Clonliffe competes at Dublin City Marathon 2004

Congratulations to the Clonliffe lads and ladies who took part in the Dublin City Marathon. The marathon incorporated the National Marathon and achieving some excellent times, our ladies went on to win the team event.

The Ladies:
Eirn McVeigh (Half 01:29:24,Chip time 03:05:23) American FS 331st 03:05:30
Joanne Power (Half 01:34:21,Chip time 03:15:43) Irish FV35 590th 03:15:49
Aisling Coppinger (Half 01:40:17,Chip time 03:17:09) Irish FS 620th 03:17:18

The Lads:
Eddie Coughlan 59th 2:43:59
Ronan Hartnett 2:47:59
William Stafford MS 83rd 02:48:17
Paddy Tuite MV45 240th 03:00:04
Brendon Buck 435th 3:10:00
Patrick Devitt MV50 605th 03:16:23
Stephen Byrne 679th 3:18:58
Brian Devitt 777th 3:21:45
Noel Guiden MS 1251st 03:32:29
Frank “the Colonel” Behan 7250th 05:51:23 running his 25th Dublin Marathon!

Our own Jerry Kiernan’s 21 year course record was finally beaten by 37 seconds on what was a fantastic day for road racing with no rain and cool temperatures. Both the Mens and Ladies winners were runners-up last year. The numbers were right back up again for the silver jubilee marathon with nearly 10,500 runners, back to the heady days of the 80s. Clonliffe were not only represented by our athletes, we also had a team of younger runners out with Joe and Gladys Cooper, making sure the 10000 athletes clothes and posessions were looked after during the race.

2004 winners:
1 Lezan Kimutai (Kenya) 2:13:08* New Record
2 Tseko Mpolokeng (South Africa) 2:14:45
3 Julius Kimtai (Kenya) 2:15:22
12 Gary Crossan (Ireland) 2:24:07

1 Yelena Burykina (Russia) 2:32:53
2 Florence Barsosio (Kenya) 2:33:58
3 Tatiana Titova (Russia) 2:36:04
5 Valerie Vaughan (Ireland) 2:52:10

First Wheelchair
Emer Patton (Ireland) 03:17:47

Record holders
MEN Lezan Kimutai (Kenya) 2004 2:13:08
WOMEN Ruth Kutol (Kenya) 2003 2:27