting the Cops to ending up in Coppers, the Clonliffe ladies came out in force on the sunny Sunday of June 3rd  to run the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon.
The Women’s Mini Marathon is the biggest all-female event in the world and a host of Clonliffers laced up to run alongside 30,000 runners, walkers and everyone in between. Those who are familiar with the WMM know that this race is not just about competing, it’s about supporting and encouraging one another, it’s about raising money for charities and it’s an opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle.
From a Clonliffe perspective, it is a great opportunity for the training groups to come together, run together and socialise together. To quote Laura Kernan “We get to show that you can have fun while training hard….happy and healthy mind….healthy body….Clonliffe pals for life, it’s a Win Win”
The 30+ members from Team Clonliffe were led home by Sinead Hartnett (42.07), Joyce O’Hare (42.31) and Aisling Andrews (43.08), congratulations to each and everyone of athletes who did the Club and themselves proud. To celebrate this wonderful event, and to swap runners for heels, the crew took themselves to the Sport and Fitness Markievicz Centre (ask Aideen about Float Fit) where the music was pumping and the prossecco was flowing…sure a race wouldn’t be a race without some bubbles.
To mark this special annual event, Aideen wrote a poem, which I’m sure you’ll agree captures the day brilliantly.
Runners & Heels, by Aideen Brady
T’was the sunny morning of the mini marathon when Harriers woke up and said let’s get this done!
What a day for a race…
…where we can all run our own pace
Hair up, vests on and runners are laced!
Wearing the Black & Amber colours unbelievable proud
Enjoy all the shouts & cheers from our supporting crowd.
Drink plenty of water & don’t stop moving cause when we are done we will be grooving!
Medals, smiles, PB’s all around
Everyone delightful and feeling very sound!
Make up on, heels on and ready to party on the Green!
Bank Holiday Sunday it’s the place to be seen!
So let’s get ready for the fab day we have ahead
3am we will be hitting the bed!!!!

Before I sign off on this report, I’d like to give a big shout out to Mary Ketterer who was 2nd lady home in the Kinvara Half Marathon
It was also great to see Niall Gorman, who recently returned from duty, smashing the Cork Half Marathon in awesome time of 1:12:17.
Until next time, keep on running.
Shane R

Weekend round up

Whilst eyes were on Birmingham there was plenty of action on the this weekend. Gary O’Hanlon was 1st in today’s Clougherhead 10k in 31.00 with Sean Doran 4th 34.44.

On the Streets of Edinburgh James Dunne ran the marathon in 3.13.58 and Ollie Power 3.30.45 today.

Yesterday David Brady was 3rd in the Glendalough Half Marathon 1.24.47. Maurice mcCrohan was 2nd in the Sandymount Beach 5k.

Also young Emma Mcdonnell took silver U/16 in Santry at the National Combined Events with Blasé Carroll 4th. In the u/15s Jonas Nyberg was 5th.


Valdas 4th in Copenhagen

Clonliffe`s Valdas Dopolskas was 4th in an international 10k Road Race in Copenhagen, Denmark tonight. Valdas recorded a time of 30.41 in windy conditions some 16 seconds behind the winner with splits of 15.35 and 15.06.

Thanks for helping out at Night Run

A big thank you to the Clonliffe crew who answered the Captain`s call and assisted at last night`s Night Run. A great professional job by all concerned.

Rust of course never sleeps so……any chance that anyone not running the Clonliffe 2 on Thursday please help out on the night. Please report to the club house at 7.15pm for briefing and allocation of posts.

Sergiu 4th in Great Ireland Run

At today`s big 10k road race, which included the National 10k Chmpionships, the Great Ireland Run in a wet Phoenix Park Sergiu Ciobanu was 4th and 3rd in the Championships in 30.23. In a tight finish Manx visitor Oliver Lockley was the race winner in 30.11 and in the “National” there was a blanket finish with Brian Maher (KCH) 1st in 30.20, Mick Clohisey (Raheny) 2nd 30.22 and Sergiu a further second in arrears.

Other Clonliffe: Tom Sherlock 33.52, Patrick Davaren 35.23, David Mullen 36.50,  Stephen Bateson 41.35.                                                                  At last night’s Patsey Kelly 5k Gary O’Hanlon completed his London Marathon preparations with a win in 15.07.


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