Orla McGinley, the Ladies Captain has called a meeting for all athletes with regard to the upcoming Cross Country season for Tuesday next September 18th @ 8.15pm in the hall of the Clubhouse.

The purpose of the meeting is to outline a plan for the upcoming Cross Country season. The Championship dates are as follows:

October 7th         Dublin Novice

October 21st       Autumn Open Cross Country

November 4th    Dublin Senior Cross Country

November 11th Leinster Senior Cross Country

November 25th National Senior Cross Country

December 2nd    Dublin Intermediate Cross Country

December 16th National Novice Cross Country

January 6th          Dublin Masters Cross Country

January 13th        Leinster Intermediate and Leinster Masters Cross Country

February 3rd        National Intermediate and Masters Cross Country
Whilst in recent years the Club has been successful in having women’s teams compete at Novice and Intermediate level, for whatever reason, when it comes to Senior there has been a very poor uptake. The Ladies Captain’s aim for this year is to try and get teams competing in all of the above events.  Whilst the thoughts of a Senior Cross Country might be somewhat daunting to some, the reality is that once you tie the spikes and get to the start line you will find that you are competing mainly against the same people whom you have competed against in the previous week`s Novice or Intermediate Championship.  Also bear in mind that in most of the Championships the minimum for a team is only four athletes – surely with a Club of our size and with the number of women athletes, it ought to be possible to get at least four in each race (the exception is the Dublin Championships where it is a team of six)?

Athletes please attend on Tuesday next and show your support for the Ladies Captain and for your Club.