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Entry to club champs closes on Friday…

Athletes and coaches are reminded that entry is open for next week’s club championships, Tuesday 100/800 and Thursday 400/5000. Entry closes on Friday but if you’ve made up your mind and taking part why not give the organisers a bit of a break and enter now!

To enter, if you are a member of a club training group please ask your coach to enter you with your name, event and predicted time. If you are not a member of a club training group simply enter yourself with the same detail. All by email to

Entries will not be accepted after Friday. Please note there are absolutely no entries taken on the day. You cannot simply arrive on Tuesday to race without having entered. Please also note that is it is a strict condition of competing in the club Championships, in compliance with current health regulations that you:

Have not been outside the island of Ireland in the preceding 14 days.

You are not displaying symptoms of Covid – 19, or flulike symptoms (if you are you should immediately consult your GP).

If you have had Covid-19 you must be cleared by your GP to race/train..

You have not been in contact with a person diagnosed with Covid 19 within the previous 14 days.

Training for Gladys’ group cancelled

In view of the continuing rain and, of course, the absence of any indoor training facilities during these Covid-19 days Gladys has cancelled training for her group tonight.

Monday Memories with Caroline Tuite

Padraig Keane : Clonliffe Harriers 1970-2016. On a Sunday morning in October 1967, after coming back from mass in his native Ballinlough, Co. Roscommon, a certain Frank Greally came knocking to see if Padraig could run for Ballyhaunis A.C. in the Mayo Youths Cross Country Championships as they were “a man down”. Padraig cycled 6 miles to Ballyhaunis, was picked up there, brought to Hollymount and ran his first crosscountry race. He didn’t know much about cross-country at that stage, but finished 2nd, the team won Gold and he came home with two medals- all I might add in a pair of Brown Suede Shoes!!, (No vaporflies around then). He always said “Elvis had blue, but I had brown.” He loved Cross-Country and started training, running 6 miles as hard and as fast as he could and if he met a car, he would jump over the wall because if they saw him they would think he was mad!! (Not too many cars around then).

A few years later B.L.E. organised an athletics seminar in Galway and Padraig was invited. He found himself with elite athletes and learned that “Racing is racing, and training is training” when he was told to slow down on a training run. He ran for Ballyhaunis A.C. and Moore A.C.when he worked in that area. He won loads of medals and trophys and then the prizes started to come in. Everything was displayed in the “parlor” at home. A new cabinet had to be got, to show them all off to the neighbours. I remember he won a “Gold” coffee set. It was my pride and joy, but of course never used!!.(I don’t think the bottle of Irel coffee would have been appropriate for it!!)

In 1970 Padraig went to Manchester to work and joined Sale Harriers. He was a member of the Sale team that won a 100 mile relay. Each member of the team ran one mile (no athlete could run more than one leg) and they averaged 4:57.. If he wasn’t racing he could be found in Old Trafford supporting his beloved United -but we wont hold that against him!!

He returned to Dublin with the intention of joining Frank Greally at Donore Harriers ,but he didn’t know where they were located. Frank was to ring him to tell him where to go but as he said himself “I’m still waiting for the call”!!. A work colleague told him he knew a man who ran and would be put in touch with him.

Padraig was picked up the following Sunday morning by none other than Laro Byrne, who was on his way to a race in Santry and asked him to come along. He told Padraig if he didn’t like the club he would personally bring him to Donore. Padraig ran a four mile cross-country race in Santry woods surrounded by legends and Olympian: Frank Murphy, Danny McDaid, Des McCormack, Paddy Marley, George McIntyre to name just a few. They were all Irish Internationals but Padraig finished 3rd in this great field. As a result of the warm welcome he received he decided there and then to join Clonliffe Harriers.

Under Laro’s direction Padraig made great progress. In Feb 1971 I remember travelling from Ballinlough to Tullamore to watch him run in the National Junior cross-country-which he won. I was so proud of him and as he went through the finish line, I broke free from my parents and followed him through the finishing chute. He held my hand as we walked through, something to this day I’ll never forget. Eamonn Coughlan was 2nd. .Padraig represented Ireland in the International cross-country championships in San Sebastian that year winning his first Irish vest. The following season he finished 6th in the Senior cross-country running a stormer of a race making the Irish team for the world cross-country in Cambridge, and he still a Junior.

