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Juvenile Spring Series: Surfs up!!

Clonliffe on tour: today the Clonliffe Juveniles travelled to Skerries Beach for the annual surf run as part of the Juvenile Spring Series. Since this series commenced in 2011 it has proved to be a great bedding ground for Juvenile athletes from all the participating clubs, a great little series with races on the track, on astro and uniquely on today on sand, run in a fun friendly manner with the sole goal of that big three lettered word FUN. It is also a fact that the Skerries Beach Races are the highlight of the series. Today`s round was as always superbly organised by our hosts Skerries AC. The high noon start giving the tide time to turn and work it`s way slowly back into Dublin Bay, leaving thankfully plenty of pools of sea water for the athletes to splash their way through. Also thrown into the mix, and for the first time, was some good old fashioned rain. Skerries beach as always regardless of the weather is a picture with the beach and cloudy sky perfectly framing the sea with the “Skerries” Islands almost within touching distance. So we had it all: water, rain, wind, wonderful scenery, teas, coffees, easter eggs, and FUN , thank you Skerries AC.

The young athletes had a ball, with keen racing on a beach and plenty of water to negotiate or better still plough on through. Once again a great turn out of Clonliffe athletes and plenty of support from parents out to have the cob webs well and truly blown away. Today`s races featured Clonliffe athletes (all running even ages) from U/10s to U/16 over distances up to a max of 1200m. As always they all give it there best, and who can ever ask for more than that, more importantly all had a great day out in the fresh sea air. So well done to all, thanks also to our great coaches and to the parents for coming along and a special thank you to our friends in Skerries AC who did an outstanding job.

The final round of this 5th year of the Spring Series is in Portmarnock at the GAA grounds on astro on April 26th.

Results Skerries Beach Races 2015:

Girls U/8

1. Mary McKenna (Lusk)

2. Aoife Curley (Lusk)

3. Aoibhlinn Donoghue (Lusk)

Boys U/8

1. Dara Kilduff (Lusk)

2. Jack McDonald (Clonliffe)

3. Hugho May (Skerries)

Girls U/10

1. Nicole Hackett (Skerries)

2. Shauna Prior (Skerries)

3. Lauren Ward (Skerries)

Boys U/10

1. Daniel Coleman

2. Cian O`Hare (Clonliffe)

3. Dara Paigne (Skerries)

Girls U/12

1. Alex Corr (Celtic)

2. Daphnie Ndzatang (Skerries)

3. Ciara McNally (Lusk)

Boys U/12

1. Brogan McCloskey (lusk)

2. Michael Coleman (Clonliffe)

3. Jonathan Fitzsimons (Clonliffe)

Girls U/14

1. Ella Brown (Clonliffe)

2. Katie Halpin (Lusk)

3. Lottie Simons (Skerries)

Boys U/14

1. Mark Kane (Clonliffe)

2. Joshua Erickson (Skerries)

3. O. McQuaid (Skerries)

Girls U/16

1. Hannah Browne (Clonliffe)

2. Mairead NiCleary (Skerries)

3. Cliona Cooley (Clonliffe)

Boys U/16

1. Aaron Cullen (Clonliffe)

2. Stephen Cashin (Clonliffe)

3. Ben Guiden (Clonliffe)

To see photos from today`s races click:

Clonliffe Juveniles go to seaside for Spring Series

The Juvenile Spring Series continues on it`s merry way on Sunday with the highlight of the series The Famous Skerries Beach Races.

This is always a great day, and hopefully the weather will be kind. The event is hosted by Skerries AC and to allow for the tide to go out will have a 12.00 noon start.

The programme is:

U/8  – 300m
U/10 – 600m
U/12 – 900m
U/14 – 1200m
U/16 – 1200m
Clonliffe athletes are asked to meet there at 11.30am. (sharp)

2015 Juvenile Spring Series gets off to flying start

The Juvenile Spring Series got off to a perfect start in beautiful Spring sunshine in the Morton Stadium this morning. The turn out from the competing clubs: Skerries AC, Celtic DCH, Lusk AC, Portmarnock AC and host club Clonliffe Harriers was just outstanding. There were nearly 250 young athletes from ages 6 to 16 taking part, several having their first races on a track, indeed the numbers were so big in the girls U/13 800 that there were three races required.

The event commenced at 11.20 with a mixed U/7 race over 200m, an event added by request to the programme, won by Darragh Kilduff (Lusk) and an hour later concluded with the U/17 boys 1500 won by Matthew Jenkinson. In between the races went from 300m to 600m to 800m and 1,000m with great numbers of enthusiastic athletes in each race their energy matched by the energy of the supporters who were whipped into a frenzie by today`s MC Gary Cooley. The compact programme was ran like clock work by starter Gerry Carr and marksman Treacy Fitzsimons meaning that the whole event was done and dusted by 12.30. The winners all received prizes of Easter eggs from Juvenile Captain Gladys Cooper and there were refreshments for parents served with a smile by the Clonliffe Juvenile parents. A big thank you to all concerned for an outstanding fun morning of athletics a thoroughly enjoyably affaire. Next up is the world famous Skerries Beach Race on March 29th!


