Sergiu 1st home for Clonliffe in Rock `n`Roll Half as teams go One, Two (updated)

A bit of confusion on the results of Sunday`s National Half Marathon held in conjunction with the Rock `n`Roll Dublin Half. Results are on the official web site, but appear to be incorrect. The first Clonliffe athlete home was Sergiu Ciobanu in 2nd place, next was Stephen Scullion, the official results record him in 4th place, however, the first two in the race are missing so Scullion was 6th. Likewise the times are a little mixed up. Joe Cooper has the following (unofficially of course): Sergiu Ciobanu 67.02, Stephen Scullion 69.03,  Brian MacMahon 69.27, Mark Kenneally 69.57, Gary O`Hanlon 70.08, James Kevan 70.39, Karl Nolan 77.59 (PB), Matt McGuinness 82.43. Also Alan Worrall 89.22.

In the 10k Ciara Peelo was 6th 42.35.

Looks pretty likely that the Clonliffe men with 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th places are National Half Marathon Champions, however, nothing official. Once results are confirmed by Athletics Ireland posting will be made.

Official results are now available on and these show that the Clonliffe men scored a team 1:2.  The A Team who won the national title was made up of Sergiu Ciobanu (66.43), Stephen Scullion (68.45) and Brian MacMahon (69.07) for a combined team time of 3.24.36.

The B Team was Mark Kenneally – 69.39, James Kevan (70.17) and Karl Nolan (67.59) for a team score of 3.37.59.

Athletics Ireland’s website also shows the official (provisional) individual results but clearly there are errors contained as these results do not show finishing positions for either Brian MacMahon or Mark Kennelly, their finishing positions are in the M/35 group, likewise Gary O’Hanlon’s finishing position is not shown. One would assume that this may affect the overall team results as Gary was home before Karl Nolan.

In any event provisional results are now on for those who wish to try to figure it out!