Grand Prix Series: Stephen Byrne takes yellow jersey

Stephen Byrne has successfully taken the yellow jersey off the back of Richard Connolly and now leads the 2005 Grand Prix Series after eight races.

Richard has held the yellow jersey now for some three races however, courtesy of Stephen’s recent good form (a PB in the Irish Runner 5 Mile of 30:30, followed five days later by a 5000M PB of 18:29) has seen Stephen take the lead at the half way stage by a margin of 7.5 points.

The top ten on the leaderboard after eight rounds are:

1. Stephen Byrne 82.5; 2. Richard Connolly 75; 3. Shay Byrne 73; 4. Jim Bennett 71.55; 5. Dave Brennan 70.56; 6. David Brady 68.5; 7. Jeremy Walsh 67.8; 8. Pat Devitt 63.5; 9. Colm Hickey 60.5; 10. Colm Doran 60.

Matters will now get very interesting indeed as we head to Round 9 incorporating the Club 10,000M Championship for the Bonass Trophy on the 28th of July. The Series Rules provide that it is an athletes best 10 results of the 16 races which count towards the overall title and thereafter at this stage no-one in the Series can be ruled out – particularly as the rain and mud of the cross country season is on the horizon.