Grand Prix news: 5000m Grand Prix Result – Deirdre Fitzsimons triumphs

Mick Kearney: The first of the GP track races in the current Series, 5000m, took place on the ALSAA Track at Dublin Airport on Thursday evening 8thJune 2023.  In favourable weather conditions Maurice Ahern sent the runners on their way to complete the 12 ½ laps.   

Deirdre Fitzsimons took first place in the Grand Prix picking up the maximum 40 points. Robbie Dowling was second and Mick McMahon was third. Sean Doran continuing his return to form had the fastest time of 16:46. The first lady home was Orla Deighan in 21:55.  Many thanks to all who participated and officiated. The full race result is outlined below.

Points achieved in the first 5 Races of 2023 GP Series  

The GP Committee indicated during the current Series of races that it would acknowledge those who achieved the most points over the first 5 scheduled races.   

First Name Surname Points after 5 races 
Caroline Daly 158 
Declan Grant 154 
Shane  Rooney 151 

Congratulations to Caroline Daly, Declan Grant and Shane Rooney, the top three leaders after 5 races. 

The GP Points Table for the first 5 races is attached.  

Next Race – 800m in Morton Stadium on Thursday 29th June (start time to be confirmed)  

Now that the GP Track Series has commenced the next race is scheduled to take place in Morton Stadium on Thursday 29th June. This race will be an 800m. No doubt all runners are eagerly looking forward to both training and competing on this world class track. The date of the 800m gives a nice lead in for runners to get some vital speed work completed before taking on this extended sprint. Further GP track races will be scheduled shortly.  

Still time to enter this year’s Grand Prix Series  

There is still time to enter this year’s GP Series as there are a further 11 races to take place.  Each runner participating is given a club handicap time so that runners of different abilities have the chance to compete equally. The entry fee is €30 and there are plenty of opportunities to achieve prizes and personal bests.   

Race result – 5000m Middlesex Cup – ALSAA Thursday 8th June 2023 

  First Name Surname   Actual Time 
Sean Doran   00:16:46 
Ray  Dunne   00:17:43 
Robbie Dowling   00:18:12 
Mick McMahon   00:18:27 
Richie Barr   00:20:16 
Eoin Rafter   00:20:18 
Declan Grant   00:20:27 
Mick Gleeson   00:20:40 
Shane  Rooney   00:20:52 
10 Philip  Matthews   00:21:51 
11 Orla Deighan   00:21:55 
12 Trevor Wisdom   00:22:00 
13 Joe  Fowler   00:22:20 
14 Diarmuid Doyle   00:22:24 
15 Carl Fleming   00:22:26 
16 Kevin  Sheedy   00:22:35 
17 Aine McCann   00:22:46 
18 Laura Kernan   00:23:01 
19 Declan Murray   00:23:02 
20 Jean Dunne   00:23:12 
21 Dave Reilly   00:23:56 
22 Deirdre Fitzsimons   00:24:07 
23 Yvonne McDonagh   00:24:20 
24 Ciara O’Regan   00:25:55 
25 Caroline Daly   00:26:21 
26 Jason Kernan   00:26:49 
27 Shey  Byrne   00:27:34 
28 Pat Devitt   00:27:35