Stafford class of field takes Club 5000M Championship

There was a huge turn out for the Club 5000M Championship on the 14th of July, so much so that it was almost like the start of the Olympic marathon on the track at the Morton Stadium as the massive field of 36 athletes toed the line.

Within two laps the field was spread around the whole of the track, the few race officials did their best to count the remaining laps for the athletes and coped admirably in the circumstances.

On track there was a lead pack of four pulling away lead by William Stafford with young Keith Jenkinson and the slightly older David Brennan, fresh from his five mile PB in the Irish Runner 5 Mile on Sunday (27:30) and Club Secretary Barry Ryan, once again showing a return to form. These four reeled off the laps lead at all times by William Stafford and eventually William broke away taking young Jenkinson with him. Barry Ryan line was holding third however was gradually overhauled by Dave Brennan.

These four left Martin Tracey slightly adrift with young Darragh Boylan having another good run steadily in sixth place. Further down the field Gerry McCabe continued his come back and speaking of come backs it was nice to see Joe Cooper Jnr. once again on track at the Morton Stadium.

It was also good to have Flying Dutchman Erwin DeWilde out on time off for good behaviour from his life of slavery, however clearly he is not in the same shape as he had been earlier on in the summer and he struggled somewhat.

Another good run was being recorded by yellow jersey holder and series leader, Richard Connolly, and also by another man fighting back from injury, Jim Cleary.

Over the last couple of laps William Stafford’s class began to show as he pulled away from Keith Jenkinson to take victory and not only the 5000M Club Championship, but to be the inaugural winner of the “Middlesex Cup” very kindly donated to the Club by Sean Pender.

Keith Jenkinson was a comfortable second in 16:53, whilst David Brennan came home third in 16:58.

An interesting aside was the run of Martin Tracey taking fifth place in 17:19, which was quicker than Martin’s first run in the Club 5000M Championship back in 1978. Ageing like fine wine!.

The full result of the 2005 Club 5000M Championship was:

1. W. Stafford 16:41
2. K. Jenkinson 16:53
3. D. Brennan 16:58
4. B. Ryan 17:00
5. M. Tracey 17:19
6. D. Boylan 17:43
7. G. Walsh 18:20
8. A. Creaner 18:25
9. S. Byrne 18:29
10. G. McCabe 18:38
11. J. Cooper (Jnr.) 18:56
12. C. Doran 19:14
13. B. Gallagher 19:16
14. E. DeWilde 19:19
15. R. Connolly 19:28
16. C. Hickey 19:34
17. P. Davitt 19:37
18. D. Hooper (guest) 19:38
19. M. Scully 19:39
20. A. Smeaton 19:41
21. J. Cleary 19:48
22. E. Harrison (guest) 19:54
23. P. Bonass 20:02
24. Shay Byrne (guest) 20:10
25. B. Davitt 20:14
26. T. Mee (guest) 20:47
27. R. McConville (guest) 20:54
28. P. Healy 21:10
29. S. Pender 21:26
30. D. Brady (guest) 21:30
31. J. Bennett 21:45
32. M. McFadden 21:49
33. T. Kiernan 23:10
34. T. Westby (guest) 23:18
35. M. Kearney 23:25.

The last of the Club track championships takes place on the 28th of July – the 10,000M Championship for the Bonass Trophy.