The Captain makes a call to arms

Clonliffe Harriers will be hosting the 2021 national cross country championships in Santry Park on Sunday, November 21. This was an event which Clonliffe hosted on many occasions year after year but since the opening of the national cross country course in Abbottstown the nationals have relocated to that venue, this year however, with the European cross-country Championships taking place on December 12 in Abbottstown the nationals will therefore return to Santry.

The hosting of the nationals is a substantial undertaking for the club. We need your help. The reality is that the core group of people who will put together this event and will do 90% of the work are the same people who are coaching and mentoring juvenile, junior and senior Clonliffe Harriers teams that we want to do well in the nationals. The burden upon these people must therefore be relieved. It’s time for others to step up to the plate.

The early work is already underway, at an on site meeting with Athletics Ireland this week the club’s involvement has been clarified. Our brief is to host the event, construct and deconstruct the course and to provide back up on the day by way of stewarding and other related tasks. We therefore need at least 10 course builders (needed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning from 8 AM to 11 AM) and at least 30 volunteers on the day who can commit to being available from 10 AM until the conclusion of the event at around 4 PM). Thank you to the club members who have already been in contact committing to the event however we are way short on numbers and we are therefore asking that you, our fellow Clonliffe Harriers, commit to helping your club out now. Please email your name and contact number to Please do not wait for a personal invitation, there is simply not the time to contact members individually. If you are reading this posting please do not assume that other people in the club will answer the call. In fact it is best to assume that they will not and that you will answer the call to arms. For planning purposes it is vitally important that we know how many we have for these tasks before the end of this month.

Nil desperandum.

Noel Guiden, Club Captain.