No. 41: 60 Seconds with Harrier Keith Pike

Great to have another of our speed merchants line up this morning. An athlete who has served Clonliffe very well over the years from Junior to Senior, and has also received International recognition: Keith Pike.

Bio: Keith, I’m 26 and I’m a sprinter. I’m a technician/administrator at Ottobock Ireland. I currently hold the Clubs junior 100m record and have previously held the senior 60m and 100m records.

What age did you take up the sport of athletics and why? I took up athletics when I was 16. Previously I had just competed for my school at Leinster’s. After seeing me compete my teacher who was a former athlete of John Shields recommended me to join an athletics club.

When and why did you join Clonliffe Harriers? I joined Clonliffe harriers in 2010. When I first joined Johns group this man came into the hall. I think his name was Joe, he asked me to fill out a form and give it back to him and before I knew it I was a Harrier!

A young Keith Pike in 2012

What is your favourite training workout? My favourite workout might come as a shock. 4×300 followed by 4×150 This session usually pops up just after indoors and it’s a major shock to the system.

And your least favourite? My least favourite session is the first session back to the season. Usually 3×3 figure of 8’s.

What’s your favourite race / athletics meet? My favourite race is of course the Morton Games, Although I never manage to compete well at them. The atmosphere is always electric and I will never forget that “Santry Roar”.

What is your most cherished or proudest moment in athletics? (as athlete and/or coach) My proudest moment is the first time I put on a senior Irish singlet. It was 2014, I was hoping to defend my national senior 60m title from 2013 but had picked up a niggle just before the start of indoors which lead to my decision of not competing indoors But, instead to focus on outdoors. My first race of the season I ran 0.05 off my 100m PB and in my second race I ran a then club record of 10.72. I went on to compete in Belgium and Switzerland and was later selected for the European Team Championships in Taillinn as part of the 4x100m Relay.

Proudest moment: 4 x 100 at European Team Championships 2014

What was your worst injury – and how did you get over it? My worst injury happened at the end of the 2014 season. Osteitis pubis Which took me over a year to get rid. Through gym, stretching and plenty of Physio I managed to get rid of it.

What’s your favourite meal? A. For competition Pizza B. Outside competition Pizza

Who is your sporting ‘hero’? (athletics or other) A. Irish- Robbie Keane B. International- Usain Bolt What’s your favourite…? A. Film Rocky 2 B. Song or Album Eminem ( all of it) C. Book Not much of a reader more into podcast- My favourite is the Joe Rogan experience

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Salou What’s your favourite hobby / activity outside athletics? Drinking Coffee and exploring Ireland.

If you were Seb Coe what changes would you implement to improve our sport? Run More international races but for athletes that aren’t quite at the top. Implement some medley type events.

How would your non-athlete friends describe you? (in 3 words) Competitive, Lazy, Fun

What is your next running / athletics goal? (whenever normality returns!) My next and only goal I set myself in athletics is to run an individual event for Ireland. (60m or 100m)

How are you motivating yourself to continue training at these difficult times? I’ve always been physically active throughout my life so I find it very hard to just do nothing. I feel like this is a great opportunity to work on my weaknesses.

Keith tears down the Athlone IT track!