U/7  Mixed 200m

1. Darragh Kilduff (Lusk)

2. Nicole Wood (Portmarnock)

3. Karen Sarial (Skerries)

U/9 Girls 300m

1. Jessica Howlett (Clonliffe)

2. Grace Dowling (Clonliffe)

3. Tara Nessens (Skerries)

U/9 Boys 300m

1. Zion Diamondebs (Skerries)

2. Rocco Waits (Portmarnock)

3. Niall Carney (Portmarnock)

U/11 Girls 600m

1. Daphne Ndjatang (Skerries)

2. Keelan Collins (Celtic)

3. Isabelle Brown (Clonliffe)

U/11 Boys 600m

1. Jonathan Fitzsimons (Clonliffe)

2. Sean Lynch (Portmarnock)

3. Daniel Coleman (Clonliffe)

U/13 Girls 800m Race 1

1. Emma McDonald (Clonliffe)

2. Holly Diamondebs (Skerries)

3. Aoibh Collins (Celtic)

U/13 Girls 800m Race 2

1. Claire Murphy (Celtic)

2. Aoife Hession (Clonliffe)

3. Vita O`Brien (Skerries)

U/13 Girls 800m Race 3

1. Katie Halpin (Skerries)

2. Alex Twomey (Clonliffe)

3. Kate Harding (Celtic)/Sally Sumola (Clonliffe)

U/13 Boys 800m

1. Michael Coleman (Clonliffe)

2. Oliver McQuaid (Skerries)

3. Jack Hoey (Celtic)

U/15 Girls 1,000m

1. Chloe Corcoran (Celtic)

2. Ella Brown (Clonliffe)

3. Amy Hodson (Clonliffe)

U/15 Boys 1,000m

1.Aaron Cullen (Clonliffe)

2. Cillian Forrester (Clonliffe)

3. Mark Kavanagh (Clonliffe)

U/17 Girls 1500m

!. Lizzie Murray

2. Hannah Browne

3. Cliona Cooley

U/17 Boys 1500m

1. Matthew Jenkinson (Raheny)

2. Stephen O`Connor (Skerries)

3. Jordan Byrne (Clonliffe)

To view photos from today click:

Clonliffe juveniles get final tips in advance of juvenile Spring Series

In a behind closed doors session on Sunday the Clonliffe juvenile athletes underwent final preparations in advance of the first round of the juvenile spring series. On hand to give some tips were two of Clonliffe’s ace 400 metre men: Prague bound, for the European Indoors, Dara Kervick, the national indoor 400m champion and seasoned international and former European U/23 silver medallist Brian Gregan.

Kirvick and Juvs

(pictured) Dara Kervick & Clonliffe gang

Gregan and Juvs

(pictured) Brian Gregan & fans

The Spring Series starts next Sunday, the 8th of March, with an 11.30 start. The programme is:

U/9 Boys and Girls 500m

U/11 Boys and Girls 600m

U/13 Boys and Girls 800m

U/15 Boys and Girls 1000m

U/17 Boys and Girls 1500m

With separate races for boys and girls there will be a total of ten races. Each race will commence immediately after the previous race has completed so the aim is that the programme will be finished within 60 minutes.

Clonliffe Harriers look forward on Sunday to welcoming to the Morton Stadium athletes from Skerries A.C., Lusk A.C., Portmarknock A.C. and Celtic DCH.

If there are any club members available or parents of juveniles available your help on Sunday would be greatly appreciated.


Juvenile Spring Series set for return on March 8th

The Juvenile Spring Series which features athletes from Clonliffe Harriers, Skerries A.C., Lusk A.C., Portmarknock A.C. and Celtic DCH returns on Sunday, March 8th.

The first round will be hosted by Clonliffe Harriers in the Morton Stadium and will be track races for the young athletes. To allow time for warm up etc. the first race will be at 11.15 a.m.

There will be separate races for boys and girls over the following distances:

U/9 500m

U/11 600m

U/13 800m

U/15 1000m

U/17 1500m

Round 2 is the now world famous Skerries beach race. Please note that there will be a 12 noon start, to allow sufficient time for the tide to go out and thus avoid the risk of drowning! The Skerries beach race will take place on Sunday March 29th hosted by Skerries A.C.

The final round in the Spring Series will be hosted by Portmarknock A.C. on Sunday April 26th.


