Streets of Dublin paved with gold! (Updated with Dublin & Leinster)

The results of the national marathon championships are in! As expected the senior men are once again national championships, Stephen Scullion, the national champion, Gary O’Hanlon and Mark Kenneally. Gold also for the M35 team of Sergiu Ciobanu, Killian Lonergan and Declan Power. On the individual front in addition to Stephen Scullion’s gold, Mark Keannelly M35 gold, Sergiu Ciobanu M35 silver and Gary O’Hanlon M45 gold.

The results of the Dublin Marathon championships are also now in. Senior men: 1st Stephen Scullion. M35: 1st Mark keannelly, 2nd Sergiu Ciobanu. M45: 1st Gary O’Hanlon, 2nd Killian Lonergan. M75: 2nd Frank Behan. Teams men 1st Clonliffe (Scullion, O’Hanlon, Kenneally), 3rd (Sergiu, Lonergan, Power). Women, W40 3rd Rachel Eustace, W35 team 3rd (Rachel Eustace, Mary Ketterer, Emma Harding).

Leinster Championships: men 1st Scullion. M35 1st Kenneally, 2nd Sergiu. M45 1st O’Hanlon, 2nd Lonergan. Team 1st Clonliffe, 3rd Clonliffe (as per Dublin).