Stadium usage this coming weekend

The Irish Special Olympics takes place in Morton Stadium this coming weekend. In order to assist Special Olympics Ireland with the event Clonliffe have agreed to the following:

There cannot be any infield training this Thursday evening (whilst it is appreciated that this may cause inconvenience to the field eventers there is a ‘build’ going on that day and our understanding is that there will be tents and other infrastructure on the infield. Obviously a javelin going through one of the gazebos may cause a difficulty!)

Saturday: There cannot be any Clonliffe use of the stadium, including our own dressing rooms, as they are going to be used by Special Olympics Ireland on the day.  Thus coaches and athletes are requested to make alternative arrangements for their Saturday training session.

Sunday: All Clonliffe training and stadium usage for Sunday is cancelled.

Special Olympics Ireland have thanked the club and our members, they very much appreciate that it is an inconvenience to cancel our training but they are very appreciative of the co-operation of the club’s members, coaches and committee.