Coaching Corner

coaching corner

This page will be a resource for both Clonliffe coaches and athletes. It is intended that it will be a corner where coaches will share knowledge and experience. Where various articles, papers and indeed advise gathered over the years will be accessible. It is hoped that members will find this a useful tool going forward. The intention is to updated on a regular basis so please come visit this corner again soon.

24/08/16 : Middle/Long Distance from Peter McDermott,  “Importance of Conditioning”  click: The Importance of Conditioning by P. McDermott

07/09/16: Middle/Long Distance “Recovery”  by Peter McDermott: Middle and long distance training recovery

20/09/16: “Recovery post session/ post race” by Peter McDermott: click: recovery-post-work-out-post-race

30/09/16: “Correct training pace” by Peter McDermott: click: middle-long-distance-training-pace

19/10/16:  “Quality Sessions at Faster Pace”  – Peter McDermott: Click : quality-sessions-at-faster-pace

10/11/16: “Interval Training” – by Peter McDermott: click: interval-training

06/12/16:  “Cruise Intervals; Hill Work; Parlauf and Time Trials” – by Peter McDermott: click: middle-and-long-distance-training-3

12/01/17: “Racing”- by Peter McDermott. Click: Middle and long distance training Racing

20/03/17: “Racing and winning Psychology” – by Peter McDermott. Click: The Psychology of Racing and Winnin1

11/04/17: “Consistency and variety” – by Peter McDermott. Click: Consistency and Variety in Training

08/05/17: “Overtraining and over reaching” – Dr Liam Hennessy/Peter McDermott Click: Overtraining and Over-reaching

06/06/17: “Nutrition and Hydration” – Peter McDermott, Click: Nutritian and hydration

15/08/17:   “Periodisation” – Peter McDermott, Click:  Theory of Periodisation

12/09/17: “Complementary or Supplementary Forms of Training” – Peter McDermott, Click: Complementary Forms of Training

18/10/17:  “Monitoring and testing”  – Peter McDermott, click: Monitoring and Testing the Athlete

13/11/17:  “Injuries: Prevention and Cure” – Peter McDermott, click: Injuries

11/01/18: “Biomechanics” – Peter McDermott, click: Biomechanics

01/03/18: “The Coach and Athlete” – Peter McDermott, click: The Coach and Athlete

20/03/21: “Masters’ Focus” – P. O’Doherty/D. Power, click: Masters-Training_Clonliffe-Harriers-article-03-2021