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Grand Prix News: A Night of Miles (updated with report/results)

Round 5 of the Clonliffe Grand Prix Series took place in Morton Stadium last night. It was a very pleasant night in the stadium for an evening of miles. The Santry mile was last night’s event and such is the popularity of the mile that there was a series of five races held. It was also very pleasing to see a group of the Clonliffe junior women taking part in what for many of them was the first mile race and all suitably attired in their club vests.

There was competitive racing throughout as the races were graded by Maurice Ahern with some very close finishes particularly in races two and three. The fastest athlete on the night was Eoghan Murphy who ran a time of 4.46 (TBC). Fastest woman was Alannah Cooley, who showed no ill effects of her graded 1500 the night before. Fastest of the junior women was Katie Halpin (5.45). Winner of the Grand Prix was Dave O Regan with Peter Bissett 2nd.

Round 5 – Grand Prix Series – Report by Liam Hennessy. The Santry Mile / Guiden Trophy, kindly sponsored by Noel Guiden, took place last Thursday, May 16th at Morton Stadium at 8pm. There was a huge entry of 75 participants on the night. We had the pleasure of welcoming some of our promising young athletes to the mile and they certainly provided for a great evening of races.

The fastest runner on the night was Eoghan Murphy, running a personal best of 4.52. Alannah Cooley was the first lady home in a time of 5.23.8 and Katie Halpin was the first Junior home in 5.45.6.

The Result of the handicap was as follows:

1st Place – David Comiskey – Winner of The Santry Mile / Guiden Trophy 2019.

Second Place – Peter Bissett

Third Place – Don Molloy

Full Results as follows:

Eoghan Murphy – 4.52 – PB

Gavin Mc Ardle – 5.01 – PB

Eamonn Dunne – 5.03 – PB

George Brady – 5.05

Peter Bissett – 5.06 – PB

Paul Keenan – 5.12 – PB

Shane Casey – 5.14

Murray Ahern – 5.15

Clive Ahern – 5.17.8

Alannah Cooley – 5.23.8

Alex Devitt – 5.31

Fergal Keenan – 5.34 – PB

Dessie Shorten – 5.36

Mick Bermingham – 5.37 – PB

Alan Worrall – 5.39

Brian Connor – 5.42

Ciara Peelo – 5.45

Katie Halpin – 5.45.6

Richie Barr – 5.47

Aoife Hession – 5.47

Mick Gleeson – 5.47.6 – PB

Declan Grant – 5.49

David Comiskey – 5.50 – PB

Seamus Devitt – 5.52 – PB

Maria Howard – 5.53 – PB

Alan Townsend – 5.53.4 – PB

Shane Rooney – 5.54

Alan Curley – 5.55

Emma Dunne – 5.55.7

Noel Daly – 5.57

Don Molloy – 5.57

Maura Matthews – 6.00

Julie Larkin – 6.02

Niall Markey – 6.03

Aideen O’Connor – 6.05

David Reilly – 6.05

Elaine Mc Loughlin – 6.06

Ella Cooley – 6.07

Laura Kernan – 6.08

Joe Cole – 6.11 – PB

Aimee Sheehy – 6.12

Aimee Ahern – 6.14

Maurice Mc Hale – 6.14 – PB

Cara Curran – 6.14.2

Alex Eustace – 6.17

Emma Byrne – 6.18

Declan Murray – 6.19

Philip Richards – 6.19 – PB

Carmel Ward – 6.20.7 – PB

Jenny Bowers – 6.22

Tom Cassidy – 6.22

Aimee Daly – 6.23

George Maybury – 6.24

Tom Dunne – 6.25 – PB

Claire Roche – 6.27

Greg O’Beirne – 6.27.8 – PB

Clodagh Moriarty – 6.28

Siobhan Mc Carthy – 6.28 – PB

David 0’Sullivan – 6.31

Vicky Mc Donnell – 6.34

Orla Deighan – 6.35

Gerard Fay – 6.39.6 – PB

Karen Mc Afee – 6.49 – PB

Sinead Smith – 6.49

Melissa Curran – 6.49

Maura Shaughnessy – 6.54 – PB

Pat Healy – 6.59

Yvonne Mc Donagh – 7.01

Dave Lyons – 7.13

Mary Purdue-Smith – 7.15

Shay Byrne – 7.18

Ann Mc Donnell – 7.30

Dave Brady – 8.43

Conor Daly – 9.16

Apologies if i misspelt any name above.

