Mo McCrohan & Clonliffe Frank Duffy 10

This was the first proper race series 10 in 3 years!It got me thinking about my previous 10s.Well my first over 20 years ago was a non starter as being a newbie to the park and indeed Dublin by the time I reached the start I could see the  pack heading off into the distant hills!
Phoenix  park is a beautiful  park but not an easy one for races,,You  are never far from a hill.I have also always found the August 10 a struggle  as it’s warmer and I am not fully into half or mara training,
The course I found kinder than some I have run in the park.The S bends and uphill finish was a thing of nightmares ,but it was not this day.I am informed  the powers that be want the race largely at the Chesterfield  end of the park and an early start so we are gone by lunch time,. The course went once round the S bends and gradually up Chesterfield to include the football pitch Acres loop.
If I am still learning what not to do at my vintage, we’ll eating breakfast  too close to the event is a nono ?you don’t need to much or at all before a 10at 9amI also left home with 2 odd (the product of Xmas presents)vapors so had to run in standard runners,There you  go.excuses in early!
So,whilst I struggled  I did finish and all races count for something .
What counts for more is the post race chats with fellow runners .
So well done to the Clonliffes I battled with..Aideen ….and those I chatted to after siobhhan  mc , Noel D ,Stephen   T(who assisted with parking options pre race ) Sinead mc who was cheering us on at various  points on the courseand many others
The pain is receding .I have reorganised my running shoes drawer and I  have 4 Weeks to improve race fitness..That can start tomorrow  .I deserve a beer tonight.
Cheers, mo

Clonliffe Results:

3871ThomasSherlockMale9M352CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:27:2800:55:48900:55:479 
3537DavidBradyMale60M4017CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:29:4501:01:106301:01:0463 
1251JohnDonlonMale63M4019CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:30:4601:01:266601:01:2067 
1625StephenTraceyMale74M458CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:30:5301:02:177901:02:0681 
1247MattMc GuinnessMale86M4026CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:30:4801:02:339101:02:2694 
3522JosephPhippsMale112M4038CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:31:5701:03:5611801:03:50123 
1467GarrettLoyMale124M4514CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:32:1001:04:2813101:04:15133 
2325NoelO DwyerMale198M5013CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:33:0801:07:0821201:06:58214 
1151AlanCurleyMale265M4075CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:32:5701:09:0628201:08:56291 
2358MauriceMc HaleMale307M5024CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:35:3001:10:0632801:09:37325 
3569TomGriffinMale309M5025CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:34:0701:10:0733001:09:52340 
2369EoinRafterMale326M3580CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:34:1601:10:4535001:10:23355 
2431CarolineDalyFemale33F552CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:35:2901:12:0538801:11:58409 
1449MaryKettererFemale37F454CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:35:5501:13:0642501:12:58447 
923ShaneRooneyMale472M4575CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:37:3701:15:5553601:15:03536 
3356PhilipRichardsMale554M5528CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:38:2601:18:1463501:17:14646 
2521OrlaDeighanFemale88F4516CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:38:2901:18:4266601:17:41671 
3185JosephFowlerMale637M5536CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:38:4101:19:4274501:18:41759 
1464ColmLeonardMale653M5539CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:38:5001:19:5276601:18:47769 
1669AideenO ConnorFemale115F4024CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:40:0901:19:5878201:19:39834 
646MauriceMc CrohanMale677M5541CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:40:1101:20:1379401:19:53848 
1190AineMc CannFemale145F5018CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:41:3601:22:5094101:22:17981 
3885AislingGannonFemale153F4529CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:40:5601:23:1396301:22:361006 
884OlliePowerMale835M5085CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:39:4501:23:4599401:23:151054 
635SiobhanMc CarthyFemale255F4556CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:43:0401:28:29129701:26:071251 
1871SusanKellyFemale376F5521CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:44:4801:32:49157501:30:131558 
1142AlisonO SullivanFemale388F4590CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:44:0701:33:28160401:31:491629 
3936DarrenHorganMale1257M40280CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:46:4501:35:02167301:32:231651 
3333AnthonyO BrienMale1268M5586CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:46:4501:35:30169401:32:511670 
627JoanneMc CabeFemale485F45117CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:47:2101:38:08183701:35:341830 
1870JanetteReidFemale503F5051CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C.00:46:5401:38:57187301:36:221866 

Round up: Friday the 19th Stephen Harkness was 5th in the Rathkenny 5k un County Meath in a time of 18.13. (If you raced this weekend text details to 0879599888)