Taggart leads the Clonliffe pack home in Great Ireland run

First the good news: Eoin Taggart, back home this weekend, was 10th in this morning’s Great Ireland Run, doubling as the National 10K, leading home a strong Clonliffe grouping of almost 20 and Hazel Kenny was 3rd junior woman. Now the bad news: the championship was declared null and void as the field were send on the wrong course, missing out entirely on an early loop, meaning the race distance was incomplete at approximately 8 KM.

Clonliffe results:

10Eoin TAGGART00:27:2200:27:22519MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
55Ciaran DOHERTY00:29:2800:29:33351MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
60Gerard CLERKIN00:29:3400:29:37330MM40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
82John DONLON00:30:2000:30:2396MM45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
114Matt MCGUINNESS00:31:3700:31:4343MM40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
192Philip O’DOHERTY00:33:4400:33:47181MM60Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
228Garrett LOY00:34:1200:34:37245MM45Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
284Tom MORAN00:35:4600:35:54459MM35Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
309Eoin RAFTER00:36:1800:36:45502MM40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
329Barry MCKINNEY00:37:0500:37:18182MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
342Nathan PEARCE00:37:2000:37:33496MM50Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
363Hazel KENNY00:37:5200:37:56409FFJClonliffe Harriers A.C.
477Maurice MCCROHAN00:39:2400:39:50171MM55Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
579Anne LYONS00:40:0400:41:43424FF55Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
650Rachel EUSTACE00:41:0900:42:47237FF40Clonliffe Harriers A.C.
676Liam WARD00:41:2200:43:18170MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
926Kieran LYONS00:44:5200:47:0710MMSClonliffe Harriers A.C.
929Stephen LYONS00:44:5200:47:0836MMS