Donore continued to dominate Irish distant running for the next three years but 1975-76 season, the Clonliffe team of Padraig, Jerry Kiernan, young Frank Murphy and Gerry Finnegan toppled the 8 in a a row Donore team to take the National title for the first time. Clonliffe Captain Christy Brady put his trust in that young team, who all had great respect for him. Padraig always sang his praises of Christy. He had great knowledge of the sport and a shrewd psychologist-long before sports psycologists or ”witch doctors”as Padraig often called them! Padraig remembered been a “bold boy” on the night before an important road relay, having had a “few to many” (not like Padraig!). Feeling terrible up to a hour before he was to run,when he started to warm up, he said “he was going to have a good one”.- he smashed the course record and opened up a 90 second gap on the second runner. He was rewarded by the “biggest bear hug I ever got in my life” from a delighted Christy.

National Road Relays, Padraig takes over from Frank Murphy

Padraig continued to be a stalwart for Clonliffe and amassing an amazing total of 15 Dublin Senior Team Gold medals over a 20 year period. In 1976 he joined the Army and was stationed in the Curragh in the medical core. The army had an elite athletic squad at the time and he loved this. He trained with great athletes there, Brendan Downey, Paddy Murphy, Brian Keeney, and Paul Delaney. The highlight for Padraig was when he represented Ireland in the World Military Games in Finland, and ran a 2:22 marathon to take silver. He now had a world championship medal to add to his collection. He became disillusioned with the army shortly after and left them having served as he said himself “3 years and NO days”. Padraig and Brian Keeney were also picked (by invitation) to run the marathon course in Seoul ,Korea before the Olympics there. I cant recall how they got on, but I do know a good time was had!!.

National Vets XC, Kinenaule

Padraig continued to run as a vet (or master) and won the title in 1994. He had now won national medals at junior, intermediate, senior and master levels. He was also club Captain in 1990/91. Many years ago Padraig got a motion passed at the club A.G.M. proposing that cross-country running be restored as an Olympic sport. Its great to see IAAF recently recommended to the IOC that cross-country should indeed be reinstated as an Olympic sport. There would be some discussion at the Clonliffe bar about this now!! He was also the brain behind the first Port Tunnel races,-and what a success that was.

Padraig liked nothing better than to hold court in the bar on a Sunday afternoon- or indeed anytime and engage in any topic under the sun, keeping the vocal cords well lubricated with a creamy pint. On meeting you he would greet you with: “May the hinges of your friendship never rust”. If he had a point to prove it would be “My learned friend”. He loved to travel to many Athletic meetings abroad ,but he had a great fear of flying- hence the invention of “aviation fuel” !!. He met many great characters on his travels.

Padraig away with “Aviation Fuel” and Sean Callan!

List Of Achievements(to the best of my knowledge);2nd Mayo Youths C.C / 4 Roscommon one-mils c’ships/12 Connaught C.C Golds/15 Dublin C.C Golds/19 Leinster Snr. C.C/ 6 All-Army C.C/1 World Military Silver in Marathon/1 World Military C.C./ Five international vests. Some record.

Padraig Keane: athlete, carpenter, inventor, philosopher, wit and gentleman has enriched the lives of many people lucky enough to know him. Padraig sadly passed away in January 2016

Entry for Club C’ships now open

The Clonliffe 2020 club championships will take place over three evenings starting on Tuesday, July 14 with the 100 and 800. Day two will feature 400 and 5000 on Thursday the 16th with day three (skipping a week for the Dublin graded) on Tuesday the 28th for the 1500.

This year for obvious reasons we have a very different club championship. All club members please read and understands the following:

The championship is confined to fully paid-up club members only.

It is a condition of entry to the club Championships that you have read and understand all the detail on the Covid – 19 page of this website and in particular that you are not answering yes to any of the medical/travel questions.

Entry to the championships is in advance. No entries on the day and no late entries. If you are a member of a training group please talk to your coach as we want the coaches to enter the athletes in a block. If you are not a member of a club training group you may of course enter following the same format.

Entries must be made by email to specifying the event you are entering, your name and an accurate predictive finishing time.

Entry for days one and two is now open and will close at midnight on Friday night July 11th.A timetable and start list for each race will be published on this website the evening before each championship day.

It would help enormously if all athletes could make a bib (maybe use the reverse of an old race number) and write their name in black marker, capitals please on that.

Athletes are requested not to come onto the track until they are called for their particular race.

Once the race is over all, except the first three in the championship, must leave the arena. Do not approach the officials for your finishing time or position. This will be posted on the club website that night.

Cash prizes for the first three men and first three women in each of the championship events (subject to there being a minimum of four starters in each).

