Club subs 2022 now overdue

The club treasurer remind all that membership fees are now overdue. It is vitally important not only for the financial well-being of the club that all outstanding subs are now discharged but more importantly to ensure that club members are covered by insurance. Please note that if you have not paid your membership for 2022 then you are not insured.

Our annual membership fees for 2022 are:

Senior/Masters – €170. (inclusive of Athletics Ireland reg. fee)

3rd Level Students/Unwaged – €120. (inclusive of Athletics Ireland reg. fee)

Overseas membership – €30. (inclusive of Athletics Ireland reg. fee)

Juvenile membership  – €140. (inclusive of Athletics Ireland reg. fee)

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL (existing members only) :

Notice from Treasurer 01/02/22: Club membership for 2022 is now over due and must now be paid. Renewal of club membership must be paid online through ClubForce. Below you will find a link, we would advise that initially to set up your account you should use a desktop or laptop rather then your phone. Once you have setup your account and paid your membership you can then download the ClubForce app to your mobile device. Membership of Clonliffe Harriers also includes your registration with Athletics Ireland and upon receipt of your club subscription the club registrar will immediately register you with Athletics Ireland. You cannot compete in any competition until you have been registered by the club.

Please also note that in order to continue to use the club’s training facilities you will need to be covered by insurance and again this only arises when you are a paid-up member of Clonliffe Harriers. The club very much appreciates the support shown by our members over these past two Covid hit years and your continued support is vital and very much appreciated. The club would very much appreciate if members could see their way to making payment of outstanding subscriptions at this stage.

Online renewals click: clonliffe subs 2022