Cavanagh wins the Walker Cup

The Grand Prix series resumed last night on the track with the 50th running of the Walker cup over 4 miles. A total of 26 athletes started the race in mild conditions, that turned cooler as the race went on. There was little wind which made it a reasonably good night for running.

A group of 4, Tom Sherlock, Sean Doran, Conor Keane and Ernie Ramsey hit the front from the off and ran most of the 24 laps together. Conor took the lead with 3 laps to go, only to be surpassed by Sean Doran as they came up to the bell. Sean quickly opened a gap on Tom and Conor and finished in an impressive 22.00, with Tom Sherlock finishing in second place and Conor Keane in third place. Full results below.

The winner in the handicap in the Grand Prix series was Martin Cavanagh, with Sean Doran second and in third place Conor Keane.

Thanks to the Grand Prix committee for sponsoring the race and to all the officials that helped out on the night. Thanks also to Paddy for the usual spread of tea, coffee, cake and biscuits.

The next Grand Prix race is the 10,000m on the track, Thursday 24th October at 8.00pm.


Sean Doran 00:22:00
Thomas Sherlock 00:22:03
Conor Keane 00:22:07
Ernie Ramsey 00:22:30
Joe Cooper Jnr 00:23:15
Kevin Dowling 00:24:19
Shane Casey 00:24:19
Alan Sheehy 00:24:54
Tom Monks 00:25:02
Liam Hennessy 00:25:28
Alan Worrall 00:26:34
Trevor Wisdom 00:26:36
Richie Barr 00:26:41
Niall Markey 00:26:51
Clodagh Moriarty 00:27:03
Emma Dunne 00:28:49
Deirdre Fitzsimons 00:28:55
Aine McCann 00:29:31
Terry   Mee 00:29:36
John Fennell 00:30:54
Pat Bonass 00:30:54
Martin Cavanagh 00:31:16
Shay Byrne 00:34:07
Dave Brady Raheny 00:36:26
Tom Flood 00:42:15