Welcome to the Membership page of Clonliffe Harriers AC. Here new members will find details of how to join Clonliffe Harriers and existing members will find details of annual membership renewal.

Our annual membership fees for 2021 are:

Senior/Masters – €170.00.

3rd Level Students/Unwaged – €120.00.

Juvenile membership  – €140.00.


At present there is an issue with online payments. Club members please e mail the club treasurer regarding renewals at this time: 

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL (existing members only) :

Senior/Master athletes now also have the option to renew your membership online. Please click on the relevant link below to take you through the payment process:

  1. Senior
  2. Masters
  3. 3rd Level Student
  4. Unwaged
  5. Juvenile


Renewal of club membership is due in January. Annual membership is as per above. Athletics Ireland have a requirement that all members of a club must be registered during the month of January in order to be covered by Athletics Ireland’s policy of insurance. Accordingly the club requests that membership of existing members be renewed during the month of January.

Renewal of club membership can be made by payment of annual subscription preferably online (Seniors and Masters only) above or by cash or cheque made payable to Clonliffe Harriers to the club treasurer, assistant treasurers, club captains or a committee member.

Juvenile members renewals payment either by way of cheques payable to Clonliffe Harriers or in cash, along with completed Membership Renewal form. Senior/Master members renewing membership by cheque or cash are asked to complete downloadable Membership Renewal form when making payment of annual subscription:

click and print: Clonliffeapplicationmembership2020


During the current Covid-19 health crises there are challenges around permitted numbers, pods and contact tracing. Please therefore contact us by e mail with your details and we will revert.

Whenever normality returns:New senior/master members are welcome to join Clonliffe Harriers at any time of the year.  To join Clonliffe Harriers could not be more straightforward. It is simply a matter of coming along on a Tuesday or Thursday night to the Clonliffe clubhouse situated just inside Gate no.3 of the Morton Stadium, Santry. As training commences at 7 p.m. it is suggested that new members should arrive at approximately 6.45 p.m. New members must not use the on line payments system this is for existing members only.

Juvenile Members (ages 8 to 12): Sunday mornings only 9.30am.  On their first day juvenile members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who should come to the Clonliffe clubhouse and ask for Gladys Cooper. Please also contact Gladys by telephone in advance 9087 9852836), Gladys is the juvenile captain and she will put the new juvenile member with the appropriate group coach, come ready to train. You are welcome to try us out for a week or two and at that stage if you have decided to join the club it is simply a matter of completing an application form, paying your membership fee and you will then be registered with Clonliffe Harriers as a member of the club with Athletics Ireland. Ages 12 plus, again please contact Gladys in advance of coming. Older juveniles maybe accommodated on other training nights, depending on numbers in the particular training group.

Junior, Senior and Master Men: Again it is simply a matter of coming to the Clonliffe clubhouse on a Tuesday or Thursday night at approximately 6.45 p.m. and asking for the club captain Noel Guiden who will introduce you to the appropriate group coach/group and again you are welcome to try us out for a week or two before joining Clonliffe Harriers.

Lady Members: You should again come to the clubhouse at 6.45 p.m. on a Tuesday or a Thursday and ask for the Ladies Captain Louise Caraher or if she is not available should ask for the Vice Captain Pamela Cooper, or Ben Lawler or if not available ask for noel Guiden.

To download an application form to join Clonliffe Harriers click the following link, print and complete: Clonliffeapplicationmembership2020