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Virtual challenge, final round.

Eugenia Bateson reports: The final part of the Virtual Challenge already!!  This week was the Standing Long Jump.  Is there no end to the talent of some of these young athletes??

U12 Girls – the small but mighty Sienna Kelly had a very impressive jump of 2.01 meters.  This was matched by her mother’s ability to get a great shot during the jump.

U13 Boys – again brought out the very competitive Aidan Benjacar.  Aidan and the U13 and younger ages will be very eager to get back to Gladys, their coaches and training.  The U12’s and U13’s who have participated in this challenge have certainly shown us that they are keeping fit and healthy during the lockdown.  U13 girls were Cara Connolly jumping 1.7 with Harriett Kenny jumping 1.61 meters.  Cara’s brother James U9 jumped 1.67, good man James.  Sienna, Cara, Harriett, Caoimhe, Ashling, Hannah and Aidan have given great representation of the youngest members of our club during this 4-week Virtual Challenge. Well Done to you all.

U 14 Girls was led by Alexandra Kelly in a jump of 2.01 meters, Rebecca Walsh and Sarah McDonnell both jumped 2 meters with Ali Connolly only marginally behind on 1.98.  I think the constant 2meter rule is well embedded in their heads.  Interestingly Sarah and her twin brother Jack both jumped 2 meters even.  Is that a twin thing?? U14 Boys was Jack McDonnell at 2m, Noah Rossi 1.92 and Sean McHugh 1.91.  

U15 Girls followed the 2m theme with Kate Faherty jumping 2m and Hazel Kenny on 1.64.  U15 Boys was also won with 2m from Devan Morrissey, Mark Goss Keogh on 1.98 and Lorcan Benjacar on 1.9

Well done to all the athletes who took part in this Virtual Challenge, whether you did one challenge of all four it was amazing to see so many of you taking part and enjoying your athletics.  Great days ahead as we come out of lockdown with lots to look forward to.

Juvenile Virtual Challenge: Sprint Week

Eugenia Bateson Reports: Sprint Week – Week 3 of the Virtual Challenge was a 60m Sprint for U12 and U13 and 80m for U14- U16. I would not like to be a finishing line judge for this one and no doubt a few would have required photo finish judges at the highest level in Athletics to call it.

With most of this group returning to training on Tuesday, their resilience and determination over the past 3 months is paying off. They are fit and keen to get back to training as a group, to their club and competition. The club and coaches are even more eagerly awaiting their return. Their motivation has kept us going (not the other way around!) This week we only had one U12 Girl Sienna Kelly who decided doing the 60m for age group was not enough so also decided to do the older age group challenge of 80m recording a more than respectable time. U13 Boy Aidan Benjacar also took part in both and would give the U14 boys a good run for their money.

Lorcan’s reign as record holder in the Junior Parkrun Albert College is seriously under threat with Aidan determined not to be outdone by his older brother! U13 girls were Harriet Kenny recording as superb time closely followed by Cara Connolly. James Connolly U9 took part again this week and he put some speed into his older sisters, Cara and Ali making them push hard to the finish line.

U14 to U16 ran an 80m challenge. This age group were well matched with a hair, if even that dividing them on the finish line. U14 girls were lead home by the very consistent Rebecca Walsh with Ali Connolly and Sarah McDonnell in what would have been a photo finish. Kate Campbell took part in the challenge for the first time this week and as always her lovely long stride brought her to the finish line nicely. Alexandra Kelly is continuing to show good form as she returns to athletics, great days ahead for these girls.

U14 Boys – Close is the only word to describe this one. These guys had a very impressive Cross Country, Indoors and work so well as a group that even virtually they seem to be fine-tuned. Noah Rossi and Jaydon Carroll recorded identical times. Jack McDonnell came in next followed by Jake Kane. This group, U14 Boys and Girls have a lot to look forward to as they return and their consistency during lock down will surely pay off.

U15 Boys, Lorcan Benjacar recorded a fantastic time and beat Devan Morrissey by .07 of a second. Mark Goss Keogh was .33 of a second behind him. What a race that would have been on the track! Devan and his cousin Noah clearly help push each other by doing their challenge together this week but still kept the social distancing, fantastic to see.

