Sean and Rachel win club 10 mile C’ships

In unseasonal warm weather the 10 Mile Club Championship took place in Malahide Demesne on Saturday morning 7th October 2023. Some 21 athletes took part in the event. A further 6 athletes competed shorter distances. 

This year’s event marked the 60th Club 10 mile championship in Malahide Castle grounds for the Ahern Cup for men. Fittingly in this the 60th anniversary of women’s athletics in Clonliffe Harriers a new Cup is being presented to the first women donated by Tom Monks in memory of his late mother. 

Sean Doran, who arrived in good time for the race, led from start to finish posting a respectable 54 minutes and 34 seconds for the 10 mile distance. Ray Dunne had another solid run   in second place with Alan Curley taking third. 

Maurice Ahern presented the Ahern Trophy to Sean Doran 

Rachel McFadden continued her good form coming home first in the Women’s event in  a time of 67 minutes and 4 seconds. Mary Ketterer was second with Clodagh Moriarty was third.  Tom Monks presented the Agathe Monks Trophy to Rachel McFadden. 

The following are the first three in the 10 Mile Grand Prix Race 

  1. Clodagh Moriarty 
  2. Richie Barr 
  3. Rachel McFadden 

A big thank you to all the those who officiated at the start, finish and around the course. Thanks to Eugene Coppinger and Richie Barr for providing much needed water. Many thanks to Maurice Ahern for sponsoring the Club Championship Trophy and the Grand Prix prizes. We had an inaugural trophy today for the Women’s event the Agathe Monks trophy presented by Tom Monks in memory of his mother. 

Next Grand Prix Race 

The Walker Cup 4 Mile on the track takes place this coming Thursday 12th October in Morton Stadium at 7.45pm. 

Clonliffe Harriers 10 Mile Club Championship Race Result: 

Men’s Result 

  1. Sean Doran 54.34 
  2. Ray Dunne  61.03 
  3. Alan Curley  61.23 

Women’s result 

  1. Rachel McFadden   67.04 
  2. Mary Ketterer          72.55 
  3. Clodagh Moriarty    79.49 

Full Race Result  – 10 Mile Club Championship/Grand Prix Series 

Place First Name Surname Time 
Sean Doran 00:54:34 
Ray  Dunne 01:01:03 
Alan  Curley 01:04:23 
Richard Moore 01:05:35 
Rachel McFadden 01:07:04 
Tom Griffin 01:07:36 
Stephen Ryan 01:09:00 
Philip O’Doherty 01:10:12 
Richie Barr 01:10:17 
10 Mary Ketterer 01:12:55 
11 Shane  Rooney 01:13:00 
12 Philip Richards 01:13:58 
13 Declan Grant 01:14:04 
14 Mick Gleeson 01:14:13 
15 Shane Casey 01:16:41 
16 Clodagh Moriarty 01:19:49 
17 Laura Kernan 01:20:14 
18 Philip  Matthews 01:28:18 
19 Yvonne McDonagh 01:28:19 
20 Deirdre Fitzsimons 01:29:31 
21 Pat Devitt 01:31:34