There were at least 22 personal bests recorded on the night proving again that the race series offers runners fabulous opportunities to run best times. Many thanks to all who volunteered to make this race happen.

Next Race: Round 6 – Mc Carrick Plate – Thursday, May 30th @ 8pm – Malahide – 2.5 Mile (One lap of trail / tarmac route). Training shoes / Racing flats should be fine for this one !! See you there !!.

Grand prix news: the Santry mile this Thursday

The latest round of the club’s popular Grand Prix series takes place on Thursday night in the stadium at 8 PM with the Santry mile. This race which is sponsored by Noel Guiden and has been a part of the Grand Prix since its inception in 2001. Originally the Santry mile was a road mile in the park at the rear of the stadium but in recent years to meet the demands of the athletes is now a track mile race

Being a pretty popular race distance year upon year attracts most of the Grand Prix competitors. On Thursday night the races will be broken into ability and it is anticipated that there will be four or possibly even 5 mile races.

Once again competitors in the Grand Prix are asked to respect the ongoing training in the stadium of the club’s athletes, many of whom are preparing for the clubs competing in the European Champion clubs track and field in two weeks time. Grand Prix athletes are requested therefore to do all warm-ups outside of the track (there is a big park at the rear of the stadium!). When your race is over again can competitors move to the infield to give their name place etc and when crossing back across the track be mindful of fast athletes coming down the outside lanes.

The prize giving for the Grand Prix races will take place as soon as possible in the clubhouse once the results are available. In addition the race sponsor is providing a prize to the first junior athlete (on-time) in the races on Thursday as there will be a number of junior athletes guesting in this race.

The Grand Prix committee looks forward to as many competitors as possible competing in Thursday night’s race. As always if you are not competing please come along and help out with officiating on the night.

Grand Prix News: Elaine McDonnell wins Pat O’Hara Cup

Report by Liam Hennessy. The Grand Prix Series continued last Thursday evening with Round 4, The Pat O’Hara Memorial Cup, was kindly sponsored by Janice and Declan Hetherington in honour of the Clonliffe 1949 Club Captain. The 3000 Metres Track Race was held at the Morton Stadium. There was a great turnout of 55 runners, who were split in to three races. The fastest athlete on the night was George Brady.

The result of the handicap was as follows;

1st Place – Elaine Mc Donnell – 2019 Winner of The Pat O’Hara Memorial Cup.

2nd Place – Niall Markey

3rd Place – Greg O’Beirne

Full results as follows;