U15 Girls this week was one competitor Hazel Kenny, clearly showing she is fit and ready to get back to training. Her commitment and determination shows what great times ahead for her and her sister Harriett who have probably never missed a race or challenge. U16 Girls was lead home by Ciara Scott with Eabha Guy hot on her heels and Ailbhe Nolan pushing in at the finish for 3rd .

One week to go of this Challenge but I think the focus is now on getting the group up to Santry on Tuesday. Well done all. You have been a credit to your coaches and to your club!

Jump Around- House of Pain

Eugenia Bateson Reports: Week 2 of the Athletics Ireland Club Challenge was full of bounce.  For this week the athletes were challenged to see how many jumps they could do in 20 Seconds.  And they were Jumpin!!
Lack of facilities was no barrier to the group.  Obstacles ranged from kitchen roll, foam rollers, bamboo sticks, tinned food, cones, hockey sticks, hurleys and I think I even spotted a Samurai Sword??

The highest number of bounces went to Cian O’Hare with 71 in 20 seconds.  At the time of compiling this report, Graham was still putting in attempts to beat him. U9 James Connolly 55. U12 Girls was led by Sienna Kelly with a very impressive 61 jumps with Caoimhe Nolan and Hannah Walsh coming in very close behind. U13 Girls were Ashling Faherty with 55 , Cara Connolly 49 and Harriet recording 36 U14 Girls were Sarah McDonnell with 60, Ali Connolly 59, Alexandra Kelly 50 and Rebecca Walsh 41. U15 Girls were Sorcha O’Connor 62, Kate Faherty and Hazel Kenny 45. U16 Girls were Ailbhe Nolan 56, Clodagh Nic Dhomnaill 51, Eabha Guy 44, and Ciara Scott 35
U13 Boys – Aidan Benjacar recorded 39. U14 Boys – William Walsh recorded 70, Jack McDonnell 58, Sean McHugh 56, Noah Rossi 52, Jake Kane 45, Jaydon Carroll 42, Cathal O’Neill 32U15 Boys – Cian O’Hare 71, Mark Goss Keogh 60, Devan Morrissey 52 and Lorcan Benjacar 40.

Best attempt however has to go to Clodagh’s dog who also had a go – Cruft’s look out.  A few dogs got involved in this one.  Hope they don’t do the sprint next week!

The difference in height of obstacles was telling in this one with the Foam Rollers imperially proven as requiring the most bounce and recording the least jumps….. To quantify that statement William Walsh recorded 47 jumps over cans and 70 over a hurl.  Every day’s a school day. Well done to all.

A quick reminder to Grahams Group – training will finally resume on Tuesday 16th June in Santry Demense.  All athletes musts be pre-booked as per Club guidelines. Bookings must be made through your coach.  Please do not turn up to training without booking as you will not be permitted to join the group.

Please ensure that if you are in Graham’s group that your parent is in the WhatsApp Group.  Contact your friends to make sure that their parents are in the group for details on meeting points etc.  Athletes parents from Graham’s group can join the WhatsApp group by texting Eugenia on 0861722451.

Lockdown days can’t keep Clonliffe Juveniles down!

Eugenia Bateson reports: Graham and Anne’s group have signed up to the Athletics Ireland Virtual Club Challenge. As not all the athletes in the group are eligible based on age, we are running our own challenge simultaneously. There will be 4 separate challenges over the next few weeks. This week was 600m and 800m. There are currently 9 Clubs signed up with Athletics Ireland but knowing this group they are more interested in beating each other!!

Yesterday they completed Round 1 of the Challenge. U12 and U13 ran 600m while U14, U15 and U16 ran 800m. Parents stepped in, distances were measured and stopwatches and apps were at the ready. Not only that but some of the groups younger siblings decided to put their hard training to good use and also took on the Challenge. A shout out to James Connolly (8) who decided to take on his sisters and run with them….good man James!

Sienna Kelly, Hannah Walsh and Caoimhe Nolan ran fantastic U12 times. Aidan Benjacar was our only U13 Boy and decided to run both 800m and 600m so as not to be outdone by his older brother Lorcan. U13 Girls were Harriett Kenny, Aisling Faherty (happy birthday Aisling) and Cara Connolly. Our U14 Boys and Girls were well up for the challenge with Jaydon Carroll recording the fastest time in the group followed closely by William Walsh. Jack McDonnell was the 3rd fastest with Jake Kane, Noah Rossi and Cathal O’Neill close behind. U14 Girls ran as close virtually as they do in training with Rebecca Walsh coming in first followed by Sarah McDonnell, Ali Connolly and Alexandra Kelly – who is back after a year of injury and still managed a good time.

