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Round 1 of Dublin Juvenile T & F League on Saturday

The opening round of the Dublin Juvenile Track and Field league takes place in Irishtown on Saturday. The following 3 rounds will lead into the Dublin Championships in June.

League Rounds:

  1. 22nd April
  2. 29th April
  3. 6th May
  4. 28th May

Timetable for Saturday click: League 1 Irishtown Saturday 22nd April 2017


Another great day at League from the Juveniles

Gladys Cooper reports: Round 3 of the league was held in Tallaght yesterday morning on what turned out to be a lovely day weather wise , and to add to the enjoyment more great performances from our Clonliffe crew.
The morning got off to a great start, with a win by Emma McDonnell in the 400 metres. Emma`s club mates followed her lead with Second place 500m Sarah McDonnell , Second Place 400m Rebecca Fitzsimmons ,First 600m Jonathan Fitzsimmons, Second 600m Sally Sumola
All of the athletes who are competing in the leagues are trying to accumulate points and so far doing extremely well, in particular James McDonnell, Kieth Burke, Naoise Cullen and  Holly Foy just to name but a few.
In particular it is a pleasure to see the sprinting section of our club competing with such enthusiasm and tenacity in no small part due to the newest member of our coaching staff Ray.
We also had young athletes in particular Alana, Ella, Dermot and Keven competing in the 1500m which is a difficult enough race at the best of times but they all did very well. A big Congratulations to all the athletes from their coaches.
Gladys Cooper
Juvenile Club Captain

Juvenile League Round 2

Gladys Cooper reports: The second round of the league was held on home ground in Santry on Saturday morning with some great performances by our young athletes far too many to mention by name. I would like to say to all those who did compete for their club, well done from all your coaches and club captain. I hope you all remember our big day on the May 15th : the Clonliffe Juvenile all Medal Open Sports. Bring along any friends or family members who would like to try an event on this fun day. Nil desperandum, Gladys

Juvenile Track & Field League Round 1

Graham Mahon reports on a successful opening round of the Juvenile track and field league in Irishtown this morning with strong performances from the young Clonliffe athletes in the U/10 to U/16 groups. Highlights included another excellent win by up and coming thrower Jonas who won the U/13 shot in a new pb of 10m dead, a 1st (long jump) and 2nd 100 for Rebecca Fitzsimons in the U/16, and a 1st (600m) and 2nd (60m) from brother Jonathan in the U/12s.


U 12 boys: Jonathan fitzsimmons 1st in the 600 and 2nd in the 60m

U 13 boys: Jonas won shot out with a pb of 10metres, James McDonnell was 6th in the 80m
U13 girls: Sally Sumola was 2nd in the 80, Naoise Cullen was 6th in the 600
U14 girls: Katie Halpin was 3rd in the 800, Alana Fitzsimmons was 5th in high jump, Blaise Carrol was 6th in high jump
U15 girls: Amy Hodson was 2nd in the 800 with Ella Browne 3rd
U15 boys: Daragh Carter was 3rd in the 800
U16 girls: Rebecca Fitzsimmons was 1st in long jump and 2nd in the 100, Rapha Diamond-Ebbs 3rd , Success 4th


Clonliffe Juveniles top the League Tables

Over the course of May the Dublin Juvenile Track and Field League has taken place in the Morton Stadium and Tallaght stadiums. This is a track and field league for juvenile athletes aged up to U/16. Points are awarded to the athletes in respect of the events in which they take part and with the league now concluded the Dublin Juvenile Board have confirmed the results.

Clonliffe positions in the leagues are as follows:

U/10 Boys – 2nd Daniel Coleman 44 points

U/7 Boys – 2nd Jonathan Fitzsimons 34 points

U/12 Girls – 6th Sally Sumola 15 points

U/12 Boys – 1st Michael Coleman 51 points

U/12 Boys – 3rd James McDonnell 26 points

U/13 Girls – 5th Holly Roche 20 points

U/13 Girls – 6th Emma McDonnell 20 points

U/14 Girls – 3rd Ella Brown 27 points

6th Amy Hodson 19 points

U/16 Girls – 4th Lauren Carr 34 points

6th Hannah Browne 18 points

Awards will be available at the Dublin Track and Field Championships on Saturday the 6th of June in Santry.


