Clonliffe Top Threes from Dublin Juvenile Championships

A most successful Dublin Juvenile Track and Field Championships from a Clonliffe perspective last weekend. Over the course of the three days held between Morton Stadium and Tallaght Clonliffe athletes won a total of 46 medals made up by way of 16 golds, 14 silvers and 16 bronze.

The full list of Clonliffe medal winners is:

U/14 Girls 80m: 3rd Rebecca Fitzsimons 11.30

U/15 Girls 100: 1st Caitlin O’Reilly 12.70

U/19 Boys 100: 2nd Pierce Friel 11.60

U/14 Girls 200m: 3rd Rebecca Fitzsimons 28.00

U/15 Girls 200: 1st Caitlin O’Reilly 26.90

U/15 Girls 250h: 3rd Lauren Carr 40.60

U/13 Girls 600m: 3rd Amy Hodson 1.49.4

U/15 Girls 800: 1st Lauren Carr 2.29.1

U/17 Girls 800: 2nd Alannah Cooley 2.24.8

U/18 Girls 800: 2nd Laura Tuite 2.23.6, 3rd Sally Ahern 2.39.9

U/11 Boys 500; 2nd Jonathan Fitzsimons 1.35.4

U/14 Boys 800: 3rd Cian Bolger 2.21.1

U/15 Boys 800: 3rd Craig Giles 2.49.6

U/16 Boys 800: 1st Joseph Hessian 2.02.5

U/17 Boys 800: 3rd Sean Carrick 2.07.6

U/17 Girls 1500: 2nd Alannah Cooley 5.08.9

U/18 Girls 1500: 3rd Laura Tuite 5.11.9

U/14 Boys 1500: 1st Cian Bolger 4.46.0

U/15 Boys 1500: 3rd Craig Giles 4.32.6

U/16 Boys 1500: 1st Joseph Hessian 4.20.9, 3rd Alex Hogan 4.37.4

U/17 Boys 1500: 3rd Shane Merrigan 4.28.8

U/15 Boys 1500: 2nd Cathal Doyle 4.07.1, 3rd Josh Stubbs 4.13.10

U/18 Girls 3000: 1st Hope Saunders 11.19.5

U/16 Boys 3000: 1st Joseph Hessian, 2nd Alex Hogan

U17 Boys 3000: 1st Sean Carrick 9.39, 3rd Kevin McKenna 10.36

U/18 Boys 3000: 1st Josh Stubbs 9.18.1, 2nd Cathal Doyle 9.28.0

U/19 Boys 3000: 2nd Niall Norman 10.15.2

U/13 Boys Shot Putt: 2nd Cillian Forrester 7.76m, 3rd Michael Isong 7.46

U/19 Boys Shot Putt: 1st Michael Curley 11.91

U/13 Boys Javelin: 3rd Cillian Forrester 14.59

U/17 Boys Javelin: 1st Conor Byrne 38.40, 2nd Andre Lidova 36.58

U/13 Girls Long Jump: 1st Ella Brown 4.35m

U/14 Girls Long Jump: 2nd Rebecca Fitzsimons 4.40m

U/15 Girls Long Jump: 1st Caitlin O’Reilly 4.91, 2nd Amy Connolly 4.62

U/19 Girls: 1st Megan Coomber 4.85

U/15 Girls High Jump: 2nd Lauren Carr 1.40m

U/17 Boys 3000 Race Walk: 1st Greg Hossney