Clonliffe Juveniles round off Spring Series in style (photos added)

The final round of another most successful Juvenile Spring Series, involving athletes from Skerries AC, Cetlic AC, Lusk AC, our hosts today Portmarnock AC, and Clonliffe Harriers, took place this morning in Portmarnock. In keeping with the theme of racing on different surfaces today`s race was held on the all weather astro turf at Naomh Mearnog GAA Club. The host club had marked off an oval which fitted the bill perfectly. Another good turn out of young Clonliffe athletes in the U/10 to U/16 age groups made the short trip and once again put in excellent performances keeping up with the high standards they set themselves since round 1 of this series at the end of March.

Pride of place today went to an athlete who has made great strides forward this year Hannah Browne who took a fine win in the girls U/16 1200m race. Young Jonathan Fitzsimons also had a great day as he completed a hat trick of Spring Series wins in the boys U/10 race over 600m. Great runs also by Ben Guiden 2nd in the boys U/14 completing the set of Series podium finishes and there were 3rd place finishes today from Isabel Brown, Aoife Hession and Daniel Coleman.

Clonliffe Athletes Results:

Isabel Browne (3rd)
Katie Edwards

Jonathan Fitzsimons  (1st)
Daniel Coleman (3rd)
Dillon Shinback

Aoife Hession (3rd)
Alex Toomey
Christian McGready
Ella Cooley

Michael Coleman (4th)
Gavin Browne
James McDonnell
Darragh Wall

Amy Hodson
Ella Browne
Abbey Sheehy
Vicky McDonnell

Ben Guiden (2nd)
Aaron Cullen
Matthew Kearns
Luciano Romano

Hannah Browne (1st)
Cliona Cooley

Steven Cashin
Harry Pierce
Mark Kerins
Sam Baker Gorman


Juvenile Spring Series ends in Portmarnock on Sunday

The Juvenile Spring Series reaches it`s final round on Sunday morning in Portmarnock. Naomh Mearnog GAA Club, on the astro pitch (take turn directly opposite Portmarnock Sports & Leisure Centre) with a 10.30am start. Clonliffe athletes to meet there at 9.45am (no Sunday training in Morton Stadium).

Sunday`s round is hosted by Portmarnock AC. The ages and race distances are:

U8  300m
U10 600m
U12 800m
U14 1000m
U16 1200m

The Splash of the Day on Skerries Beach

The Juvenile Spring Series moved onto Skerries Beach in North County Dublin this morning. It was a wind swept affair but thankfully the threatened rain had the decency to hold off until proceeding had concluded. Once again Skerries AC put on a superb event, a 500m loop featuring the ever popular water feature for the athletes to splash through, spot prizes, a raffle and a welcome cup of hot coffee. The athletes from Skerries AC, Lusk AC, Portmarnock AC and Clonliffe Harriers thoroughly enjoyed the morning: races in a stress free fun atmosphere. A special word for Lara Gallagher who missed her age group race and was brave enough to run U/15…Lara is an U/10!

Skerries 2014 (2)


u7 Girls:
1st Mary McKenna – Lusk
2nd Riona McCloskey – Lusk
3rd Daisy Lara – Lusk
u7 Boys:
1st Dylan McGowan – Portmarnock
2nd Charlie Gill – Portmarnock
3rd Gareth McNally – Lusk
u9 Girls:
1st Ella Heavey – Portmarnock
2nd Chloe Ericson – Skerries
3rd Caragh O’Kelly – Portmarnock
u9 Boys:
1st Daniel Coleman – Clonliffe
2nd Cillian Emmett – Skerries
3rd Cian O’Hare – Clonliffe
u11 Girls:
1st Cara McNally – Lusk
2nd Sally Sumola – Clonliffe
3rd Ella McGowan – Portmarnock
u11 Boys:
1st Jonathon Fitzsimons – Clonliffe
2nd Michael Coleman – Clonliffe
3rd Lorcan Devine – Skerries
Ella Brown Skerries (2)
u13 Girls:
1st Ella Brown – Clonliffe
2nd Abbie Sheehy – Clonliffe
3rd Vita O’Brien – Skerries
u13 Boys:
1st Mark Kavanagh – Clonliffe
2nd John Fanning – Skerries
3rd Mark Morris – Portmarnock
u15 Girls:
1st Hannah Browne – Clonliffe
2nd Lauren Carr – Clonliffe
3rd Sarah Whelan – Skerries
u15 Boys:
1st Stephen Cashin – Clonlffe
2nd Harry Pearse – Clonliffe
3rd Ben Guiden – Clonliffe
u17 Girls:
1st Amy McGrath – Clonliffe
2nd Robin Tormey – Clonliffe
3rd Juliette Cunnane – Clonliffe
u17 Boys:
1st Alex Hogan – Clonliffe
2nd Conor Tuck – Skerries
3rd Kevin Loftus – Clonliffe
Skerries Beach U17 (2)
The final round of the Spring Series is in Portmarnock on Sunday April 27th. Full details closer to the date.


