McCarrick wins Walker Cup

Nov 6, 2009 [Stephen Byrne] The 44th running of the Walker Cup took place on a damp cold evening in Morton Stadium yesterday. The first competitive race on the unpainted track under the lights I believe was a great occasion. Unfortunately our race sponsor Frazer Walker missed his first Walker Cup in a long time due to illness, he missed a smashing race and we all wish him well.

25 athletes toed the line including the Club Secretary Noel Guiden whom had difficulty scaling the high gates surrounding the track leading to a minor calf tear and a serious ankle injury. Being the great battler we know him to be he was not content to run a mere 16 laps he put in a 17th for good measure.

At the sharp end of the race a pack of six athletes took off at the start and quickly got into their stride. By the fourth lap Philip O’Doherty, Ernie Ramsey, Jeremy Walsh and Niall Sherlock were lapping the field. Colm Doran, Noel Guiden and Declan Murray had their own early joust with Colm doing the early work, and then Noel. Not content they were going fast enough Declan set off and left them in his wake.

With 800m to go Niall Sherlock pulled away with Philip coming home in 2th place with yellow jersey holder Ernie Ramsey in 3th place.

Great individual times recorded including Tom Monks, Paul Carolan, Pat Bonass.

The race was also the last outing before the British and Irish Masters International event on November 14th for Grand Prix trio Philip O’Dohery, Pat Bonass, and Pat Healy. Best of luck lads.

When the handicaps were taken into account Eugene McCarrick took his first win in a number of years with Pat O’Rourke in 2th and Declan Murray in 3th place.

The presentation of prizes will take place on Saturday 21st of November at the Grand Prix dinner.

Grand Prix Results and leader-board to follow.

Actual times as follows:

Name RaceTime Niall Sherlock 00:22:11 Philip O’Doherty 00:22:14 Ernie Ramsey 00:22:19 Joe Cooper 00:22:27 Jeremy Walsh 00:22:47 Dermot Travelan 00:23:14 Tom Monks 00:23:33 Noel Cullen 00:24:10 Paul Carolan 00:24:39 Alan Worrall 00:25:46 Eugene McCarrick 00:25:52 Declan Murray 00:25:53 Noel Guiden 00:26:20 Pat Bonass 00:26:32 Colm Doran 00:27:17 Richard Connolly 00:27:18 Colm Breen 00:27:22 Pat Healy 00:27:23 Trevor Wisdom 00:27:29 Shay Byrne 00:27:38 Frank Devitt 00:27:43 Eric Kennedy 00:27:50 Pat O’Rourke 00:28:09 Sean Doran 00:28:36 Dave Brady 00:28:43

Many thanks to the officials on the night.