Mick Kearney elected President of Clonliffe Harriers

Last night saw one of the best turnouts for a club AGM in a number of years. The club secretary in his report outlined the return to normal club activities following the Covid years and the clubs events both on and off the track over the previous 12 months. The meeting heard excellent reports delivered by the club captains’ outlining the fantastic athletics achievements of the clubs athletes throughout the course of the previous year. The club captains reports and the club secretary’s report are attached below. The club treasurer delivered his report outlining a positive year financially for the club producing a surplus of income over expenditure but stressed that caution should be exercised throughout the course of the coming year having regard to pressures caused by increasing costs and in particular energy costs.

Outgoing club president Paddy Marley delivered his final President’s address after 18 years of service as club President, he thanked all of the clubs athletes for the contribution they have made to the club not only over the previous year but throughout the course of his tenure, he thank in particular the club’s coaches for their outstanding service and commitment, he also thank all of the club’s sponsors and the chairs of the various subcommittees which run the club’s events throughout the course of the year. He also wished Jenny Johnston and the clubs women athletes the very best of luck throughout the course of this special 60th anniversary celebration of women’s athletics in Clonliffe Harriers. The President outlined in particular the privilege which he had felt throughout the course of his 18 years as the President of Clonliffe Harriers.

The meeting elected Mick Kearney as the new Clonliffe Harriers Club President. Mick addressed the meeting, he thanked the meeting for its support, he thanked Paddy Marley and outlined his commitment to continue to support the clubs captains and athletes in the same manner as Paddy had done so over the previous 18 years.

The following were elected:

Club President – Mick Kearney.

Club secretary – Stephen Bateson.

Club treasurer – Brian MacDonald.

Club captain – Noel Guiden.

Club women’s captain – Jenny Johnston.

Committee members – Noreen Keane, Paddy Tuite, Stephen Harkness.

The meeting also unanimously re-elected the existing club trustees and club vice presidents.

There was one motion which was passed unanimously – ‘that the women’s captain may appoint up to two vice captains to assist with track and field and cross country as the women’s captain may deem necessary and such vice captains will be automatically co-opt onto that year’s committee.”