U15 Girls were represented by Harriett Kenny and Kate Faherty who are up for everything and times are showing they are running strong. U15 Boys also showed some impressive times in this category with Lorcan Benjacar getting his heels virtually clipped by Cian O’Hare with Mark Goss Keogh and Devan Morrissey coming in closely behind.

Our U16 ladies, though not eligible for the Athletics Ireland Virtual Challenge are as always keen to get involved and keep up their training. Eabha Guy recorded the fastest time in this age group followed by Clodagh Nic Domhnaill and Ciara Scott. Ciara was well-paced by her younger sister.

This inspiring young group has been fantastic over the past few weeks and their coaches could not be more proud. Keen to keep up their training and stay close as group while staying apart, they have also taken on a 5K run to support Graham in a fundraiser for ARC Cancer Support Centre, and recently did a relay covering the distance from Dublin to Galway between them. A fantastic bunch of kids who have kept their passion for athletics alive during these very strange times. The future of Clonliffe Harriers is in safe hands with all the young athletes who have kept up their running and support for each other over the past few months.

Juvenile Spring Series cancelled.

Unfortunately  2017 Juvenile Spring Series due to absence of suitable dates has been cancelled The earlier posting on dates hasn`t worked out. We are working with Skerries AC, Portmarnock AC, Lusk AC and Celtic DCH to maybe having an Autumn series in September, further details over the Summer months.


The Loftus Report: Big numbers enjoy Spring Series at HQ

Kevin Loftus reports from Morton Stadium: Enthusiasm was in plentiful supply in the Morton Stadium, Santry today; athletes and supporters alike flocking in their droves to the National Athletics Stadium for the second and final round of the Juvenile Spring Series.  Excitement and anticipation permeated conversation in both the stands and the warm up area in Santry Demesne to the rear of the stadium, despite a truly eye-watering, howling easterly wind flooding the track at uneven intervals.  Spectators remarked of a thoroughly riveting morning of racing with action packed fields in all age categories resulting in the boisterous and emphatic collective roar of both parents and coaches of all clubs participating soaring high above the hollow roof-top of the stand.

Gathering at an earlier time of 11:00 a.m. on this cool second Sunday of April, the scheduled of races ran impeccably to time, resulting in a surprisingly efficient 12:00 p.m. finish .  The sunshine of recent mornings eluded competitors and officials at today’s race, replaced by a dense, compacted layer of clouds drifting ominously overhead; spectators only marginally evading heavy downpours forecasted.  Ravaging gusts made competing that bit more rewarding for the keen youths who sought to conquer the prescribed distances with unprecedented courage and fearlessness.  Gary Cooley acted in an official capacity as our motivational, inspirational announcer; guiding athletes of all capacities and talents encouragingly  to the finish line.  Gerry Carr facilitated the start of every race of the day, reminding athletes of the importance of keeping their toes behind the line, in order to give everyone an equal opportunity at competing to win.  The ethos governing today’s competition again emphasised the benefits of racing for enjoyment and to gain positive experience from running in a supportive, fostering environment.

To account for the races themselves, as always a brief and concise reflection is offered below.

Initiating today’s proceedings, the Under 8 Girls demolished a hefty distance of 400 m, Leah Colgan of the host club emerging early as the outright winner, teammate Kitty Daly and Nena Butterly chasing hard on her heels to produce terrific 2nd and 3rd place finishes respectively.  In a tightly packed Under 8 Boys field, Jack O’Connor (Portmarnock) brushed past the finish line in style ahead of duo Donagh Crean; an excellent 2nd and Cormac Cronin, a great 3rd, to take well deserved first class honours.

