Cragg in 5,000 heat

Aug 20, 2008 [Jeremy Walsh] Alistair Cragg has just completed the first of the 3 5000m heats. With the first 4 guaranteed a place in the final, and a few fastest losers, it was always going to be tough.

Alistair took the lead early on going through 1k in 2.45, the same for 2k. It slowed a little, going though 3000m in 8.19, the 4th km was 2.49, so it was always gooing to come down to a sprint. At the bell Cragg was at the back of a leading group of 7, among them Kipchoge and Bekele the younger. Alistair battled hard in the last lap, which was run in 55secs, ultimately finishing 6th in about 13.38. It was won in 13.36, the relatively slow heat might mean his 6th place wasn’t good enough for a fastest loser place. Fingers crossed.

Live update! Still in a fastest loser place after the second heat.

2nd Live Update…. YESSSSSSS! He’s through. Last heat slower as well, so through as second fastest loser out of three. Eurosport commentators were giving out that he got the tactics wrong, taking it out, but not taking it out hard enough. But looks like he got it right. Well done Alistair. Best of luck in the final on Saturday.