Please note that we will not have electronic timing and all events will be hand timed, the officials will do the utmost to record the finishing times for as many as possible but as always the strong advice is to self time.

Any club member not taking part in the championship please make yourself available on the evening to assist with officiating. All officials are advised to wear face masks. If you’re in a position to officiate please text Noel Guiden 0879599888 as soon as possible so we can fully plan.

Coming soon Dublin Graded

The Dublin Board have confirmed that three graded meets will take place this season. First of the grades takes place in Morton Stadium on July 22, the second in Tallaght Stadium August 5 and final round back in Morton Stadium on August 12. Meet no.1 includes 100/1500/High Jump/Pole Vault/Discus.Shot and the newly added Dublin 10,000 championship for men & women. Below you will find a link to the programme. Most importantly entry opens this Wednesday, July 8. The advice to all club members is to enter immediately entry opens, it is expected that there will be huge demand, for obvious reasons, and there are limits to take into account health guidelines on the numbers who can take part in each event. Please therefore on Wednesday log onto

Programme for 2020 graded:

Another 60 Seconds, no. 8 Sean Doran

Today brings Season 2 of 60 Seconds to a close as we feature an athlete who is almost part of the furniture. A 20 year veteran, despite his tender years and an athlete who maybe set to replace Gary O’Hanlon as the club’s most prolific racer: Sean Doran.

Bio: 5000-10000m runner mainly. Work in a wholesale factory as a fork lift driver but thats just my hobby, chasing the Olympic dream is my real job

What age did you take up the sport of athletics and why? Very young about 7 i was always involved with running as my da is a runner and he used to bring(drag) me and my friends out and make us train.

When and why did you join Clonliffe Harriers? Officially joined clonliffe in 2000 i think. so ye 2 decades of failure so far😂. Truth be told i only start even attempting proper running training when i was 20 and have been upping it ever so slightly since. I have been improving very slowly for the last few years and alot more to come. I was in the taekwondo club that used to train in the stadium hall 1st for a couple of years before Clonliffe with my friends but was only a matter of time before my da made us go out onto the track. Then security(Gladys) made us get off the track. I was more talented at taekwondo but i was destined to be a runner i suppose. So my da made me officially join one night and over 20 years later i am still here

What is your favourite training workout? 6 x 1k off 3min recovery is usually the go to one to show you if you are race ready. although i very rarely get it right and have yet to really get it right tbh.

And your least favourite? Eh prob 25 x 600m hills in the phoenix park(yes that is a thing) or maybe one of Philip O’Doherty’s track sessions of 25 straight laps with 800 5k pace/800 marathon pace.

What’s your favourite race / athletics meet? Whats the next bhaa race? Ah i suppose the Raheny 5 for its atmosphere is unmatched in amateur road races and the strength in depth of the field.

What is your most cherished or proudest moment in athletics? (as athlete and/or coach) Probably my most recent win in the Lusk 4 mile. Not just because I Won but how I felt. Even before the race started I knew I was feeling good and I would either run great or throw it away mentally. At this race I felt i was on the verge of been where I always wanted to be in running.

What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it? I never really get injured and if i do i usually run through it thanks to bad coaching(but i am not gonna get into that today).i can get a really bad neck injury every now and then which i think might be something resurfacing from landing bad on a trampoline as a kid on holidays. At christmas i felt paralysed from the neck down but as soon as i felt it ease a bit i was painkillered up and on the Tom Brennan 5k start line new years day. Atm 2 months in to corona season i start having knee problems and missed a few weeks and am now trying to come back but have been hit with lower leg/top of foot pain on the opposite leg so its not looking good right now sadly. I never get injured racing every week so it must keep me strong as soon as i stop racing im injured. Most people would think the opposite😂

(For a coach or seasoned athlete) What piece of advice would you give an aspiring athlete? No matter how many bad races you have don’t give up. Keep consistently training away whether good or bad results because every day is a different result in running particularly at amateur level. No matter how long you are waiting your day might come when everything just clicks for you. You are remembered for your good races not your bad races.

Do you have any memorable or funny story from Clonliffe Harriers that you could share? (the censorship board may review!) I am sure 90% of my races are a good laugh for onlookers not for me though particularly national xc championship ones

What’s your favourite meal? For competition-i would usually have bagels with coffee and maybe a cereal bar like a rice crispy square and a banana. Outside competition- burger and chips with lots of garlic sauce.

Who is your sporting ‘hero’? (athletics or other) Irish-Peter Somba or Conor McGregor International-Stone Cold Steve Austin oh you mean a “real”sport…Galen Rupp

What’s your favourite…? Film -Happy Gilmore Song or Album.snoop dogg-gin n juice. Radiohead-the bends.