With attendance in the Under 10 age group category exceeding expectations, there were two heats hosted for both the Under 10 Girls and Boys races.  Moving rigorously through a 400 m lap of the track, Cadhla Nighloinn (Portmarnock) claimed the highest podium position in the 1st heat of the Under 10 Girls race, holding off Grace Dowling in a fighting 2nd, with Aoibhín Donoghue a fantastic 3rd.  Tight for time, the four heats were collectively separated by a 30 second turn around; officials noting this well organised productiveness with protruding smiles on their faces, despite the battering wind.  Shauna Prior (Skerries) had a tremendous finish in the 2nd heat to finish 1st, whilst Sarah McDonnell and Ali Connolly fought the headstrong gusts with commendable determination to finish a wonderful 2nd and 3rd respectively.  In the Boys races; Dylan Moore (Skerries), Daragh Kilduff (Lusk) and Pauric Tuite (Clonliffe), were incredible winners across the two heats.  Tom Walsh finished a fine 2nd despite Jack McDonnell breathing closely down his neck to finish a solid 3rd; while Sean Cronin took an equally superb 3rd.

The Under 12 Girls were the first to suffer the now intensified severity of the biting winds sweeping the stadium as the competition progressed.  Isabel Browne (Clonliffe) had a remarkable performance in the 1st heat of the Under 12 Girls races today, taking 1st from Nicole Hackett, a brilliant 2nd and Lauren Bryce a great 3rd.  In an equally scintillating second heat, Daphney Ndjatang (Skerries) completed the double having won on the Beach last week, rose to victory in astounding fashion, leading Ellie Carr and Daisy Periere home to great 2nd and 3rd place finishes.  The Under 12 Boys remained resilient despite the hampering conditions, Jonathan Fitzsimons (Clonliffe), after a particularly strenuous effort, managed to escape Luke Hannigan to take 1st place, whilst Max Lara drove home in 3rd.

With entries in excess of 200, there were further heats in the Under 14 Girls age group category.  Leading from the line, Clonliffe`s Emma McDonnell produced an extraordinary performance to finish a thrilling 1st in the 1st heat, while Aoife Hession out paced Kristin McGrady-Hogan in a ferocious battle to the finish line.  Katie Halpin (unattached) was deservedly victorious in the 2nd of the heats today, when she emerged alone from the leading pack; Holly Roche following promptly behind to a daring 2nd place finish, Alana Fitzsimmons finishing just shy in a marvellous 3rd.  Meanwhile the Under 14 Boys contested a distance of 800 m, where Lusk`s Thomas Lara tore down the finishing straight to a valiant 1st, Lorcan Devine a magnificent 2nd with James Kenny a splendid 3rd.

The schedule of events concluded with the Under 16 Girls and Boys races, the sun appearing momentarily to offer respite to the frozen contestants and their supporters at this late stage.  In the Under 16 Girls race, Clonliffe Harrier Ella Brown displayed promise for her track season, as she swallowed a distance of 1000 m with little discomfort to finish a sublime 1st, with team mate Amy Hodson just short in an outstanding 2nd and Lily Heaney a fantastic 3rd.  The sole competitor of the Under 18 Girls race, Evelyn McCarthy, finished a whopping 1st in this mixed race.  Finally, in an all-Clonliffe affair, Colin Sweeney finished exceptional 1st ahead of Daragh Carter a fine 2nd with Diarmuid Buckley an impressive 3rd, to complete a Clonliffe 1, 2, 3.

It is an unfortunate truth to report that this concludes the 2016 Juvenile Spring Series.  In what has been an enthralling two days of stupendous racing, we have witnessed promising talent and charisma from all of our young athletes who competed not only for enjoyment but for valuable experience in a pressure-free environment.  As always, the organisation of such a successful event like this couldn’t be done without the continued contribution from club coaches and parents.  Your work and effort is very much appreciated.  To all of the athletes who competed across the two weekends with such passion and motivation, you are a testament to your coaches and parents, congratulations on this wonderful achievement.  Remember that perseverance and drive will lead you to success.  Nil Desperandum.

Report by Kevin Loftus

See Clonliffe Harriers new Instagram page, @clonliffeharriers, for all of the latest photos of all our athletes, both young and not so young!