George Brady – 10.16

Paul Keenan – 10.19 – PB

Eamonn Dunne – 10.23

Shane Casey – 10.34

Clive Ahern – 10.40

Peter Bissett – 10.41 – PB

Murray Ahern – 10.53

Philip Matthews – 10.58 – PB

Mick Bermingham – 11.06

Dave Dunwoody – 11.08

Alan Worrall – 11.19

Adrian Gerard – 11.27 – PB

Richie Barr – 11.28 – Equals PB

Niall Markey – 11.31 – PB

Trevor Wisdom – 11.32

Mick Gleeson – 11.33 – PB

Seamus Devitt – 11.41 – PB

Sean Grimes – 11.53

Joe Cole – 11.54 – PB

Noel Daly – 11.55

Peter Cahill – 11.56 – PB

Declan Grant – 12.01

Clodagh Moriarty – 12.05

Deirdre Fitzsimons – 12.07 – PB

Laura Kernan – 12.11

Aimee Ahern – 12.15

Declan Murray – 12.17

Alex Eustace – 12.20

Tom Cassidy – 12.22

Carmel Ward (Guest) – 12.26 – PB

Greg O’Beirne – 12.39 – PB

Ray Mitchell – 12.42 – PB

Eimear Brennan – 12.44

Ciara Peelo – 12.44

David O’Sullivan – 12.46

Gerard Fay – 12.48 – PB

Jason Blake – 13.00

Philip Richards – 13.04 – PB

Sinead SmIth – 13.05 – PB

Siobhan Mc Carthy – 13.08 – PB

Maura Shaughnessy – 13.10 – PB

Orla Deighan – 13.17

Pat Devitt – 13.19

Yvonne Mc Donagh – 13.23

Eva Tomonyiczco – 13.23 – PB

Melissa Curran – 13.23 – PB

Elaine O’Dowd – 13.25 – PB

Dave Killoran – 13.25 – PB

Mary Purdue-Smith – 14.00

Aoife Devitt (Guest) – 14.30

Ciara Daly – 14.36 – PB

Dave Lyons – 14.54

Ann Mc Donnell – 15.02

Dave Brady – 16.05

Sinead Morrissey – 16.41 – PB

Apologies if i misspelt any name above. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their help.

Next two races: Round 5 – Thursday, May 16th, Morton Stadium, 8pm, Santry Mile, Kindly sponsored by Noel Guiden.

Round 6 – Thursday, May, 30th, Malahide, 8pm, 2.5 Mile Race, Mc Carrick Plate.

Grand Prix: Pat O`Hara Memorial Cup won by Elaine McDowell

Continuing a very busy week’s athletics for Clonliffe Harriers it was the turn of the Grand Prixers  for last night’s latest round of the Clonliffe grand Prix Series the 3000 M for the Pat O’Hara Memorial cup on a fresh night in Morton Stadium. Once again as has been the norm in the series to date there was a fine turnout for the event meaning that the organisers split the race into three separate races. The fastest athlete on the night was George Brady winner of the A race in a time of 10.16. In the Grand Prix first was Elaine McDowell second Niall Markey and third Greg O’Beirne. At the presentation in the club bar the race sponsors Janice and Declan Hetherington presented the Pat O’Hara cup, in honour of the Clonliffe 1949 club captain.

Full report soon.



Grand Prix Report

Liam Hennessy reports: The Grand Prix Series continued last Thursday evening, April 11th, with the second race in the series; The Mc Donald Cup, 4 Mile Track Race at Morton Stadium. The Mc Donald Cup was first run in Clonee back in 1908. The Cup went missing for decades before turning up in someone’s attic in the 80’s and was subsequently returned to the club.

On Thursday the weather was a dry, cool 9 Degrees; absolutely perfect for distance running. There was a smashing turnout with runners of all levels taking part. Up front, George Brady, Eamonn Dunne, Paul Keenan and Shane Casey led out the field.  Elsewhere many other groups worked together in their attempt to achieve personal best times. With a couple of laps remaining George Brady and Eamonn Dunne stretched away with Eamonn taking the win from George by a second in a lifetime best of 23.33. There were many fine runs on the night with almost half of the field producing lifetime best performances, so well done to everyone. The Mc Donald Cup is of course run on a handicap basis, and the recent form shown by Declan Murray helped him win the handicap and claim the cup on the night, so well done Declan.

Full results as follows;

Result of Handicap:

Winner – Declan Murray

2nd – Niall Markey

3rd – William Kavanagh

Full Results:

