No.37: 60 Seconds with Harrier Lauren Carr

An up and coming sprinter who last season set a new Clonliffe Junior 200 record, Lauren Carr.

Bio: 19 year old sprinter. Studying Sports science and health in DCU. I don’t remember ever not running (except the short career break)

What age did you take up the sport of athletics and why? Took up athletics when I was 6 I think because both my parents ran so was probably the right thing at least to try it. Forced at a young age but worked out well, still at it.

When and why did you join Clonliffe Harriers? I’ve always been with Clonliffe since starting. Same thing again my dad coached here so started in Clonliffe.

What is your favourite training workout? Definitely a speed session. 6 x 150 on a Sunday morning is always nice well as nice as it can be. Probably catch me throwing up after it though.

And your least favourite? I hate long sessions. So anything 450 or over I hate it . Throw in a 600 at the start of the year and that’s my worst session by far but its needed.

What’s your favourite race / athletics meet? I love the national league. I think it’s because everyone ends up racing so you always have a good laugh. And an attempt at a new field event every year.

What is your most cherished or proudest moment in athletics? (as athlete and/or coach) Probably just having the courage to actually do the senior national championships last year. Always good to gain experience when you’re young.

What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it? Thankfully never had a bad injury (touch wood). Just the odd hamstring problem that most sprinters experience.

(For a coach or seasoned athlete) What piece of advice would you give an aspiring athlete? As John Shields says “just go for it”. You just have to remember you have nothing to lose so you might as well just race for experience and give it your all.

Do you have any memorable or funny story from Clonliffe Harriers that you could share? (the censorship board may review!) Definitely Emma Kelly falling off a bike when we went warm weather training. Keep the full story to ourselves

What’s your favourite meal? A. For competition – the basic pasta and chicken the night before a race. B. Outside competition – Chinese

Who is your sporting ‘hero’? (athletics or other) A. Irish B. International – Katarina Johnson Thompson or Dina Asher Smith

What’s your favourite…? A. Film – The lion king B. Song or Album – Anything Lewis Capaldi C. Book – I really don’t read.

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Favourite Place I’ve ever been was LA

What’s your favourite hobby / activity outside athletics? Going out for food and just relaxing seeing friends.

If you were Seb Coe what changes would you implement to improve our sport? Try to make the sport more positive rather than having the focus on the negatives such as drug cheating. Also just showing more coverage of events so that more people could watch.

How would your non-athlete friends describe you? (in 3 words) I asked my friend and got athletic, lazy, fun

What is your next running / athletics goal? (whenever normality returns!) Hopefully break 25 seconds in the 200 and PB in the 400 if I ever run one.

How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times? Not very well, it’s hard to find somewhere to do a session around me without dogs and people. But I’m just doing what I can, a lot of gym based workout at home.

Lauren with training partner Leah at AIT Athlone