Clonliffe at Lambay

Peter Bissett reports: Last Sunday, May 22nd, saw a super crew of 26 athletes representing Clonliffe Harriers show up for LSA’s inaugural home-turf race, the Peninsula 4mile Road Race 2022.
The wonderful team at Lambay Sports and Athletic (LSA) hosted a slick event, with full road closures and musical marshals ensuring nobody got lost down the back of the estuary while playing a few tunes to encourage runners on. With a turnout of approximately 400 runners on the day, the event ran smoothly thanks to an army of volunteers – especially a seamless (and queueless!) bag drop and excellent services! 
Some super runs of the day including a nice handful of PBs for Clonliffe athletes. A couple of top ten finishes kept Clonliffe nicely on the map, but the star of the show was Marie Howard, coming home as the second woman over the line in a rapid 25:56. Well done to all Clonliffe Athletes who represented on the day.
A representative from LSA asked us to express special thanks to Clonliffe Harriers for our support of their first race. The field was covered with black and amber singlets on the day, a really wonderful sight to see at a neighbouring race. Long may it continue! 

1984 Olympic Marathon silver medalist John Tracey gets to meet fellow runner up Marie Howard!

Clonliffe results:

10Peter BISSETT 00:23:4900:23:49764MClonliffe Harriers
15Eoin BYRNE 00:24:2800:24:28520MClonliffe Harriers
20Mick BERMINGHAM 00:24:5600:24:56514MClonliffe Harriers
23Anthony DORAN 00:25:0400:25:04534MClonliffe Harriers
32Marie HOWARD 00:25:5600:25:57835FClonliffe Harriers
37Declan GRANT 00:26:3900:26:40712MClonliffe Harriers
40Mick GLEESON 00:26:4500:26:46718MClonliffe Harriers
52Shane ROONEY 00:27:2700:27:29823MClonliffe Harriers
53David COMISKEY 00:27:2700:27:30524MClonliffe Harriers
56Mary KETTERER 00:27:3700:27:39551FClonliffe Harriers
57Laura KERNAN 00:27:3800:27:40797FClonliffe Harriers
58Ciar PEELO 00:27:3800:27:40580FClonliffe Harriers
63Aisling ANDREWS 00:27:5800:28:00793FClonliffe Harriers
74Mark DOWLING 00:28:3100:28:33654MClonliffe Harriers
80Eimear GRIFFIN 00:29:0200:29:05834FClonliffe Harriers
118Aideen O’CONNOR 00:30:4400:30:48576FClonliffe Harriers
121Aine MCCANN 00:30:5500:30:59827FClonliffe Harriers
129Yvonne MCDONOUGH 00:31:5000:31:55563FClonliffe Harriers
251Lorraine SHERWOOD 00:38:3800:38:50677FClonliffe Harriers