Eamonn Dunne – 23.33 – PB

George Brady –  23.34
Paul Keenan – 23.37 – PB
Shane Casey – 23.42 – PB
Mick Bermingham – 24.52 – PB
Kevin Dowling – 25.01
David Dunwoody – 25.33 – PB
Mick Gleeson – 25.38
Philip Matthews – 25.38
Seamus Devitt – 25.44 – PB
Maura Matthews – 25.49 – PB
Declan Grant – 25.55 – PB
Emma Cooper – 25.58
Niall Markey – 26.01
Adrien Gerard – 26.37
Maria Howard – 26.39 – PB
Richie Barr – 26.41
Dave Comiskey – 26.57 – PB
Laura Kernan – 26.59 – PB
Sean Grimes – 27.01 – PB
Shane Rooney – 27.03
Aimee Ahern – 27.13 – PB
Ray Mitchell – 27.14 – PB
Declan Murray – 27.26
Carmel Ward – 27.40 – PB
Deirdre Fitzsimons – 27.41 – PB
Jason Blake – DNF
Eimear Brennan – 28.23 – PB
Aine Mc Cann – 28.24 – PB
Gerard Fay – 28.50 – PB
Maura Shaughnessy – 28.59 – PB
Dan Molloy – 29.07 – PB
Liam Hennessy – 29.13
Pat Devitt – 29.18
David O’Sullivan – 29.23
Elaine O’Dowd – 29.29 – PB
Orla Deighan – 29.32.56 – PB
Conor Jennings – 29.35
Tom Dunne – 29.39
Ann Lyons – 29.58
Evelyn Brennan – 30.39
Mel Curran – 30.41
Shay Byrne – 31.06
Mary Purdue-Smyth – 31.08
William Kavanagh – 31.14 – PB
Yvonne Mc Donagh – 31.23
Rhona Sheehan – 32.02 – PB
Aoife Devitt – 33.03
Siobhan Mulvey – 33.16
Dave Brady – 36.52
Sinead Morrissey – 38.16
Apologies if i misspelt any name above.
Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to make this race run so smoothly.
Next Race: Thursday, April 25th, The 128th Running of Ireland’s Oldest Road Race – The Clonliffe 2 Mile, Morton Stadium, 8pm (Starts on the track, running down the Swords Road, turning in to Northwood, entering the Santry Demesne to complete a lap of the park and finishing on the track). Hope to see you there !!!

Grand Prix News: Never hurry a Murray!

On a perfect Spring night under lights in Morton Stadium tonight’s round 2 of the Grand Prix series, the McDonald Cup drew another bumper field.

The McDonald Cup has a history going back to 1907. Having been one of the “missing” club races after it disappeared for nearly 75 years before being found in a house clearance in the 1980s and then finding it’s way back home to Clonliffe. The race was originally a 4 mile road race but is now firmly a track race.

At 8.00pm the field was off for 16 tours of the track. Within a couple of laps the lead 4 were away as the entire field was blown apart and was soon spread out over the entire 400. Throughout there were nice little battles taking place but as always every runner was enouraged home. The officials did a super job keeping count of all.

The race of course is a handicap and the results were announced in the club bar. The race winner was a very popular one, long time club member and a guy who raced throughout the years in the Grand Prix since its inception some 19 years ago, Declan Murray. Full results later.

Grand Prix News: McDonald Cup this Thursday

Grand Prix sub committee: On Thursday next April 11th round 2 of the 16 rounds of the 2019 Grand Prix Series takes place in the Morton Stadium at 8.00pm. The McDonald Cup is the 1st of the Grand Prix 4 mile track races, this race along with the Walker Cup in the Autumn neatly bookends the series. The 4 mile was a popular event at sports meetings in the early part of the last century, The McDonald Cup was 1st held some 112 years ago as a 4 mile flat race at Clonee in 1907 and was won by J.Ironmonger. Last years winner was David Hanley.
With Round 1 of the 2019 series, the Frank White cup having drawn a bumper entry and produced a very popular winner in Evelyn Brennan we look forward to another large entry on Thursday at 8pm.

Grand Prix News: Evelyn wins Frank White Cup

Report by Liam Hennessy: Grand Prix Series 2019 kicked off with Round 1 of 16, The Frank White Cup, 5 Mile Track Race, held at Morton Stadium on Thursday evening last. The weather was a calm 14 degrees, just perfect for distance running. The night proved to be such a success with the majority of runners achieving lifetime personal bests.