Juvenile Spring Series Round 2: Results Morton Stadium

Under 8 Girls

  1. Leah Colgan — Clonliffe
  2. Kitty Daly — Clonliffe
  3. Nena Butterly — Portmarnock

Under 8 Boys

  1. Jack O’Connor — Pormarnock
  2. Donagh Crean — Clonliffe
  3. Cormac Cronin — Clonliffe

Under 10 Girls 1st Heat

  1. Cadhla Nighloinn — Portmarnock
  2. Grace Dowling — Clonliffe
  3. Aoibhín Donoghue — Lusk

Under 10 Girls 2nd Heat

  1. Shauna Prior — Skerries
  2. Sarah McDonnell — Clonliffe
  3. Ali Connolly — Clonliffe

Under 10 Boys 1st Heat

  1. Dylan Moore — Skerries
  2. Tom Walsh — Skerries
  3. Jack McDonnell — Clonliffe

Under 10 Boys 2nd Heat

  1. Daragh Kilduff — Lusk
  2. Pauric Tuite — Clonliffe
  3. Sean Cronin — Clonliffe

Under 12 Girls 1st Heat

  1. Isabel Browne — Clonliffe
  2. Nicole Hackett — Skerries
  3. Lauren Bryce — Skerries

Under 12 Girls 2nd Heat

  1. Daphney Njatang — Skerries
  2. Ellie Carr — Skerries
  3. Daisy Periere — Skerries

Under 12 Boys

1. Jonathan Fitzsimons – Clonliffe

2. Luke Hannigan – Lambay

3. Max Lara — Lusk

Under 14 Girls 1st Heat

  1. Emma McDonnell — Clonliffe
  2. Aoife Hession — Clonliffe
  3. Kristin McGrady-Hogan — Clonliffe

Under 14 Girls 2st Heat

  1. Katie Halpin — Unattached
  2. Holly Roche — Clonliffe
  3. Alana Fitzsimons — Clonliffe

Under 14 Boys

  1. Thomas Lara — Lusk
  2. Lorcan Devine — Skerries
  3. James Kenny — Skerries

Under 16 Girls

  1. Ella Brown — Clonliffe
  2. Amy Hodson — Clonliffe
  3. Lily Heaney — Skerries

Under 16 Boys

1. Colin Sweeney – Clonliffe

2. Daragh Carter – Clonliffe

3. Diarmuid Buckley — Clonliffe

Under 18 Girls

1. Eibhlin McCarthy – Skerries


For photos click:

Juvenile Spring Series Round 2 – Sunday Morton Stadium

After a great day out on the beach in Skerries yesterdat the second and final round this year, of the Juvenile Spring Series takes place in the Morton Stadium Santry this Sunday April 10th.

The first race will get underway at 11 o’clock sharp. Therefore, the athletes from the competing clubs are requested to be in the stadium by 10.30 at the latest so that they can be well warmed up in time for the first race.

The programme of events is as follows:

U/8 Girls and Boys 200m

U/10 Girls and Boys 400m

U/12 Girls and Boys 600m

U/14 Girls and Boys 800m

U/16 Girls and Boys 1000m

U/18 Girls and Boys 1000m (if required)

(Separate races for boys and girls)

Please note the following:

Car parking is available in the stadium at both the Clonliffe and main car-park sections.

All athletes wearing spikes please note that the maximum spike permitted on the track is 5mm.

Please note that the indoor section of the stadium is strictly out of bounds.

Coaches are asked to advise their athletes to be careful warming up just in case there are still senior athletes training prior to the races.

Please also note that the in field is strictly out of bounds as there may be some field eventers still training.

Finally we look forward to welcoming you to the Morton Stadium the home of Clonliffe Harriers for what will be a relaxed and fun morning – with an 11 o’clock start the aim is to be finished by 12 noon and we hope that all will stay and enjoy a cup of tea and some refreshments post event.

The Loftus Report: Surf`s up on Skerries Beach

Kevin Loftus reports from Skerries Beach, County Dublin: With the sun only barely permeating the clouds,never mind splitting the stones, the first round of the renowned Juvenile Spring Series was organised and facilitated by the very warm and hospitable hosts, Skerries Athletic Club this Sunday afternoon.  Whilst incorporating races for all age groups and catering for athletes of all abilities,  keen emphasis is placed on runners participating to finish the race, regardless of place number or ranking.  Promoters of the series encourage and motivate young aspiring boys and girls to compete to gain experience in an open and non exclusive environment, where enjoyment and satisfaction are seen as an accomplishment and reward.  That being said, many brave and determined athletes; some having vast experience and versatile knowledge of the sport, whilst others being first timers were more than delighted to receive a complimentary Creme Egg upon finishing the race,

An inescapable, energy draining prevailing wind swept effortlessly across the weather beaten bay for much of the day’s proceeding, with a steady and persistent mist of rain gathering imminently in the porous sand.  Athletes and supporters alike gathered in their droves to offer assistance to course builders who provided competitors with a simply built but effectively engineered lap; incorporating a shallow puddle of freezing sea water for an increased level of difficulty.  Those who found themselves on the strand today will attest to the fact that the conditions could only be described as bitterly cold, one supporter referring to the weather as being part of an unprecedented Arctic Spring.  Nevertheless, athletes with capabilities spanning across a large spectrum competed with much enthusiasm and determination, a wonderful joy to see given many are still in their formative years.

