Dave Hooper interviews Jordan McNamara for Near FM

Jul 11, 2011 [] Following Friday’s Morton Mile Dave Hooper interviewed race winner Jordan McNamara in the mixed zone. The interview was broadcast on Near FM on Saturday. Here’s a transcript….

DH: So Jordan McNamara winner of the Morton Mile, Jordan how do you feel being the winner with a sub 3.56 mile?

JMcN: Oh its so surreal I mean coming in to this is my first time coming out of the United States and to be over here and experience Irish culture first off its been such a blessing such a treat and then to wind up in such a prestigious mile, I mean you look at the champions who have come through here and run such incredible performances it really was a privilege just to be allowed a spot on the starting line and to be coming the final straight away with no-one in front of you and the crowd going nuts knowing that you have a new personal best in your hands is something, erm you know I’m in shock right now but I know once erm.. its something I’ll never forget this will be definitely a defining moment for me as an athlete.

DH: Of course and its your first trip to Europe which is a fantastic victory for you and I just have to ask you there you came in really at about say about 300 a go where you seemed to really kind of make a move and it was just you came onto the home straight we saw you charging up so when did you.. were you sitting tight and just thinking you’d sprint it out or how did you find the race go for you?

JMcN: You know I got off the starting line really poorly but usually my first couple of steps are pretty good but erm.. I got out poorly and once I realised the race wasn’t going to run away from me I just was content to just watch everyone and keep my legs in check and to really get ready for the last 400 because eh mile races are never won in the beginning but they are certainly lost if you make mistakes so I really just wanted to keep everything in check not panic remain calm because it seems the closer you get to the finish line the further away a stretch is there’s always time if you can just keep yourself composed and keep a tactical head on

DH: And who did you, was there anyone you were kind of keeping your eyes on or were you just running your own race the whole way through for the 3.56 as it was.

JMcN: You know I’ve been telling everyone beforehand that I really don’t care who’s in the race you know we’re all friends before and after you know we’ll try and beat each other but if I run a new PB and I walk away eighth I can live with that so long as I run my absolute best, so for me I knew exactly if I could come through this in about three minutes I knew I could if I’m feeling good I could run 56 on the tail end of things so I knew if I ran 3.56 I would have a good shot to be right in the thick of it so not very many guys are going to be running quite that fast in races like this so

DH: What actually sold you the event was it the history of the Morton Mile and the previous winners of it that made you make the trip across or was there just a kind of drive to experience European athletics that you decided this would be.. this would be an ample starter for you?

JMcN: You know the Mile is such a fantastic event for track and field it really has prestige in history dating back to the likes of Herb Elliott of Roger Bannister of Eamonn Coghlan who’s here tonight, erm it really, I would love to see the mile come back you know its been replaced by the 1500 metres, the metric mile nowadays but the symmetry of four laps running four laps trying to go under four minutes will always be special I mean there are a few things to the average person you know you tell them as soon as they ask you your mile time and you say something starting with 3 their ears instantly perk up you don’t have to be a runner to know that’s bloody fast so eh you know for me to find a mile with so many good guys that are coming out and a crowd that appreciates it you know it a no brainer

DH: No brainer. And whats your plans now are you going to stay in Europe or will you head back stateside

JMcN: Absolutely, I’m just starting to get my sea legs under me after a long travel over here so know I’m gonna look for more races, more opportunities to prove myself and improve.

DH: Improve and hopefully we’ll see you back soon and in London next summer.

JMcN: Absolutely. Thank you so much.