Sizzling stuff from Clonliffe in Round 4 of League

It was, finally, one of those great days in the Morton Stadium. Brilliant sunshine, a packed stadium and great performances. The final round of the Juvenile league brought the athletes, the crowd and the weather to Santry. There was a great turn out of Clonliffe athletes and with such numbers it is almost impossible to single out athletes, however, there were notable efforts including a great run by the man in the “cast” Cian Bolger winning the U/15 1,000m not hampered by the broken thumb he suffered during the week, Lauren Carr also 1st in the U/16 1,000 and 1st in high jump (pb of 1.50m), Emma McDonnell, a very impressive winner of the U/13 500, Michael Coleman U/12 500 1st, Long Jump 2nd and 60m 3rd, brother Daniel in the U/10 1st in both 300 and 60 and Jonathan Fitzsimons U/11 1st 400 and 2nd 60m.

Well done to all over the past four weeks and we look forward to the Dublin Championships in two weeks time with some confidence.

Results Round 4:

U/16   Girls
Lauren Carr 1st  1000m 1st  High  Jump
Hannah Browne 3rd   1000m
Kate Howlett 5th  1000m
u/15  Girls
Rebecca Fitzsimons 5th  Javelin 3rd 100m
u/15  Boys
Cian Bolger 1st  1000m
u/14 Boys
Luchino Romano 80m  6th 75m H   6th Shot  Putt 6th
Dara Carter 4th  1000m
U/14   Girls
Amy Hodson  3rd   1000m
Ella Brown 5th   1000m 5th   60m
Clare Connolly 3rd   60m
Amy Scott 4th  60m
Lia Brennan 6th  Shot   Putt
u/13 Girls
Emma McDonnell 1st   500m 5th  80m
Holly Roche 6th  500m 60m  H   6th
Kirstin Hogan 6th  80m
Blaize Carroll 5th  Shot  Putt
Ella Cooley 6th  Shot  Putt
U/12  Boys
Michael Coleman 500m   1st 2nd  Long  Jump 3rd  60m
James McDonnell 500m  6th 5th  Long Jump 4th   60m
Keith Burke 4th   Turbo  Jav
u/11 Boys
Jonathan Fitzsimons 400m   1st Long  Jump 4th 2nd  60m
U/10 Boys
Daniel Coleman 300m   1st 1st  60m 5th  Turbo  Jav.
Sean Cronin 4th  Turbo  Jav
u/12  Girls
Sally Somula 2nd  60m

Clonliffe at Juvenile League Round 3 (updated official results)

The Dublin Juvenile League remained in Tallaght for today`s 3rd round. A fine day, a little windy perhaps, but no complaints. A smaller group of Clonliffe athletes were in action today, with the Leinster Schools in Santry, however again fine performances from the Black `n` Amber. Lauren Carr was arguably the Harrier of the day with two fine performances at either end of the programme both yielding wins. After running 800 in the Leinster schools on Wednesday Lauren went down in distance to win the U/16 400 in 63.1, later she went up in distance to win the 1500.

U16 tallaght

The 1500 was a good race between Clonliffe duo Lauren and Hannah Browne, after a slow opening lap the pace picked up two from home and with a lap remaining Lauren took up the running to win in 5.23, chased hard by Hannah 2nd in 5.30. Cliona Cooley once again displayed great battling qualities taking a place on the run in to finish 5th (5.45).

A great Clonliffe battle ensued in the boys U/16 1500, however, with the guys possibly watching one another an MSB athlete slipped their attentions to win the race but chased all the way to the line, and indeed the track, by Stephen Cashin as he hit the deck on the line (4.43), 3rd was Jack Horan, missing the break, in 4.46, 4th Daniel Lacey 4.49, 5th Jordan Byrne 4.59, 7th Sam Baker Gorman 5.30, Sam clearly feeling the effects of Thurday`s Clonliffe 2.

The U/14 girls went on to  dominate their 1500 where Amy Hodson was 2nd, Ella Brown was 3rd and Abby Sheehy 7th.

Wins also for Emma McDonnell in the U/13 600 (Emma ending the day 2nd overall in this event), with Kristen McGrady 3rd, and a win in the U/12 500 by Michael Coleman.

