Gregan impresses at Millrose Games

Brian Gregan was in most impressive form at last night`s Millrose Games at The Armory in New York. Gregan was part of the DCU Middle Distance Relay team, along with Joe Warne, Mark English and John Coghlan that finished second in the College Middle Distance relay. He ran an excellent second leg, the 400, taking over in second place and a few seconds down. Gregan looked extreamly powerful quickly closing the gap and then on the second lap showed great tactical awareness as he initally tried to force his way into the lead on the inside when a gap opened and then switched to the shoulder of the leader and blasted pass on the outside to hand over not only in the lead but a few seconds up.

On the subject of the USA indoor collegiate scene last week, Feb 5th, Clonliffe man Graham Mahon was 5th for Clarke`s University at the Hilltop Invitational, Mount Vernon in the 800 in 1.59.06 to go sub 2 for the first time this season.

News also of a good 3,000 indoor by Dave Flynn for Arkansas 11th in 8.23.54.