Splash of the day

Nov 1, 2008 [Noel Guiden] Today`s Horan Cup provided another chapter in the battle to win the 2008 Grand Prix. The current top three were at it again, the mere fact of running a marathon 5 days beforehand didn`t deter these boys. Fergus Wheatley may have thought that the day would be his, as he didn`t run Dublin, however, Dave Brady and Paul Carolan in particular had different ideas. The turn out today was a significent improvement on recent races, great credit goes to the five marathon men who were not put off by the mud and deep water around the Santry Everglades this afternoon so take a bow Alan Worrall, Ernie Ramsey, Eddie Harrison, Dave and Paul.

The Horan Cup itself is one of Clonliffe`s oldest club races dating back 100 years, the cup was presented to the club by Michael Horan during the 1907/08 season. The race was a 6 mile race, however, in recent years for health and safety reasons (we`re getting too old!!) has thankfully become a 6k race. The cup itself is a superb piece of silver craftmanship and would grace the trophy cabinet of any athlete.

On then to this afternoons events. First away on the handicap start was Ray McConville finding the course confusing and straying off from the start, by the time he realised his mistake he had given away the advantage and was quickly overhaulled by Fergus Wheatley. The Alan Worrall/Paul Carolan/Dave Brady group starting 4 minutes and 10 seconds after Ray began making immediate progress, Dave Brady, however, weighed down with penalties as a result of his unprecidented two races wins in succession quickly went out the back door, Alan Worrall found his marathon weary legs not as fast as usual and was dropped by Paul Carolan who made excellent progress over the earlier starters. One by one he picked them off to eventually take the lead from Fergus Wheatley.

Further back one of the runs of the day came from Kieran Murphy in his first outing since his Berlin Marathon PB in September, looking comfortable and strong. A fastest man of the day run from Philip O`Doherty (subject to official confirmation) and the Splash of the Day from Eddie Harrison. 100m from home and Eddie avoiding the lake like puddle goes for dryer ground only to slip and fall into said puddle and take a roll onto his back, totally drenched (and I still couldn`t catch him!)

At the finish Horan Cup victory for Paul Carolan, 45 seconds behind Fergus Wheatly and third ,having gotten his bearings at this stage, Ray McConville.

Quote of the day, Paddy Tuite : ” Lads looking at you out there you`re all in serious trouble when I get fit again” Bring it on Tuite!!


1. Paul Carolan 32:14

2. Fergus Wheatley 33:01

3. Ray McConville 33:10

4. Philip O`Doherty 33:38

5. Pat Bonass 33:53

6. Kieran Murphy 34:01

7. Colm Doran 34:19

8. Alan Worrall 34:38

9. Dermot Murphy 34:40

10. Stephen Byrne 34:44

11. Eddie Harrison 35:08

12. Noel Guiden 35:11

13. Ernie Ramsey 35:16

14. Dave Brady 36:30

15. Terry Mee 36:48

The presentation of the Horan Cup and prizes will be made by race sponsor Colm Brennan at the Presentation Night on November 29th. (now booking contact Paddy Tuite 086 8120633)

Heading into the final round the championship is still up for grabs, Paul Carolan having scorred maximun points is right in there with Dave Brady and Fergus Wheatley. I`ll leave it to Jeremy Walsh and the computer to issue the current leaderboard, as worst scores have now to be dropped by some, and frankly I`m not sure which of the three now leads!

4 weeks training now guys, November 29th is the day we`ll see who has the X Factor.