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Florida i should of been there damn this corona.

What’s your favourite hobby or activity outside of athletics Doing as little as little as possible listening to music and watching movies stuffing my face.

If you were Seb Coe what changes would you implement to improve our sport? Stop this showing field events in the middle of long distance races. I mean i know its good for the flow but its not necessary watching them stand around doing nothing for ages in between. then showing replays of the jump. putting there tights back on. all the while we are missing critical moves in the race! Maybe its just me but i could watch a whole marathon without blinking😂

How would your non-athlete friends describe you? (in 3 words) Friends? You know i am a runner right. Ah no prob “he doesn’t talk”.

What is your next running goal ? If i can get over the injuries stopping me at the minute and get back where i was before i think i should be able go sub 15 and sub 31 cause i know thats where i was 2 months ago.

How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times? I would have stopped straight away when races stopped normally as i am just that lazy but couldnt cause i was literally just hitting my best form ever. What kept me going through first 2 months of corona was my last race wins and knowing how good i felt at them. I was afraid let that edge go cause it took me 20 years to get😂. But the injuries then took over anyway so maybe the less motivation i have to run at the minute the better. It is the best time ever to be injured really if it just hadn’t of been for that form i was in i would be loving it.

Treasurer seeks last of outstanding subs

With us now at the halfway through 2020 the club treasurer is asking all members of the club who are in arrears with their 2020 subscriptions to bring them up-to-date now. Anyone who has not renewed their 2020 subscription cannot avail of the clubs facilities. Under the current Covid -19 guidelines from Athletics Ireland authorising the return to normal club activity it is specifically directed that only paid-up members of a club ought to be permitted to use the club’s facilities. Therefore regrettably if your subscriptions are in arrears you are not permitted to come to Morton Stadium to train with Clonliffe Harriers during Clonliffe’s time in the stadium.

Furthermore members will see from previous postings that later this month will be holding our club track and field championships, likely to be the first races anyone will have an opportunity to take part in since last March. These club championships are confined to paid-up members of Clonliffe Harriers. Please avoid the embarrassment of being told that you cannot take part in these championships!To renew your 2020 membership please go to the membership section of this website and avail of the on line facility. The committee thanks you for your cooperation.

2020 Track & Field Season

Well folks what we all hoped for is now a reality: a 2020 Track & Field season! Hot on the heels of the confirmed Leinster and National Championships comes the welcomed news of three graded meets in July/August. To avoid clashes the club have adjusted dates for club championships, which will start in two weeks time with the club 800 on July 14th.

The season is below, all in Morton except Aug 5th’s graded in Tallaght:

Tuesday July 14th Club Championships – 100 and 800

Thursday July 16th Club Championships – 400 and 5000

Wednesday July 22nd Dublin Graded – 100 and 1500 , HJ, PV, Discus & Shot

Tuesday July 28th Club Championships – 1500

Saturday August 1st Dublin U/17 and U/19 Championships

Wednesday August 5th Graded 200/800, LJ, Hammer, Shot (Tallaght)

Saturday August 8th and Sunday August 9th Leinster Junior, Senior/Master

Wednesday August 12th Graded 400/5000, HJ, PV, LJ

August 22nd/23rd National Senior T & F Championships

Saturday August 29th and 30th National Juvenile U/17 to U/19

Saturday September 5th National Juniors T & F

Sunday September 6th National Masters T & F

Further details will be posted on the club championships, which this year are confined to club members and will require pre entry over the weekend.

Gladys’ group for July return

Notice from Gladys Cooper: I’m delighted to bring you the good news of a return to training for our younger athletes after these unprecedented last 4 months (almost). It is however vitally important that all parents read the attached, discuss them with your children and that you are sure your children understand what they must do, can do and cannot do! Please also note that this is a phased return in a structured way that must be respected by all. Thank you for your cooperation.

Updated Club Protocol for Phase 3

Members are referred to our previous posting which includes Athletics Ireland’s Guidance. Clonliffe have now updated our protocol document to take account of these. This applies from tomorrow and is attached below.

All club members are required to read, understand and agree to this in full before coming to Morton Stadium tomorrow. If you attend at Morton Stadium for Clonliffe training this is taken as an acceptance on your behalf of these conditions. All members U/18 are required to refer this to a parent or guardian and your continued training is taken as an acceptance of these conditions by them on your behalf.

See next posting for the younger juvenile athletes (Gladys’ group)


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