Surf`s up! Heading to Skerries Beach, no training in stadium

Sunday morning brings round 2 of the Juvenile Spring Series and one of the great juvenile races of the year The Skerries Beach Race. There is an earlier start this year 10.30 to avoid the necessity of life boat rescue. Runners will recall the 2013 race panic as the in coming tide ate into the course shorting the laps in the u/17 boys race. For those not heading to the race please note that as the Juvenile coaches will be in Skerries there is no Juvenile training in Santry on Sunday morning.

A coach has been booked for Clonliffe athletes and it will leave the stadium at 9.20am sharp. The cost of the coach is €4.00 per person. the coach will arrive back at the stadium at aprox. 12.30pm.

Skerries Beach Race details:

Starting time: 10.30am
Venue: South Beach, opposite Skerries Rugby Club (same as last year)
Age Groups: Uneven ages, starting with U/9’s Girls & Boys
Distances: U/9  – 300m
                 U/11 – 600m
                 U/13 – 900m
                 U/15 – 1200m
                 U/17 – 1800m
Spot prizes for each race

Spring Series off to a flyer in Morton Stadium

The Juvenile Spring Series goes from strength to strength. This morning`s first round at a spring like Morton Stadium drew one of the biggest ever gatherings of young athletes in the 4 years of the series. There were huge numbers from Clonliffe, Skerries, Celtic, Lusk and Portmarnock with 300 or so competing, so much so that in most age groups it was necessary to split the fields into two races.

Spring Series Start (2)

The ethos of this series is for a fun, low key, non pressurised event, where the young athletes come to a meet, run their race, maybe win a spot prize and have a good time. It is pleasing to report that that`s exactly how the morning turned out.

Spring Series boys (2)

For the record the top 3 in each race were:

U/8 Girls 300m

1. Aoife Corcoran (Portmarnock)

2. Shanna Prior (Skerries)

3. Mary McKenna (Lusk)

U/8 Boys 300m

1. Dillon McGowan (Portmarnock)

2. Eugene Tarzin (Clonliffe)

3. Charlie Gill (Portmarnock)

U/10 Girls 500m Race 1

1. Daphne Ndjatang (Skerries)

2. Lara Gallagher (Clonliffe)

3. Ella McGowan (Portmarnock)

U/10 Girls 500m Race 2

1. Ciara McNauly (Lusk)

2. Isobel Brown (Clonliffe)

3. Cara Good (Ballyfinn AC)

U/10 Boys 500m

1. Jonathan Fitzsimons (Clonliffe)

2. Daniel Coleman (Clonliffe)

3. King Diamond (Skerries)

U/12 Girls 600m Race 1

1. Katie Halpin (Lusk)

2. Clare Murphy (Celtic)

3. Gillian Murphy (Celtic)

U/12 Girls 600m Race 2

1. Aoife Hession (Clonliffe)

2. Holy Diamond (Skerries)

3. Kate Harold (Celtic)

U/12 Boys 600m Race 1

1. Michael Coleman (Clonliffe)

2. Conor Murphy (Celtic)

3. Brogan McCluskey (Lusk)

U/12 Boys 600m Race 2

1. Josha Ericson (Skerries)

2. Jack O`Connell (Portmarnock)

3. (Tie) Conal McAlister (Portmarnock)/ Brian Curran (Celtic)

U/14 Girls 800m Race 1

1. Ella May Cromie (Celtic)

2. Emily Murphy (Celtic)

3. Ella Brown (Clonliffe)

U/14 Girls 800m Race 2

1. Rapha Diamond (Skerries)

2. Emily Corcoran (Celtic)

3. Chloe Corcoran (Celtic)

U/14 Boys 800m Race 1

1. Ben Guiden (Clonliffe)

2. Cian Ensor (Skerries)

3. Aaron Cullen (Clonliffe)

U/14 Boys 800m Race 2

1. Sean Donoghue (Celtic)

2. Cillian Forrester (Clonliffe)

3. Stephen Byrne (Skerries)

U/16 Girls 1,000m

1. Lauren Carr (Clonliffe)

2. Hannah Browne (Clonliffe)

3. Caoimhe Lynam (Celtic)

U/16 Boys 1,000m

1. Alex Hogan (Clonliffe)

2. Finn McManus (Clonliffe)

3. Kevin Loftus (Clonliffe)

Spring Series 2014 (2)

Well done to all. A big thank you to all who helped out today. Round 2 is the Skerries Beach race next Sunday April 6th with a 10.30am (sharp) start.





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