Road & Country round up

It’s been a busy weekend with the Indoor Track and Field league, Winter throws, Clonliffe athletes racing overseas, the Dublin Juvenile Indoors (report later) and of course road racing and cross country continues. Today almost 20 Clonliffe athletes competed in the Trim 10 Mile led home in 5th place by Eoin Taggart in 55.01. Full Clonliffe results:

 BibPos.NameClubAGChip TimeGun Time 
10 Miles
20986Eoin TAGGARTClonliffe Harriers A.C.M0:55:010:55:01 
334120Stephen RYANClonliffe Harriers A.C.M451:02:211:02:27 
1095193Thomas Jnr GRIFFINClonliffe Harriers A.C.M501:05:051:05:16 
1144399Declan GRANTClonliffe Harriers A.C.M551:11:461:12:08 
1217468Catherine HARVEYClonliffe Harriers A.C.F1:14:101:14:36 
1351507Alan WORRALLClonliffe Harriers A.C.M501:15:251:15:47 
917511Sean GRIMESClonliffe Harriers A.C.M551:15:241:15:50 
1396566Aoife O SULLIVANClonliffe Harriers A.C.F401:16:461:17:12 
1962570Claire SMITHClonliffe Harriers A.C.F1:16:471:17:13 
1925574Laura KERNANClonliffe Harriers A.C.F451:16:491:17:14 
735575Joseph FOWLERClonliffe Harriers A.C.M551:17:161:17:16 
1890587Elaine MC LOUGHLINClonliffe Harriers A.C.F401:17:011:17:27 
1143722Michael GLEESONClonliffe Harriers A.C.M501:19:341:19:59 
1280728Anne LYONSClonliffe Harriers A.C.F551:19:471:20:14 
1877730Mary KETTERERClonliffe Harriers A.C.F451:19:481:20:14 
345958Carl FLEMINGClonliffe Harriers A.C.M451:25:311:26:43 
1435977Yvonne MC DONOUGHClonliffe Harriers A.C.F451:26:071:27:17 
15751349Janette REIDClonliffe Harriers A.C.F501:35:551:37:06

Yesterday the BHAA Cross Country season continued with a number of club members running in the Garda Cross Country in the Phoenix Park. Tom Sherlock warmed up for next weekend’s National Masters with a 3rd place finish in the 4 mile race (23.29), also in the top 10 was Ger Clerkin 10th (24.51) and 3rd M40. Diarmuid Doyle was 4th M65 and Ynovve McDonagh 4th F45. Full results on