Another athlete going down in distance was All Ireland Junior 800 finalist Craig Giles (U/16) pumping out 400 for the first time and an impressive outing indeed 1st in 54.4.

The Fitzsimons family were out in force again young Jonathan 2nd in the U/11 600, Alannah 4th in her U/13 600 race and Rebecca a fighting 2nd in the U/15 400, Rebecca “nearly 1st”, just caught on the line.

There was good Clonliffe form shown in the U/12 High Jump with Michael Coleman 1st and James McDonnell 3rd

Clonliffe Results Round 3:

16 Boys
2nd Stephen Cashin 1500m
3rd Jack Horan 1500m
4th Daniel Lacey 1500m
5th Jordan Browne 1500m
1st Craig Giles 400m
16 Girls
1st Lauren Carr 400m 1500m
2nd Hannah Brown 1500m
5th Cliona Cooley 1500m
14 Girls
2nd Amy Hodson 1500m
3rd Ella Brown 1500m
5th Vicky McDonnell Shot  Putt
14 Boys
5th Daragh Carter 1500m
2nd Luchino Romana Shot Putt
6th Luchino Romana Long Jump
15 Girls
5th Amy Warren 1500m
6th Tess Loftus 1500m
3rd Rececca Fitzsimons 400m
4th Katie Connolly Long Jump
13 Girls
2nd Emma McDonnell 600m
12 Boys
1st Michael Coleman 600m
5th James McDonnell 600m
1st Michael Coleman High Jump
3rd James McDonnell High Jump
4th Keith Burke High Jump
11  Boys
2nd Jonathan Fitzsimons 200m
10 Boys
2nd Daniel Coleman 500m
3rd Daniel Coleman Long Jump

Clonliffe Juveniles rack up the points in Tallaght

Round 2 of the Juvenile League took place in Tallaght today, and in a break from the season todate it was a rain free event, indeed it was quite pleasant! With several of the club`s athletes preparing for next week`s Leinster Schools finals it was a much smaller troop that headed south across the M50 for the event that featured 200s for the sprinters, 1,000s for the middle distance group and javelin, long and high jump and shot for the field eventers.

Some really excellent performances from the black and amber, stand out one`s included young Michael Coleman U/12, very much an all rounder, with a 3rd place 200, and 2nd in the long and 1st high jump. An excellent one two from Ella Brown and Amy Hodson in the U/14 1,000, wins in the girls U/12 200 heat (several races with time to decide the winners) by Sally Sumola and Naoise Cullen and in the U/13 by Kirsten McGrady Hogan and Emma McDonnell and fine 2nd place finishes in the U/16 1,000 firstly by Hannah Browne and then minutes later by Jack Horan.

The athletes were in fantastic form and it certainly showed in their performances.  We started great in the U-9’s and this trend continued to the very end.   All and all a super day and, while we did see a delay to the timetable which really didn’t matter as the sun shone down on us, we witnessed some great performances –  and even saw some people putting on sun protector !!!   Roll on next week.


The following results were taken by Leo Hession.   However, as there was so many activities going on at the same time, some results are missing and will follow:


U-10 Heat Daniel Coleman 200 m. 1st
U-11 Heat Jonathon Fitzsimons 200 m. 2nd
U-12 Heat Sally Samola 200 m. 1st
Naoise Cullen 200 m. 1st
U-12 Heat Michael Coleman 200 m. 3rd
Keith Burke 200 m. 4th
U-13 Heat Kristin McGrady/Hogan 200 m. 1st
Ella Cooley 200 m. 4th
Alana Fitzsimons 200 m. 6th
Aoife Hession 200 m. 4th
Emma McDonnell 200 m. 1st
Holly Roche 200 m. 2nd
U-13 Heat Kevin Fleming 200 m. 4th
U-14 Heat Amy Scott 200 m. 2nd
Clare Connolly 200 m. 3rd
Vicky McDonnell 200 m. 5th
U-14 Heat Mark Kavanagh 200 m. 3rd
Luchino Romano 200 m. 4th
U-15 Heat Rebecca Fitzsimons 200 m. 3rd
Katie Connolly 200 m. 3rd
U-16  Hannah BrowneCliona Cooley

