Clonliffe Men of Iron: Paddy Tuite and Declan Murray

Hearty congratulations to Paddy Tuite and Declan Murray on their successful completion of the gruelling full Ironman Triathlon held in Karnten, Austria on the 3rd of July.

This was a full Ironman Triathlon featuring an open water swim of 3.1 kilometres, then a 180 kilometre cycle and then the triathletes run a full distance marathon.

Our two Club mates put a huge amount of time and effort into their preparations, just to listen to the lads outline the weeks training was exhausting for us marathon wimps requiring us to take an immediate rest day!

Their dedication clearly paid off handsomely as in extremely hot temperatures the lads performed superbly right from the off with the mass start swim at Strandbad Kagenfurt from the bank of Lake Worther, interestingly enough the swim was broken up at some 2,200 meters in that the triathletes had to exit the water and after a short run back into the water for the last 900M through the Lend Canal.

From there the triathletes mounted their bikes for the 180 kilometre cycle which consisted of three laps of 60 kilometres each, being Austria both Declan and Paddy will confirm that hills featured!. Indeed both made the comment that on the steep hill they felt like they were in the Tour de France as a pathway opened before them as the thousands of spectators on the mountain created a passage to allow them through.

The marathon run section took the triathletes along the north bank of the Lake into Kalgenfurt City Centre and back to the start area “Ironmancity”.

Paddy had a particularly fine run, covering the marathon course in just over 3½ hours – bear in mind that at this stage he had a 3.1 kilometre swim and a 180 kilometre cycle in his legs. Making up some 700 places as he cut his way through the filed not losing a single place on the run to finish in a superb 11 hrs 17 mins, pretty good going for a guy who went to Austria hoping to break the 12 hour mark.

Declan finished up slightly adrift of Paddy in a time of 12 hrs 22 mins, not a fair reflection on the work and training which Declan had put into the Ironman.

Being true Ironmen they now want to lower their times and are looking to do it all over again next year. They have our admiration and sympathy!