The result of the handicap;
1st Place – Evelyn Brennan – Winner of The Frank White Cup.
2nd Place – Gerard Fay
3rd Place – Seamus Devitt

The full list of results;
George Brady – 29.55
Paul Keenan – 30.03 – PB
Shane Casey – 30.10
Eamonn Dunne – 30.28 – PB
Murray Ahern – 30.42 – PB
Peter Bissett – 31.19 – PB
Mick Bermingham – 31.32 – PB
Ailish Malone – 31.59 – PB
Des Shorten – 32.26
Mick Gleeson – 32.27 – PB
Maura Matthews – 32.44 – PB
Philip Matthews – 33.09
Declan Grant – 33.16 – PB
Richie Barr – 33.18 – PB
Seamus Devitt – 33.22 – PB
Trevor Wisdom – 33.30 – PB
Stephen Tracey – 33.40
Laura Kernan – 34.12 – PB
Dave Comiskey – 34.14 – PB
Mick Devine – 34.22 – PB
Maria Howard – 34.36 – PB
Sean Grimes – 34.45
Aimee Ahern – 34.46 – PB
Tom Cassidy – 35.23
Deirdre Fitzsimons – 35.43 – PB
Carmel Ward – 36.09 – PB
Aine Mc Cann – 36.27
Maura Shaughnessy – 36.47 – PB
Ann Lyons – 36.53 – PB
Kevin Sheehy – 36.58
Evelyn Brennan – 37.22 – PB
Liam Hennessy – 37.24
Gerard Fay – 37.31 – PB
David O’Sullivan – 37.52
Tom Dunne – 37.56
A.N.Other – 37.58
Orla Deighan – 38.00 – PB
Dave Killoran – 38.23 – PB
Conor Jennings – 38.39
Pat Devitt – 38.44
Karen Mc Afee – 38.57 – PB
Sinead Smith – 39.14
Shay Byrne – 39.37
Kevin Greene – 40.45 – PB
Will Kavanagh – 41.05 – PB
Siobhan Mulvey – 41.58 – PB
Dave Lyons – 42.56
Dave Brady – 45.46

Apologies if i misspelt any name above.Many thanks to all who helped make this first race in the series such a success.

Next Race: Mc Donald Cup, 4 Mile Track Race, Thursday, April 11th, Morton Stadium, 8pm.

Frank White 5 Mile kicks off Grand Prix Series on Thursday

Spring is quite clearly in the air as already the 2019 Clonliffe Harriers a Grand Prix Series is set to kick off this Thursday March 28th in the Morton Stadium. Thursday nigh’s race is the Frank White 5 Mile, Ireland’s only 5 mile track race.

Last year’s Frank White race was won by Stephen Scullion in an Irish best time of 24.03 bettering the existing Irish best which had been set in this race by Sergiu Ciobanu of 24.14 in 2016. The previous record goes all the way back to 1946 held by Martin Egan.

The Frank White 5 mile is a memorial race in memory of a man who served Clonliffe with distinction as both an athlete and administrator for some 30 years (serving as Hon Secretary from 1983 to 85). Frank was a winner of the Clonliffe 2 in the 1950s on two occasions 1955 and 1957. The following year Frank ran in the World famous Clonliffe August Sports on August 9th in the 2 Mile when Ailbe Thomas set a 2 mile world record in the stadium.

The Clonliffe Grand Prix Series which was won last year by Mick Gleeson will run for most of the year right through the track and then into cross country concluding in late November after a marathon 16 rounds.

A note to those athletes racing on Thursday and indeed throughout the series: please be mindful that training for other Clonliffe athletes continuous, in the outer lanes, we cannot expect athletes and coaches to cancel their training every 2nd week. Therefore athletes are requested that once they finished the race on Thursday that they move straight away onto the infield at the finish line. Please do not walk straight across the track, be track aware! Also please do warm ups outside the track. With the co operation of all, the Grand Prix athletes can enjoy their racing and other athletes can get on with and “enjoy” their training. The Committee appeals to all on this point.





Grand Prix Series is now full!

The Grand Prix Committee have announced this year’s programme of races, commencing with Ireland’s only 5 Mile Track Race, The Frank White Cup on Thursday, March 28th at Morton Stadium at 8pm (For the full schedule go to Promotions and select Grand Prix Series). Thanks to a huge and speedy response in returning entries, the Grand Prix is now at full capacity. We look forward to welcoming all entrants to the 2019 edition of our series, which has become so popular, year on year. Let’s hope that this year will be our best yet. We look forward to seeing a big turnout for our first race – See you there !!



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