Kate Howlett





U-16  Jack HoranStephen Cashin

Jordan Byrne

Harry Pierce







 U-16  Ella BrownAmy Hodson  1000m1000m  1st2nd
U-12 Final Michael Coleman LJ 2nd
James McDonnell LJ 3rd
U-12 Final Michael Coleman HJ 1st
James McDonnell HJ 2nd


Trying day for 1st Round of Juvenile T & F league

It was possibly the worst day of the year, including the winter, for today`s opening round of the Dublin Juvenile track and field league in Morton Stadium today. The heavy over night rain resulted in the cancelation of many junior sports fixtures in Dublin but not for hardy athletes who gathered bright and early in Santry. The rain continued unabated with the temperature dropping and wind picking up making for a trying day for all and sundry.

Great credit must go to the Clonliffe athletes who simply got on with it, particularly the middle distance athletes as the weather caused a considerable over run in the programme meaning that many were in the stadium for 3 hours before they got to race. Credit also to the Dublin Athletics Officials for a great job.

Needless to say in the conditions results notes simply disintegrated so congratulations to each and every athlete from the club today but particularly: U/10 boys 60m 1st Daniel Coleman and 2nd in long jump, U/11 Jonathan Fitzsimons 2nd in his 60m sprint and 3rd 600m, U/12 girls 60m 3rd Sally Sumola, U/12 80m 2nd Michael Coleman with James McDonnell 3rd Holly Roche was 2nd in U/13 80m with Kristin Hogan 3rd Holly was also 2nd in the shot, Girls U/13 600 Emma McDonnell 3rd, Girls U/14 800 Ella Brown 1st with Amy Hodson 2nd,  Ella was also 2nd in the 100, Girls U/15 100 3rd Rebecca Fitzsimons, Boys U/15 800 Cian Bolger 3rd, Girls U/16 800 1st Lauren Carr with Hannah Browne 3rd.

Round 2 of the league, in hopefully better conditions is next Saturday in Tallaght.

15 girls 800 league

(Pictured: U/15 Girls 800 in rain swept Morton Stadium)

Jack Horan

(Pictured: Jack Horan leads the chase U/16 800)


Clonliffe  Results  1st  League  2nd May    
Daniel Coleman 1st 60m 2nd Long Jump U/10
Jonathan Fitzsimons 2nd 60m 3rd 600m u/11
Sally Sumola 3rd  80m U/12
Laura Gallagher 5th  600m u/12
Michael Coleman 2nd  80m u/12
James McDonnell 3rd  80m u/12
Holly Roche 2nd 80m 2nd shott putt u/13
Kristin Hogan 3rd  80m u/13
Emma McDonnell 3rd 600m u/13
Ella Cooley 6th Shot Putt u/13
Kevin Fleming 6th Shot Putt u/13
Ella Brown 2nd  100m 1st  800m u/14
Amy Scott 4th 100m u/14
Amy Hudson 2nd 800m u/14
Aimee Warren 5th 800m u/15
Tess Loftus 6th 800m u/15
Rebecca Fitsimons 3rd 100m u/15
Cian Bolger 3rd  800m u/15
Ben Guiden 5th 800m u/15
Lauren Carr 1st  800m u/16
Hannah Browne 3rd 800m u/16
Marwa Ali 6th  800m u/16
Amy Connolly 3rd  Long Jump u/16
Jack Horan 5th  800m u/16
Stephen Cashin 6th  800m u/16


Early start notice: Dublin Juvenile T & F league

This Saturday the Dublin Juvenile Track and Field league gets underway in the Morton Stadium at 10.00am.

The league is for athletes aged U/10 to U/16 and runs over four successive weekends in May as follows:

League 1 Saturday 2nd May, Santry 10.00am                      

League 2 Saturday 9th May, Tallaght 11.00am                         

League 3 Saturday 16th May, Tallaght 11.00am                      

League 4 Saturday 23rd May, Santry 10.00am  

Saturday`s opening round features on the track sprints 60m to 100m, middle distance 500m to 800m and field events: long jump, high jump, javelin, shot and discus.

Programme click: Track and Field League 1 Saturday 2nd May 2015 Santry                    



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