Covid 19 easing of restrictions

The clubs Covid 19 officer and assistant officers have met to consider the latest easing of restrictions which came into effect on Monday the 20th. This is a transition period until the (hopefully) ending of all restrictions on October 22.

As of now there is no longer any need for training pods for outdoor training. This means that coaches can now amalgamate whatever number of pods they had back into that one training group. That training group can now meet unrestricted outdoors for training. For good practice we are continuing with the ‘booking’ by coaches of athletes in the group at each training session. We would request that coaches continue therefore to book their athletes in using the form on the Covid 19 page of this website 24 hours in advance of each session. This hopefully will only continue for one more month.

Although the guidelines issued do allow indoor training, there is an issue as regards fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated, there is also an issue as regards social distancing required indoors and time limits in dressing rooms. To implement these requirements at this time are too onerous on the Covid 19 officers and therefore the clubhouse and dressing rooms will continue to remain closed until October 22.

At this time it is vitally important that we all continue to observe the practices which we have implemented over these past 18 months, in particular:

Do not come training if you have any Covid or flu like symptoms.

Please observe coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Please refrain entirely from spitting.

Wash your hands before you leave home to come training, bring a hand sanitiser with you, do not press any pedestrian crossing buttons with your hands (that’s what elbows are for!) and if you are stretching do not use a railings or park bench or similar to support you while you stretch.

Do not share drinks, be absolutely careful that your drink bottle does not touch against another athletes drink bottle, do not handle another athletes drink bottle, it is vitally important that cross contamination is avoided.


We encourage all members of Clonliffe Harriers to get Vaccinated.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or flu like symptoms do not come to train, self isolate and contact your GP. This applies even if you are fully vaccinated.

If you have had a Covid 19 test, you must self isolate and not come training until there is a negative result of such test.

If you have tested positive for Covid 19 you must follow all HSE advise and self isolate (do not come training).

If a member of your household or a close contact is waiting for a test result you must limit your movements, stay home and obviously not come training.

If a member of your household or a close contact tests positive you must limit your movements, stay home, not come training. You must attend for a test/tests as advised by the HSE and follow all directions of the HSE, limited your movements for the time duration as directed by the HSE.