To recount the day’s racing in it’s entirety would prove exhausting to even the most experienced reporter, so below is a brief summary, recounting the thrilling competition at a grassroots level witnessed by spectators.  However, it must be said that all of our young competitors should feel immensely proud of their achievement today for participating, given the horrendously atrocious weather conditions.
In the Under 8 Girls race officials were remarkably impressed to see such a large field toe the line, many of whom were competing for their first time.  Running a distance of 300 m, Sophie McDonald (Portmarnock) looked particularly strong as she roared down the back straight to clench 1st in her age group, with Tia Kodia and Mia McLoughlin following suit to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively; the three girls packed tightly together with only a mere second separating each of them.  The timetable of racing moved unsurprisingly quickly, our amiable hosts known for their impeccable efficiency.  Moving seamlessly on to the Under 8 Boys, where a Portmarnock U/8 double was completed as Jack O’Connor proved triumphant, claiming 1st ahead of George Howard 2nd and Evan Bryce 3rd.  The trio managed to elude many of the other athletes in the latter half of the race to come home victorious.
Meanwhile the Under 10 Girls battled vigorously around the gust ridden track with a distance of 600 m, where Shauna Prior of the host club Skerries AC emerged as a jubilant winner, surpassing both Shona Gogarty who placed 2nd, and Rubi Farrell who placed 3rd within the last 100 m of the race.  Likewise in the Under 10 Boys race, Sean  Cronin (Clonliffe) saw the seeds of consistent training come to fruition when he out ran Luke Smith 2nd and Ben Fagan 3rd, the three leading a large contingent of committed runners behind them.
Increasing in age category, next to be called to the start line (with a frequently inaudible electronic speaker, hampered in part by the severity of the howling wind) were the Under 12 Girls.  In a most exciting race, where there was fierce competition among the early leaders for the biggest Creme Egg it seems, another Skerries victory was secured as Daphney Ndjatang managed to reign supreme over almost all of the 900 m distance, with Celtic club mates Keelin Collins and Leah Butler battling frivolously away to claim 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Clonliffe`s  Jonathan Fitzsimons came from behind to claim the top spot in the Under 12 Boys race, where early leader Luke Hannigan settled happily for 2nd with Harry Byrne just shy of the mark to finish a great 3rd.
Within half an hour the event managers had fully comleted three quarters of the races scheduled, including both the Under 14 Girls and Boys.  The Under 14 Girls competed without apprehension across a mildly daunting distance of 1200 m; revealing Claire Murphy (Celtic) as the deserving winner.  Claire lead the chasing pack for the most part, with Katie Halpin and Holly Roche close on her tail, these girls garnering prestigious 2nd and 3rd place finishes respectively. Coaches remarked that the Under 14 Boys displayed very encouraging progress as they rounded the course lap twice; Josh Ericson providing yet another home win for Skerries AC separating himself in 1st from a tightly contested, frantic surge to the finish line between Conor Murphy and Lorcan Devine, the former proving superior in this instance.
Finally, the Under 16 and 18 age groupings for both Girls and Boys races were combined to prevent the looming threat of the unsavory weather approaching from hampering the already enormously  successful day of fun-filled competition.  The Under 16 Girls offered outstanding performances, with Dora Medgysey (Celtic) prevailing as the victor with Anna Prior a terrific 2nd and Lottie Simons super 3rd.  The sole competitor in the Under 18 Girls race, Eibhlin McCarthy arrived home shortly after the aforementioned trio, to finish a fantastic 1st.  The Under 16 Boys chased home the triumphant winner of the Under 18 Boys race, Stephen O’Connor (Skerries), with immense gusto; where Colin Sweeney (Clonliffe) had a terrific run to finish 1st ahead of club mate Daragh Carter a very encouraging 2nd and Conall Moore a solid 3rd.
This cooncludes the primary leg of the highly sucessful and thoroughly enjoyable Spring Series on Skerries Beach a surface that comes as a welcome respite after a particularly mud trodden XC season.  Clonliffe Harriers wishes to convey its sincere gratitude to our hosts today, who have organised a renowned day of exciting racing for several years to date. Continued commitment and support by both parents/guardians and coaches is an immensely integral factor to the the thriving of the sport, and this must be acknowledged.  Of course congratulations are in order to all of the athletes who competed today.Nil Desperandum.
See Clonliffe Harriers new instagram page, @clonliffeharriers, for all of the latest news of all our athletes, both young and not so young!
Report by Kevin Loftus
Juvenile spring Series Round 1: Results Skerries Beach
Under 8 Girls

