Help needed: Final call!

Clonliffe host the national cross country championships in Santry Park on Sunday week, November 21. As members will be aware from previous postings we need you the club members to volunteer. In addition to the course builders, and please note that this core group includes many of the club’s coaches who will then be mentoring athletes throughout the course of the late morning and afternoon, we need at least 35 other club members. At this stage thank you to the 20 or so who have already volunteered. Please however if you have not volunteered and are available from 10:30 AM until about 3:30 PM please contact Noel Guiden today: .

As always do not assume that someone else will answer the call. This is a very big day for the club, it is a very big undertaking for us to put these championships on but it cannot succeed without you getting on board. Unfortunately we are not in a position to contact and ask members individually, again therefore do not wait for the call but please make the call!

Finally please note that the national cross country is a ticketed event and anyone who is not volunteering on the day or a teammate member competing, must purchase a ticket online through

Coaches please also note that Clonliffe training in Morton Stadium on the day is cancelled.