Championship Super Sunday

A fantastic Clonliffe Juvenile Club Championships took place in the Morton Stadium today. There was a wonderful turn out of young Harriers supported by parents and other family members to make it a memorable morning`s athletics on a great Summer`s day. The athletes taking part ranged from U/9`s to U/17`s, with two tots races for good measure over a range of events: sprints, middle distance and field. All concerned really got into the spirit of the event a fun club day and most gave everything a go.

Without trying to single out individuals, a review of the results will show that the most prolific winner was Michael Coleman U/12 boys winning basically everything, the classiest performances of the day  included Emma McDonnell`s win in the girls U/13 600 and Craig Giles` U/17 800, the finish of the day was the girls U/13 80m which had the finish judges reviewing slow motion footage before the result could be declared: a tie between Sally Somola and Holly Roche, 2nd Kirsten Hogan, 3rd Emma McDonnell. One of the great battling performances came from Vicky McDonnell in the U/13 800, possibly her best race to date and the trier of the day was Cliona Cooley who was in the unlucky 4th position in three events at U/17.

Well done to all who took part, a big thank you to Gladys Cooper and her team for organising the event, to all who officiated, provided refreshments and to Colm Doran who sponsored the goodie bags.

Results Clonliffe Juvenile Championships 2015:

U/9 Girls

60m: 1st Grace Dowling, 2nd Jessica Howlett, 3rd Sarah McDonnell.

300m: 1st Sarah McDonnell, 2nd Grace Dowling, 3rd Niamh Cooper

Long Jump: 1st Niamh Cooper, 2nd Layla Roche, 3rd Sarah McDonnell/Laura O`Dwyer

Turbo Javelin: 1st Laura O`Dwyer, 2nd Grace Dowling, 3rd Lara Donohue

U/9 Boys

60m: 1st Patrick Kearns, 2nd Jack McDonnell

300m: 1st Jack McDonnell

Long Jump: 1st Jack McDonnell

Turbo Javelin: 1st Jack McDonnell, 2nd Sean McMahon O`Shea

U/11 Girls

80m: 1st Isabelle Brown, 2nd Katie Edwards, 3rd Rachel Power

500m: 1st Isabelle Brown, 2nd Rachel Power, 3rd Katie Edwards

Long Jump: 1st Isabelle Browne, 2nd Jessica Howlett, 3rd Rachel Power

Turbo Javelin: 1st Rachel Power, 2nd Aoife Kearns, 3rd Kate Faterty

U/11 Boys

80m: 1st Jonathan Fitzsimons, 2nd Daniel Coleman, 3rd Adam Flynn

500m: 1st Jonathan Fitzsimons, 2nd Daniel Coleman, 3rd Cian O`Hare

Long Jump: 1st Dillon Shinbach/Adam Flynn, 2nd Jonathan Fitzsimons, 3rd Cian O`Hare

Turbo Javelin: 1st Dillon Shinbach, 2nd Adam Flynn, 3rd Daniel Coleman

U/13 Girls

80m: 1st Sally Somola/Holly Roche, 2nd Kirsten McGrady-Hogan, 3rd Emma McDonnell

600m: 1st Emma McDonnell, 2nd Aoife Hession, 3rd Holly Roche

Long Jump: 1st Sally Somola, 2nd Holly Roche, 3rd Kirsten McGrady-Hogan

Shot: 1st Kirsten McGrady-Hogan, 2nd Blaise Carroll, 3rd Holly Roche/Ella Cooley

U/13 Boys

80m: 1st Michael Coleman, 2nd James McDonnell, 3rd Keith Burke

600m: 1st Michael Coleman, 2nd James McDonnell, 3rd Keith Burke

Long Jump: 1st Michael Coleman, 2nd James McDonnell, 3rd Keith Burke

Shot: 1st Michael Coleman, 2nd Jonas Norvaiojas,  3rd James McDonnell

U/15 Girls

100m: 1st Rebecca Fitzsimons, 2nd Ella Brown, 3rd Katlin Butler

800m: 1st Ella Brown, 2nd Amy Hodson, 3rd Abby Sheehy

Long Jump: 1st Katlin Butler, 2nd Kate Connolly, 3rd Ellen Spencer

Shot: 1st Kate Connolly, 2nd Vicky McDonnell, 3rd Katlin Butler

U/15 Boys

100m: 1st Cillian Forrester, 2nd James Smith, 3rd Darragh Carter

800m: 1st Cian Bolger, 2nd Ben Guiden, 3rd Aaron Cullen

Shot: 1st James Smith, 2nd Joaquin Shinbach, 3rd Cillian Forrester

U/17 Girls

100m: 1st Lauren Carr, 2nd Amy Connolly, 3rd Kate Howlett

800m: 1st Lauren Carr, 2nd Sophie Higgins, 3rd Hannah Browne

Long Jump: 1st Amy Connolly, 2nd Kate Howlett, 3rd Lauren Carr

U/17 Boys

800m: 1st Craig Giles, 2nd Jack Horan, 3rd Harry Pierce


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