1. Sophie McDonald- Portmarnock

2. Tia Kodia – Lusk

3. Mia McLoughlin – Portmarnock

Under 8 Boys

1. Jack O’Connor – Portmarnock

2. George Howard – Celtic

3. Evan Bryce – Skerries

Under 10 Girls

1. Shauna Prior – Skerries

2. Shona Gogarty – Celtic

3. Rubi Farrell – Lusk

Under 10 Boys

1. Sean Cronin – Clonliffe

2. Luke Smith – Skerries

3. Ben Fagan – Skerries

Under 12 Girls

1. Daphney Ndjatang – Skerries

2. Keelin Collins – Celtic

3. Leah Butler – Celtic

Under 12 Boys

1. Jonathan Fitzsimons – Clonliffe

2. Luke Hannigan – Lambay

3. Harry Byrne – Portmarnock

Under14 Girls

1. Claire Murphy – Celtic

2. Katie Halpin – Unattached

3. Holly Roche – Clonliffe

Under 14 Boys

1. Josh Ericson – Skerries

2. Conor Murphy – Celtic

3. Lorcan Devine – Skerries

Under 16 Girls

1. Dora Medgyesy – Celtic

2. Anna Prior – Skerries

3. Lottie Simons – Skerries

Under 16 Boys

1. Colin Sweeney – Clonliffe

2. Daragh Carter – Clonliffe

3. Conall Moore – Skerries

Under 18 Girls

1. Eibhlin McCarthy – Skerries

Under 18 Boys

1. Stephen O’Connor

Photos click:



Juvenile Spring Series: Skerries Beach on Sunday

The Juvenile Spring Series, which is organised between Clonliffe and our friends in Skerries and Lusk, gets underway on Sunday next April 3rd on Skerries Beach.

Juvenile athletes will take part from Skerries AC, Lusk AC, Portmarnock AC, Celtic/DCH, LSA and Clonliffe over the loop on the hard sand left by the retreating tide, with of course the old salt water pool to negotiate. First race will be at 12.30 sharp, the event should be completed within 90 minutes, and will be good fun.


Date: 3rd April
Venue: South Strand (opposite Rugby Club), Skerries
Time: 12.30
Age Groups & Distances
U/8 (G&B) – 300m (1/2 lap)
U/10 (G&B) – 600m (1 lap)
U/12 (G&B) – 900m (11/2 laps)
U/14/16 (G/B) – 1200m (2 laps)
U/18 Girls if required – 1200m (2 laps)
U/18 Boys if required – 1800m (3 laps)
Clonliffe athletes should be there by 11.45am. Club vests/t shirts must be worn. Bring plenty of warm dry clothes.
Round 2 will take place on the track in the Morton Stadium, the following Sunday, April 10th. Futher details next week.


Announcing details of the 2016 Juvenile Spring Series

Due to an absence of available dates, with the cross country season only finishing last weekend and of course the indoors only yesterday, in fact the indoor continues next weekend with relays, and with the track and field season due to kick off in April a shortened juvenile Spring Series will take place this year over two rounds.

Round 1 will be hosted by Skerries A.C. and is the now world famous Skerries beach race on Sunday April 3rd. This in fact has been one of the highlights of the club juvenile season for the past number of years and is always a great day out.  The time of the commencement of the Skerries race will be confirmed in due course but traditionally it has been a 12 noon start – the tradition having come about in order to allow the tide go on its merry way and reveal the course!

The second and final round will take place a week later, Sunday April 10th, hosted by Clonliffe and this is a series of shorter middle distance races on the track.   This will be an 11 o’clock start and the plan is that the event will be finished within an hour.


Further details will follow in due course but in the meantime note both dates in your diaries.


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